Thursday, April 12, 2012

[REDU] Short review

Here are some of my personal choices of interesting cards after just briefly looking through. Haven't had time to closely analyze them yet. If you haven't seen the scans, look for them in the post below this one.

[OOPARTS Crystal Bone] REDU-JP012
[OOPARTS Crystal Skull] REDU-JP013

Two card that are splashable. Crystal Bone is your "Tourguide" that can be special summoned and can call Crystal Skull from your hand or graveyard (the prefered choice obviously). While Crystal Skull works like your Reinforcement of the Army and it can fetch Crystal Bone from the deck or Graveyard. Probably needs a little more OOPARTS in your deck to make it workable.

[Assailant of Sea Emperor] REDU-JP036

A name reference to 'probably' the boss monster of the upcoming Structure Deck. This can be searched by Deep Sea Diva (poor man Tourguide) making it 2200. Other than being huge, I don't know what else to use it for at the moment. We'll just wait and see what the new SD has to offer.

[Illusion Snatch] REDU-JP037

More Monarch support if it wasn't obvious enough from the art. Tribute for Monarch, get +1, special this, copy Caius, make direct attacks if possible. Proceed to do dirty stuff after XYZ summoning into Sacred Ptolemys M7. You can also go for Zaborg who is LV5 then into Sacred Pleiades which is equally irritating. Funny discussion we had where we say tribute for Obelisk, summon this, smack and go into Gustaph Max. And then we realise it doesn't work. Damn Obelisk..

[Goblin Marauding Force] REDU-JP040

Amazing stats with amazing abilities, if this card was made 5 years ago where Gadgets are running everywhere with triple Sakuretsu. Today we have Inzektors, Laggia, Hieroglyph and other broken decks which makes this card jank. Amazing art though, the story of Goblin Attack Force is always interesting.

[HC Excalibur] REDU-JP041

Let's all play Bubble Hero Beat! Detaching 2 material is good cos now you can use Miracle Fusion immediately. Watch out for 4000 ATK Gorz Token lol.

[Wanchan!?] REDU-JP062

More LV1 monster support, now you have a generic ROTA for all of them with a little draw back. Chaos Piper Deck comes into mind and of course everyone would love to search for Effect Veiler. Works when you have a LV1 Token on the field. You can also evade the damage via the effect of One Day of Peace. Now you are thinking Battle Fader and some Countdown deck.

[Soul Drain] REDU-JP078

The generic card that should be on everyone's list. Works the opposite of Skill Drain, this will prevent the activation of cards that enter grave such as Sangan, Dandylion and Dark World series cards when they are discarded. Also prevents the activation of everybody's favourite E Hero Fusions, Shining and Zero if they enter grave of course.


I am just disappointed that there aren't any hate card that targets Inzektors.

I will probably have more post on the [Books of Spell] and [Madolce] archetype once I figure out how to play them correctly. No promises.

I will leave the usual Machine madness to DSummon to figure out.


  1. Waiting for the 12345 Geargia decks that DSummon will create :Q___

    Also, BoS are pretty cool, you can abuse Village + Royal and Wonder Wand

  2. Silver Sniper is anti-Inzektor tech.

    1. except it only comes out in the end phase making it not so useful.

  3. LOL, a pure/mixed Geargia deck will be difficult. Honestly been thinking for quite awhile with no answer in mind. Something that will use Geargigant regularly is quite different though :)

    Silver Sniper is not really anti inzektor, since it only works during the end phase. Attitude Reversal is loads better actually, especially if you have a suitable deck. More on that in my post

  4. All of the archetype in here are pretty powerful, I falled for Madolces, in just a day I made 4 different builds (even if I'm still testing them all), and I see a lot of potential in geargia, just loop a bit with geargiarsenal and geargiano to thin jour deck, then you may even do something like overload fusion, lol. Books of spell has a lot of potential, I don't like it, but i played against it and thought Skill would kill them (luckily I was playing a deck with 3 Skill Drain), but I lost however. If you want some advices (I'm sure you won't need), just mail me.

    1. The Arsenal/Geargiano loop doesn't work I think. The japanese text is similar to Debris Dragon where the entire effect is negated.

      The english text for geargiano is misleading.

    2. Hope for ruling change, but that won't happen. I was unsure, because the loop was too simple to set up and required no skill to invent and use, that was pretty strange, even for konami.
      I think however that geargia has some little potentials, but not in a pure version, he needs some karakuris or machina to work. That's bad, because geargiganto x is pretty fuckin awesome, lol. Hope DSummon comes up with a good and original decklist for geargia, then.

  5. Silver sniper looks good in a bubbleman heroica beat

  6. So much for my comments on no ideas for geargia hybrid decks. Got one out lol. Will see if i have any chance to test it out, though I might be free to post stuff on it only after ACS2012

  7. I thought for sure you'd comment on the new cold wave.

  8. I think Geargigant Cross will be a good card for any machine deck like gadgets (*¬*) or even karakuri

  9. Yup, have a deck up already LOL. Will test it out and post up soon

  10. Dsummon :D You should try out a Geargiakuri deck . It is really fast and can OTK quite often ^^ and with Card Car D , Pot of D and Geargiant X , the deck is thinned really quickly ! :D

  11. Great review as usual!

    Just my opinion though, why don't you include the card texts during reviewing? I think it will help people understand easier and make people like the blog even more, especially if the reader happens to haven't read the card effects yet (for example, because they haven't been able to connect to internet due to busy-ness, etc.)