Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Return of Duelist (scans)

Rarity List

Ultra/Ultimate Rare
- H.C Excalibur
- No 33. OOParts Mash Mach
- Super Dimensional Robo Galaxy Destroyer
- OOParts Crystal Alien
- Magical Hierophant Hairon

Super Rare
- Magical Priest Junon
- Batel of the Books of Spell
- Madolche Puddincess
- Earth Spirit God Grand Soil
- Alchemic Magician
- Geargigant X
- Giant God of Snowcapped Mountain
- Void Traphole
- Gagaga Revenge

Normal Rare
- Three Thousand Needle
- Marauding Goblin Force
- Lucky Punch
- Cold Air


You can right-click and "save as" or "open in a new tab/window" to further enlarge it.

I am missing Junon (020) and Gagaga Revenge (051).

They are both super rare.


  1. Wow, that was fast, where did you get it from?

  2. thank you, so many great images

  3. i guess you are a dealer..thanks

  4. Thanks!!! It's so great! But can you add card number 20 and 51 please!!! They are missing :(

    1. Sorry not possible, cos we didn't get it from the boxes that we opened lol.

      Number 20 is Junon
      Number 51 is Gagaga Revenge.

    2. WOW, "the boxes you opened"? I guess you really is a dealer then XD

  5. Hey DS what's you opinion about the "geargia" archetype?, Do you think they could combine with another machine deck?

  6. Honestly, I have been thinking about it for the entire day. For now, there doesnt seem to be any suitable deck that can use Geargia effectively which is kinda sad. If you talk about using stuff like Gadgets or Karakuri, I am sure they will work much better without them.

    Heck, I cant even think of a deck that can effectively use a level 3 Geargia if I use Geargigant Cross.

  7. if there is any chance spellcaster become tier 1?

  8. If Inzektors and hieratics doesn't exist, yes

  9. เด็คHieratic ตอนนี้กำลังโหดๆอยู่เลยครับ

  10. pss for inzectors i have 3 vailers and for the dragons side in battle fader spellcasters are gonna be tier 1 and the gears too

  11. OOparts Crystal Alien seems really good for those who have not the wind up staller.