Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Arrive Hero Beat

First of all, the deck list that I've been using all this while.


[2] CardCar D
[1] Stratos
[1] Alius
[3] Bubbleman
[1] Zephyrus


[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Future Fusion
[2] Pot of Duality
[2] Warrior Returning Alive
[3] MST
[3] Night Shot (TCG:Nightbeam)
[3] E Call
[3] Miracle Fusion
[3] Hero Arrive (TCG: A Hero Lives)


[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Phoenix Wing Blast
[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[2] Torrential Tribute


[1] Shining
[1] Zero
[1] Gaia
[1] Escuridao
[1] No 39 Utopia
[1] cNo 39 Utopia Ray
[1] Steelswarm Roach
[1] Daigusto Emeral
[1] Lavalval Chain
[2] HC Excalibur
[1] Blade Armor Ninja
[1] No 16 Shock Master
[1] Symphony Djinn Maestroke
[1] Verz Ourobouros


So here are explanation of some of the card choices.

E HERO Stratos and Bubbleman
- The stars of the deck, Stratos fetching Bubbleman and XYZ summoning into Blade Armor Ninja or Excalibur. One card into 4000+ damage is obviously imba.

E Hero Alius
- Can be special summoned from grave by Daigusto Emeral. It is also Light for your Shining.

Card Car D
- Who doesn't like card advantage. The more you draw, the more cards you have to do OTK.

Hero Arrive
- The other star card in this deck. You want to do as many special summon as possible and this card get you that Stratos with the cost of half your LP. Even though it is a huge draw back, in some situations it will make your Utopia Ray effect active.

Warrior Returning Alive
- It is like additional Monster Reborns in this deck. Getting back Stratos or Bubbleman to continue with your XYZ summon.

- Maxed out in this deck, since you can easily OTK with as little as 2 cards.

Emergency Call and Miracle Fusion
- This is an E Hero deck!

Future Fusion and Zephyrus
- The whole purpose of Future Fusion is just to dump Zephyrus and Alius into the grave. It is totally a lame usage but it is one of those important combo piece that is so cheesy and gives you so much utility for just a single card.

Compulsary Evacuation Device/ Phoenix Wing Blast
- Cheap monster removal while Wing Blast acts as additional S/T removal.

The rest of the cards are staples.


The goal of the deck, is to summon HC Excalibur together with another Excalibur or Blade Armor Ninja to deal 8000 damage.

Let's start with the most obvious play.

Hero Arrive into Stratos
Stratos gets Bubbleman
Special Bubbleman and XYZ into Excalibur
Monster Reborn/Warrior returning Alive for Stratos
Stratos gets Bubbleman
Special Bubbleman and XYZ into Excalibur
There, 2 card 8000.

How about Future Fusion and Hero Arrive.

FF Dump Zephyrus and Alius
Hero Arrive into Stratos
Stratos gets Bubbleman
Special Bubbleman
Zephyrus Bounce Stratos and SS itself
Normal Summon Stratos
Stratos gets Bubbleman
Special Bubbleman
Zephyrus and Bubbleman XYZ into Daigusto Emeral
Daigusto Emeral SS Alius
Stratos and Bubbleman XYZ into Blade Armor Ninja
Blade Armor Ninja (2200 x 2) + Daigusto Emeral (1800) + Alius (1900) = ??
More 2 card OTK.

These are just some basic combos not including Miracle Fusion. I can't possibly list out all the different OTK cos some will require different situation. Try it out, you will discover more OTK combos as you play with a real opponent.

Beware of Gorz!


  1. Assault Armor? Stratos+Assault Armor is another 2-Cards OTK.
    Maybe not as stable as other, but havine a 4000 double-attacker isn't bad.

  2. I have also been using this deck for a while, but i don't run so much spells/trap busters, I actually run only one MST and one Heavy, considering I use triple Another Neos and Dual Spark, but my great improvement on this deck is using triple Upstart Goblin and 2 Hope for Escape, I can easily draw 6 to 8 if I manage to get both out, otherwise i still have an awesome card which will let me draw 4 cards.

    My main advice: Take out Wing Blasts since you will never be having cards in your hand and, mainly, no dualities, it sucks on a deck that exceeds every turn

    1. I dont exceed every turn, I exceed one turn and people die.

    2. Triple Another Neos And Dual Spark = Normal Hero Beat ._.

    3. Triple Another Neos and dual spark = No money for Card car D

    4. Veiler wrecks Card Car...

  3. I am interested in this build since your version only runs a low number of traps while normal version runs lots of traps + gemini spark. Too bad this build uses Daigusto Emerald which has not been printed on TCG yet. Otherwise, I will build this deck :P

  4. @bahamut84
    *Pressing LIKE button for this comment
    "I dont exceed every turn, I exceed one turn and people die."

  5. @bahamut84
    *Pressing LIKE button for this comment
    "I dont exceed every turn, I exceed one turn and people die."

    (Totally ignoring the fact there will be pussies who dare to main swiss scarecrow)

    1. When you say that, its like you trying to say i damsel every turn. Totally ignoring the fact that veiler exists. lol

  6. mya-mon u are a phoney and a big chet

    see this vidio of u

    watteau champioship (3:28 in vidio)

    oponint turn playr priority use monstr reborn and u shark and use mind crush after u see it????

    this is how u win!!

    1. Im honored to have you think that I am Myamon.

    2. saim blog ok so u share the saim tactics u and the ofender

      but yes even u cnt expllain tht miserable chet only see in ocg !!

  7. okay so, after opening with 3 monsters + 1 search 3 games in a row, and with 4 monsters the fourth one, I scratch dis. It hates meh :(

  8. Veiler is another thing to watch out for when using this deck...T_T I have a question...since you could easily search for your monsters with future fusion, E-call and stratos, what would hero arrive do?? O_O

  9. Increase consistency of the deck?

  10. you have a point, if i have stratos and herro arrive in my hand, what do i SS for??...and uhh...what do you suggest could be a good alternative for card car D??

    1. Alius or Bubbleman of course.

      There really isn't anything that would replace card car d, you can put more spell/trap because the deck works fine even without card car d.

    2. okay thanks, I think I'm also gonna try to replace it with hope for escape. Just got my Hero Arrive from Korea recently, gonna try it out. ^_^

  11. Ok I'm curious about one thing, what do you usually put in your side deck? I'm having a hard time deciding what to place in there...

  12. Meh WTB old fun decks (new for current and future formats) wondering have you ran into any gishkis in your tournies?!