Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Deck] Goldfish Geargia Gadgets aka 3G!

Hi guys, with the Asia Championships out of the way, finally I have that bit of time to run and test one of my own creations that combines Tinplate Goldfish in a gadget deck together with Geargias. Here's the deck list I played around with.

Monster [23]
[3] Tinplate Goldfish
[2] Green Gadget
[2] Red Gadget
[2] Yellow Gadget
[3] Geargia Armor
[3] Geargia Accel
[3] Geargia Arsenal
[2] Drilling Construction Heavy Machinery: Drill Jumbo
[3] Effect Veiler

Magic [8]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Mind Control
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Pot of Avarice
[1] Dark Hole

Trap [9]
[2] Thunder Break
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Ultimate Offering
[2] Torrential Tribute

How the deck works is pretty simple, you basically generate advantage for yourself constantly every turn either through Gadgets, Geargia, and eventually Gigant X. Basic combo move involves using Goldfish and a Gadget to summon out Gigant X, where you can search for another Goldfish and basically summon Gigant X for free. And should Gigant X survive till the following turn, which it has a good chance of due to the number of defenses in this deck, you essentially search again next turn, making it a +2.

Geargia works pretty well as a looping mechanism on its own. Arsenal helps you to tutor for Armor, which in turn searches out Accel, which you can special summon with Armor on the field for Gigant X, then search out another Machine. If you manage to keep Accel on the field, you may also use its effect to bring back Arsenal or Armor back to your hand. Geargia works well in the sense that all the cards in this deck helps you to tutor your deck with more friendly and useful effects compared to Gadgets, that I am starting to like using them a lot more then the Gadgets themselves. And of course playing in a combined deck with Gadgets makes for faster tutoring, making this a very suitable defensive deck since you basically draw more spells and traps. (Not exactly my favorite style, but still undeniably suitable).
  • Arsenal provides tutoring and beatdown (Easily reaches 2100 attack through Armor and Accel's effects)
  • Armor provides repeated tutoring and defenses (Even though it's searching effect is still negated by Raiou, it at least allows you to stay defending, while easily reloading to face down once Raiou is cleared)
  • Accel provides deck salvage and special summoning for xyz summons while possessing a respectable 1400 attack
Killer combo in this deck focuses only on 1 card which as you would expect is Ultimate Offering. The difference in this version however, is the ease at how you can bring out rank 5 monsters easily through Drill Jumbo. And of course with Gigant X, it means you can search it out easily, simply with a Gadget and Offering and continue spamming the field all in the same turn. That gives you access to Volcasaurus, Tyrus and a host of other nice yummy goodies. You may not need Geargia for this, but the tutoring portion works out nicely all the same.

After some testing, I would say that the deck would work well even without Ultimate Offering and Drill Jumbo even, especially if you use Goldfish to bring out Gigant X. As mentioned earlier, the deck tutors rather quickly, allowing you to draw into defenses quickly. Ultimately, I would believe this would be the next transformation for the Gadget trap heavy deck. With that said however, thats not my favorite style to build the deck. Next up on the list to tackle, Karakuri Geargia! You can see Clover's blog for some OTK combos for that deck already. Definitely more my style, lol.


  1. I had seen the Geargia OTK before this article and I´m looking forward to see the karakuri geargia deck in action. I love using gadgets and the combo with tinplate goldfish is amazing and even could work with machinas instead geargias isn't it?

    Instead using ultimate offering... which cards would be suitable?... In fact I don´t like too much using that card because at TCG we don't have lot of options to summon rank 4 xyz monsters

  2. Can the deck work with only 2x TinPlate Goldfish? What's a good replacement for the aforementioned card?

  3. You can't use it with Machina, since Gearframe's effect is only for normal summon.

    Instead of Ultimate offering? Just make it into a defensive deck with more traps.

    There isn't really a replacement for Tinplate. You can probably consider something like Iron Call or Call of Haunted instead, though both are not as useful probably.

  4. OK thanks, and which other cards in extra deck you use for this deck (apart from Gigant X, Utopia, Roach, etc)

  5. Utopia Ray, Crimson Ninja, Volcasaurus, Shock Ruler, Black Corn, Daigusta Emerald, Lavall Chain. Think thats about it?

  6. I'd like to pose a challenge to the guy who posts stuff on this site. Can you make a really good deck that relies on Toon monsters (yes, the monsters pegasus used in the anime)? I would just like to see if it is possible in today's metagame.

    If you have successfully made a deck like this, let me know at

    1. Dude, if it was possible, someone would have already made it. Face it, a toon deck (which is relatively slow, by the way) in the meta of hieroglyphs and inzecters? Like Yusei, I believe that all cards have their worth, but seriously, toon decks can't win even in a casual match.

    2. if u wanna play Toon this meta just play Secret Village of Toon World

    3. secret village of the what now?

  7. i'm a lover of karakuri monsters and i d like to see this new geargia-karakuri deck in actions...

  8. If Ultimate Offering is too slow, use Chain Summoning.

  9. Why no Iron Calls? I use them on my 3G(that I made when u were reviewing Geragia) and they work pretty well together

  10. wow! not a single card-car d or pot of duality in sight. not really needed with all the tutoring?

    im trying to build one without goldfish, since i have no access to it. do you think i should just run more traps in its place rather than go for the CCD and PoD?

  11. Didn't use Iron Call because I read that it was a deck more suited to defending rather then flooding to all out attack. Basically the deck has no good come back against say, a Gorz, then followed up by the usual Heiro/Inzektor flood if you don't have the traps to support it.

    Card Car does not work well in this deck simply because you need your normal summons too much. As for Pot, I originally tested running 2 copies inside. However, the monsters basically tutor themselves while you don't need any particular spells/traps for this deck. (Like said, even Ultimate Offering is not really essential) In the end I chose to take them out. However if I remove say Ultimate Offering and the Drill Jumbo, I might find space to squeeze 2 back with more traps.

  12. DSummon, what do you think about this deck?

    1. What is the spell card next to heavy storm?

  13. The magic card is Iron Call.

    Abit too much monsters in my opinion. I would personally remove most of the Karakuris for this deck, leaving just a few strategic monsters, such as Guardog, Strategist and Ninja. I have a build already which I will be testing out this weekend, will post it up next week so you can look out for that.

    However if you prefer more Karakuris that is your choice, just that I would remove the 3 traps at least and put back in the main 3 Solemns. Reason being Mirror Force is extremely ineffective in current's meta, and the best play in this deck would involve setting Geargiarmor to start flooding the next turn, so Torrential would be extremely ineffective.

  14. can u post the extra deck

  15. anyone notice his thunder break is a fan made card?

  16. thunder break = Raigeki Break ._.

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