Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three more weeks!

Format is ending soon. Seems like it was just a while ago I was drawing Spore + Bulb in hand vs people who open Venus into Gachi Gachi and I can't do a shit against it. (Plant Synchro is Imba yeah?)

This format I have tried most of the decks. I have tried Verz Laggia, Hieratics, Inzektors, Laval, Atlantean, Mermail, Infernity but in the end, the deck I enjoy playing most is still HERO.

HERO deck is probably the most balanced and versatile deck ever even though the introduction of XYZ like Blade Armor Ninja and Excalibur kinda made them a little overpowered. Everyone knows the culprit is Stratos cos it easily converts to 4000 damage and more. In the past, every time I do a banlist post I would put Stratos under Semi Limited under the wishlist with random stupid reasons like "oh shiet Machina Gearframe searches for imbawtfbbqFortress while Stratos searches jank!"

And now Stratos converts into 10 different XYZ, not bad. So my wishlist this time is hoping that Stratos don't get banned lol.

TL;DR. DONT TOUCH MY STRATOS (and Bubbleman!!)

A little bit of what I want to see for the upcoming list.

- I hope Inzektors die, Limit Centipede or Dragonfly, I don't care, one of them has to die.
- REDMD to 1. Less Lightpulsar abuse, and no more Gustaph Max in Hieratics not that anyone is playing Hieratics anymore.
- Tourguide and Rabbit to 2.
- Windup loop to be removed, One Zenmaighty or Ban hunter. A first turn hand wipe should only be rewarded to effort plays like Trishula/Ouroboros Divine Performance! (lol)
- Spore and Bulb to come back, really.
- Brionac to not be touched because our Youtube needs more Brionac performance.
- Limit E Call or Miracle Fusion, cos those are what makes HERO imba, yes? =D

The next issue of V-Jump will be out on the 21 August. Comes with the Bahamut Shark promo. Once again, I would like to remind everyone that there will be badly photoshopped scans and blurry pictures appearing on the internet within this 2 weeks.

Look out for:
- Magazine Cover that says Oct Issue
- Bahamut Shark Promo Card
- Bad bad Zexal Cosplays lol


Also, did anyone not see that art on Prophecy Destroyer. I know it is nice and all but it doesn't fit in with all the other cards. Like if I was a random player who don't update on my yugioh every now and then, if I see you play that card I would call for judge and "omg wtf is this fake card doing in your deck?? All the other Prophecy monsters are cartoony and one of them even haz a pink hair!"


  1. Yes, Destroyer's art doesn't fit in YGO. The concept is off. lol

  2. In all fairness, there's a few other cards that don't quite fit either, like look at judgment dragon ...

  3. Though the art is amazing and all... you're right about the fact that it doesn't fit with the other Prophecy cards at all.
    And on your list. Let's all hope they don't touch Stratos :-O

  4. Bulb coming back would be really nice. Fortress and Bureido would get their friend back *evil smile*

    And yeah, Prophecy Destroyer really doesn't fit at all. He looks like something from MTG.

  5. I heard that the new card is done by an artist group based in the US called "UDONcrew." They also are doing the "Noble" archtype or so I heard. Its the first time Konami has hired a non-japanese artist(s) to work on card art. Personally, I like what I have seen so far, even though it stands out compared to past cards.

  6. I want to hit LIKE button!!!

    Still hoping that banlist will not touch Stratos cuz' I am spending my money for Pedo HEROes deck.

    And Gadgets should be striked. 2 at each, just like the old time.

    About the artist of Prophecy Destroyer:

    (Sorry for my bad English)

  7. Is there any chance I could get the decklist from the a hero lives! Infernity deck that was mentioned a while back? I am really curious about how it looks.

  8. I HIGHLY doubt HERO's will get hit hard, that's Konami's lovechild and of course, ONE of of the sources in their cash cow. I'll be on the lookout for the magazine this upcoming few weeks.

  9. I don't care bout Bubbleman much but leave my Airman alone!!