Saturday, April 14, 2012

DSummon's take on REDU

Here are some of my opinions on what are some of the interesting/useful cards in this set, though I won't repeat stuff which Baha has already mentioned, before I move on to the Geargia theme as I am expected to lol.

[Magical Summoner, Tempel] REDU- JP017
[Magical Priestess, Junon] REDU-JP020

This looks splash able in a magician deck deck that chooses to abuse the Books of Magic, by using Grimoire and Hygromanteia books to search and thin out your deck quickly. Even if Junon is in hand, Magical Dimension would bring it out easily, making it a once per turn Dark Arm Dragon which is searchable from deck, easily special summoned from hand, revivable from grave and yet gets bullets which replenishes itself. In my opinion with the new monsters and Books of Magic together with its old friends like Magical Dimension, Spellcaster Village etc, Spellcasters are turning into a Hero Beat alike deck with nice boss monsters.

[Giant God of the Snow-Capped Mountain] REDU-JP048

This is really good in my opinion. It looks down a magic/trap while it is alive, has pretty good stats, and even has Shura like effects. Definitely something to put into Earth decks which have level 3 monsters. Komachi and Strategist anyone?

[Fairy King Alverd] REDU-JP049

Its effect basically makes it a 2800 attack monster, what else can I say? Of course the usual issue for players is this is again for Earth decks, which is not popular in view of Light (Heiro) and Dark (Inzektors) running rampant now. I can only say its something you should keep a copy of in case Earth decks come into popularity.

[OOPArts Technology] REDU-JP054

Purely a themed card for OOPArts, but it is really pretty strong. It lets you go through the deck and essentially achieve deck thinning and grave filing all together, making it really good. Discarding Crystal Skull to grave and adding Crystal Bone to hand? Yes please~

[Compulsory Withdrawal Device] REDU-JP074

Even though the costs are pretty high, it is actually pretty good in the right deck. You can either bounce tokens, or bounce Serpentine Princess to make up for the loss. Bring out Centipede or Dragonfly for bbq sound effects from your opponent.

[Attitude Reversal] REDU-JP075

Actually I think this is the 1 and only anti Inzektor card in the set, which is really pretty good especially for decks which can abuse reverse effects (Though not common nowadays). Since all the usual Inzektor equips Hornet and Gruf adds levels, Attitude Reversal lets you use it as additional Book of Moons against Inzektors. One of the best commons from the set in my opinion.


Geargia Time!!!

Gear-Gigant X is pretty much 1 of the best exceeds ever for my needs. It pretty much allows me to just search my deck for any level 4 Machine I need, meaning easy setup for Gadget decks (Gadget/Tinplate Goldfish), Karakuri (Komachi/Ninja love totally), Machina (Gearframe). Even Roid decks work that much better by searching for Expressroid to gain even more advantage. Needless to say it works really well in pretty much any Machine deck. So what about the underlings?

After a lot of serious thought through, I have come to the conclusion that MKII or even the older Geargiano are not really worth it to be used, even if you can use MKII to summon another MKII or Geargiano to make instant rank 3s. Simply because being level 3 means they do not fit well into decks trying to use Gear-Gigant X which does not make sense. However, Geargiaccel, Geargiarsenal and Geargiarmor all work very nicely together.

Arsenal functions as a nice tutor for the deck. It allows you to bring out Armor in the first turn, letting you search for Accel in turn 2 to bring out Gigant X and search for that Gearframe or Gadget you need to even thin your deck further the next turn.

Your opponent will also be at a lost on how to block the above move for a number of reasons.
1. If he/she destroys Armor before you can even special summon Accel, just set Accel and you will be able to redo the combo next turn. Thats of course assuming you don't even have Tinplate Goldfish or other such cards to get Gigant X, meaning he wasted his removal cards on something unimportant.
2. And of course waiting for Accel to be special summoned before doing a move plain doesn't make sense. Even if you get hit by Torrential here, just retrieve Armor / Arsenal and repeat your move for 0 lost.
3. And of course if your opponent waits till you have xyz summoned both away. It is still a 1 for 1 (The original Arsenal), and you haven't used your normal summon as well. No lost in tempo and you have even cleared a removal card.

I have tested a Goldfish Geargia Gadget (3G!) deck earlier today. All I can say? It is honestly irritating as hell for your opponents, since your hand is constantly replenished and tutored every turn. Furthermore by planning my moves carefully, I managed to achieve the various things mentioned above rather effectively. I will share more on the deck towards next week where I will share more ideas so keep a lookout. For now, time to concentrate on the Asia Championships on Sunday!


  1. show us a duel with this deck and please post decklist

  2. Best of luck for Asia and very, very nice post! I'm the guy who spared Bouncer and Volca for your taking in Malaysia during Asia.

  3. I like Fairy King Alverd as well. It fits perfectly in a deck I've been thinking about lately, but I still don't know how to build it. It's supposed to send multiple Chain Dogs and at least 1 Scrap Beast to the graveyard, then you summon Chimera to bring back Beast; Chain Dogs revive and then you can make at least 2 rank 4 Xyz just by summoning Chimera. The problem is that I don't know how the set the graveyard quickly. I've thought of using Sandcloud Knight, Magical Merchant, Card Trooper, and even Lightsworn support, but I'm not sure about random mills, and Soundcloud Knight is kind of slow being a flip effect monster. I was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas, or perhaps it's not a viable deck yet, I mean, with the current support. Thanks in advance :)

  4. X sabers are getting a little boost from this new pack too! ^ ^

  5. Decklist will be up by next week. Video might take awhile longer though.

    Hey, thanks! Putting that volca at least to good use. Not playing so no real luck needed though lol.

    Idea of using chain dog and scraps is good but the problem is as you said. There is no good milling options available and you might as well end up using pure scraps instead. Flamvell dog and flame tiger may work better with chain dog, though they are fire monsters.

    1. Good to hear man. Looking forward to see what you've done with Geargia. I assume Baha is not playing as well?

  6. Im testing a Machina/Geargia and actually MK II is a very good card if you're using Ally Genex Birdman cause it allows you to go for some easy Brionacs(and even that Lv10 Ally of Justice just for lolz),Loop with Geargianto X and MkII and the classic re-use of sh%#t u send to grave via Machina Fortress

  7. Yup, i dont deny that MKII is decent. However, it doesnt fit into the deck very well, simply because it doesnt make its own boss monster and making Brionac or even Giant God/Zenmaines sounds good, still less important then Gigant X.

    Though anyway thats my current opinion. Might change after I have tested it out? Will test it out after I have fully explored my current 3G deck lol.

  8. I only managed to acquire 2x TinPlate Goldfish from DT14. Will that be enough in a Geargia-Machiners Hybrid?

  9. Goldfish and gear frame doesn't really mix though, so I guess 2 is fine?

  10. im currently testing out a Geargia-Gadget Offering with Jumbo Drill. the combos are good, since GGX can search for drill jumbo and i can let CCD, Duality and Dust Tornado set me up for an offering play. Deck Space is pretty tight though and the best attack i can get is 2800 with shark drake.

    i want to test out a karakuri variant, but with sanctioned being the prominent tourney format here in PH, i cant play naturia beast, and that sucks.