Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick update for Asia Championships 2012

Updated with photos for the later part of the day!

One of the benefits of being the head judge involves getting the deck lists for all the players so I can actually look through and know what I expect to see on the tournament day itself. This especially helps me know what are some of the ruling issues that may happen which I should look out for and read up on them first. Without further adue, here is a breakdown of the decks that appeared in our Singapore qualifiers today!

58 [Inzektor]
17 [Heiroglyph / Hanzo Heiroglyph]
11 [Rabbit Raggia]
9 [Machina/Gadget / Karakuri]
7 [Six Samurai]
6 [Darkworld]
6 [Gravekeeper variants]
6 [LightLord variants]
4 [Black Wing]
4 [Gladiator Beasts]
4 [Agent variants]
23 [Random] (Includes Infernity, Chain Burn, Junk Synchron, Windups, Psychic, Monarch variants, Sin Gear Valley variants, Hero, Evolsaur, High level dragons, Countdown, FF Jinzo, Royal Library Exodia, TG Agent, Junk Doppel, Viper and some totally unclassified stuff)

TOTAL: 152

Main Event Trophies

Qualifier Trophies (smaller)


Event Hall

All the Representative

Players showing disrespect lol


Finals for Singapore qualifiers - Kenneth Koh (Hanzo Heiro) vs Calvin Ang (Hanzo Heiro)

3rd and 4th place - Ryan Stark (Rabbit Raggia) vs Wesley Seek (Inzektors)

Fighting it out for some nice prizes~

And Kenneth aka Plant is our champion! Calvin in 2nd place, Ryan in 3rd, Wesley in 4th

Moving on is the regional championships!

Here are the decks the regional champions are using!
Jeff - Inzektors
Thailand - Rabbit Raggia
Korea - Inzektors
Malaysia - Inzektors
Taiwan - Pure Heiro
Hong Kong - Rabbit Raggia
Philippines - Inzektors

Round Robin group score as follows. Round 1
Group A, Singapore wins Taiwan
Group A, Philippines wins Hong Kong
Group B, Jeff wins Thailand
Group B, Korea wins Malaysia

Round 2
Group A, Hong Kong wins Taiwan
Group A, Singapore wins Philippines
Group B, Jeff wins Malaysia
Group B, Thailand wins Korea

Round 3
Group A, Singapore wins Hong Kong
Group A, Philippines win Taiwan
Group B, Malaysia wins Thailand
Group B, Korea wins Jeff

Results for round robin:
Group A Singapore 3 wins, Philippines 2 wins, Hong Kong 1 win, Taiwan 0 wins
Group B Singapore 2 wins, Korea 2 wins, Malaysia 1 win, Thailand 1 win

Finals, Singapore vs Jeff
3rd place playoffs, Philippines vs Korea

And our champion is Jeff! In 2nd is singapore, 3rd Philippines and 4th Korea.

For Side Event Heart Piece Tournament:
Champion - Daniel Ang
1st to 3rd Runner Ups - Desmond Toh, Yong Jun, Shaun Lin

And that's it! Here are some final photos of our farewell dinner. Thats all folks, see you in Worlds Championships Singapore Qualifiers 2012!

PS: No I haven't forgotten about the videos, just that the file size is really rather large, so it will take me awhile, please be patient


  1. ThanKs for the updates! Helps us for those who cnt make it. Glad that both Singapore rep made it. But would like to know Why Jeff managed to go up for finals instead of Korea? I mean wad was the judging factor since both got 2 wins.

  2. Group B Singapore 2 wins, Korea 2 wins, Malaysia 1 win, Philippines 1 win.

    error there,it is thailand not phili?

  3. Konami used time to finish the duel as a tie breaker.

    Yes, i recorded down the asia finals, but it will take awhile to put up, pretty tired out

    Just noticed, thanks!

    In all, will try to update the post with photos and stuff soon.

  4. I don't quite get it, how did the time factor play a part again in deciding who goes up for finals between Jeff and Korean rep? Cause from spectator's point of view, Korea rep played faster games regardless of whether he won or lost as compared to Jeff?

    1. Korea rep already had a time out when playing against Thailand while Jeff had none.

  5. Btw what country is Jeff?

  6. Jeff is from Singapore but he was not representing any country per say, as he was invited back to participate as the previous Asia Champion.

    Approximate game times for Jeff and Korea rep during Round Robin format were as follows (Once entering time out, its considered as a full 35 minutes)
    Jeff vs Thailand (35 mins) - Jeff wins
    Jeff vs Malaysia (15 mins) - Jeff wins
    Korea vs Thailand (35 mins) - Korea lost
    Korea vs Malaysia (25 mins) - Korea wins
    Jeff vs Korea (30 mins) - Korea wins

    Well not that the last one really matters, since both of them will have the same time regardless, so actually, the game was already decided before they even started playing. The only difference it would make is if Jeff won, Malaysia would have become 2nd in the group as Sam had lesser time then the Korea rep and they would both only have 1 win.

  7. Will you be able to post Jeff and the 2nd place winner's deck list?

  8. Citing from Baha "Korea rep already had a time out when playing against Thailand while Jeff had none."

    Both took 35mins to fight thailand, 1 got timeOut, while the other doesnt?

    1. I didn't know jeff had time out with thailand but everyone was watching on the big screen and it sure didnt look like a time out.

  9. 3rd place playoffs, Philippines vs Korea

    Those guys really look like Kira and L from death note..>??

  10. Ninja Heiretics, does that deck run BLS also and chaos zone?

  11. I'd like to pose a challenge to the guy who posts stuff on this site. Can you make a really good deck that relies on Toon monsters (yes, the monsters pegasus used in the anime)? I would just like to see if it is possible in today's metagame.

    If you have successfully made a deck like this, let me know at danielsfelix@rocketmail.com

  12. who disrespect my God ,Sam !!!!!! They shall be punish !

    1. call me an asshole, but I laugh at that pic.

    2. lol, why only disrespect to malaysian?

  13. When will the video of final available ? cant wait to watch it ><

  14. lol dildos. did organizers have to deflate them?