Friday, June 29, 2012

Infernity yet again

Bad hand? Not really.

Gunmanloop Hand


Hi guys, Bahamut here and I am back from Sanctuary (Diablo Land). I am still transitioning from reading Diablo related stuff to the new Yugioh releases.

One thing that caught my attention was GagagaGunman, which is why I am trying Infernity again. (GagagaGunman loop self touching thing)

And of course all the Sea Serpent crazies which directly counters this! Damn you Atlantean Armed Soldier!

So yeah expect more updates from me for the next few days as I am back to actually doing something Yugioh related instead of farming Act 3.


  1. This is what you do on first pic: discard general to SS grepher, send plage and patrol to grave, set MST, and then:
    * Normal stratos, search for bubbleboy, put arch on top, SS bubble, and you have 3 LVL 4 to do crazy crap, + a plague + a dead general and patrol.
    * Put stratos on top, and SS arch by patrol. Search.

    That's not a bad hand if you have played against infernity a couple of hundred times.

  2. For GunmanLoop, normal Grepher, discard beetle and send Patrol.
    Set typhoon, lance and reborn. Eff Patrol, SS Archfiend with patrol's effect and search for Mirage. Archfiend+Grepher into Lavalval, use his effect detaching Archfiend to send Patrol, eff Patrol, SS Mirage (field now is Typhoon-Lance-Reborn setted and Lavalval with Grepher as material and Mirage), Mirage on Archfiend and Beetle, use beetle's effect to summon other two of him, Archfiend's effect, search Launcher, activate it. Synchro Archfiend+Beetle into Brionac. Reborn Archfiend, search necromancer, use Brionac's effect discarding necromancer to bounce Archfiend, then again discarding Archfiend to bounce Lavalval.
    Eff Launcher, SS Archfiend and Necromancer, eff Archfiend, search Avenger, discard it for Brionac to bounce an opponent's card or one of your Spells, and then re-set it.
    Now go into HED, banish Mirage and SS Archfiend and Necromancer, Archfiend's Eff, search Necromancer .2, discard for brionac to bounce archfiend, then discard Archfiend and boucne an opponent's card/your own spell and re-set it. Eff Necromancer, SS archfiend, search General, discard for brionac to bounce archfiend, then discard archfiend to bounce an opponent's card/your own spell and re-set it, eff general, SS Necromancer n.2 and Avenger, the 2 Necromancer into Leviair, eff leviair, detach Necromancer, SS Mirage (field now is Avenger, Brionac, Leviair and Mirage, with typhoon and lance setted).
    Eff Mirage, SS necromancer and Archfiend, eff archfiend, search Archfiend n.2, discard for Brionac to bounce Leviair. Avenger+Necromancer+Archfiend into HED.
    From now it is a loop, I called them "routes" on my blog, HED Route, then gagaga route, then hed route, then emeral route and repeat.
    Gagaga route consist in going into a gagaga with two archfiends and leviair with the two necromancers, and a mirage banished, that will be revived with necromancer.
    HED route consists into going into HED with a Mirage in the grave.
    Emeral Route consists into going into Emeral and Leviair with a Mirage banished, to recycle 2 HEDs and a random infernity card that doesn't help the loop (not one of the 2 Archfiend, not one of the 2 Necromancers, not Avenger).

    This is the standard pattern (HED-Gagaga-HED-Emeral), but that could be changed into HED-Emeral-HED-Emeral and so on to recycle more infernity cards by recycling 2 infernities and an HED to add more archfiend targets to be discarded when needed.

    I'm pretty preparated on infernities, since I developed the loop initially, and I studied a lot of ways to let the combo start even if you don't have the "standard pieces" (grepher+General+Archfiend+Mirage+Foolish+Random Spell/Trap), because it needs to much luck to work, while if you're intelligent enough you could easily make the combo work, even with kinda bad hands (not too much, of course).

    1. Thanks, but I Know how to do the loop.

    2. Know, you wouldn't have said that under the image, if you didn't know it. I just wrote it for the ones who don't know how to do the loop with that hand.

  3. KA-BOOM! The return of Bahamut. lol

  4. could you upload the video deck and a deck of playing with that