Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got my Abyss Rising today!

Today's loots.

[GR] Shark Drake Vice
[UTR] One Eyed Skill Gainer
[UR] No 8 Genome Heriter
[UR] Gaio Abyss x2
[SR] GagagaGunman x2
[SR] HC Kusanagi
[SR] Forbidden Garment x2
[SR] Ice Spirit God Moulin Glace

Not included in the picture are two Forbidden Garment and Moulin Glace which was stolen by my friends.


On Forbidden Garment.

It is decent, but not stronger than Lance imo.

In case people don't know, chaining this to something that already targets your monster doesn't negate it. In simpler words, if you declare attack with a monster and I use something like Compulsary Evacuation Device on it, and you use Forbidden Garment, it will still be bounced back.

Forbidden Garment is like something in between Chalice and Lance. Sure you can use it to protect against Snowman Eater but -600 means you won't be able to kill it unless your monster is awesome big. Killing Ryko would be good but they can choose destroy a backrow instead.

You can also use Garment on the standby phase to protect your monster from Effect Veiler before you start touching yourself but that rarely happens.

TL;DR, Lance and Chalice is still better. But if you have spare money, then just get a playset cos having 3 of everything is cool.


OK time to start deck contruction for next Self Touch Deck™.

Card scans will be up by Friday. Hopefully..


  1. I love the artwork of Gagaga gunman. To bad its gonna be destroyed by the TCGs coddling rules.

  2. its too easy found a ghost rare card in ocg? lol, tcg ghost rare is insane hard to found.

  3. There were only 2 Ghost rares in one case (24 boxes) which we opened.