Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[Deck] Updated Pure Karakuri (March 2012)

Hi Guys! As requested by some of the readers, here is the updated pure Karakuri deck for the new ban list! Here is the deck list first.

Monster [19]
[3] Karakuri Soldier 236
[2] Karakuri Ninja 919
[1] Karakuri Haipa 818
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[3] Karakuri Komachi 224
[1] Karakuri Guard 313
[2] Karakuri Merchant 177
[3] Effect Veiler
[2] Card Car D

Magic [16]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[2] Iron Call
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Book of Moon
[1] De-Synchro
[3] Instant Fusion
[3] Karakuri Cash Cache
[1] Karakuri Anatomy
[2] Pot of Duality

Trap [5]
[2] Phoenix Wing WInd Blast
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement

Extra Deck [15]
[1] Daigusto Emerald
[1] Wind-Up Zenmaines
[2] Cyber Saurus
[1] AOJ Catastor
[1] Nature Landoise
[1] Naturia Beast
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon
[3] Karakuri Shogun Burei
[3] Karakuri Steel Shogun Bureido

As you can see here, I have decided to focus purely on Karakuris rather then adding the Machina theme in. I know I said that I would maintain the Machina Karakuri if possible but E. Teleport with only Psycho Commander is not extremely effective. Furthermore after testing the deck with various level 1 tuners, I can safely say that it is no longer as effective, simply because Machina Fortress does not do much to sync for Bureidos anymore. And with Machina Fortress not doing any work, the Machina theme is pretty redundant.

With that in mind, I worked on a pure Karakuri build that would fit the current meta and I have come up with this build. The deck now focuses on gaining card advantage through Dualities and getting out Merchants / Card Car D, while providing lock down with Naturia Beast. You will see also an interlap between various tech choices from my Machina Karakuri build simply because I think they provide additional options to still flood the field and gain advantage with Bureidos. Once you gain advantage and get that Veiler / Wing Blast, Inzektors become a lot more manageable.

If you do not like some of the various tech choices such as De-Synchro, I would recommend that you than go into a more defensive build with Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Traphole, Fiendish Chain and the like. However as per my usual style, I still find that having some aggression in the deck to try and end the game earlier, compared to hiding behind traps and praying a Heavy Storm does not appear is more my style. Hope you like this build!

Next deck to build, Offering Heavy Machinery Gadgets! Look out for the deck which will come soon~


  1. why not put a Cydra in there? is instant fusion really enough to get those bureidos out?

    and if i do not have access to iron call, what could be good replacements? CotH could be one but i think it's too slow though.

    thanks for the build, and im really excited for the Offering HM Gadgets. i've been testing that out on DN recently.

  2. PS: ur extra deck is 16 in total

  3. Can I get your guys' opinion on my TCG build?

    3 Karakuri Komachi 224
    3 Karakuri Merchant 177
    3 Karakuri Soldier 236
    2 Karakuri Strategist 248
    2 Psychic Commander
    1 Serene Psychic Witch
    1 Karakuri Watchdog 313
    1 Karakuri Ninja 919

    2 Emergency Teleport
    2 Instant Fusion
    2 Mystical Space Typhoon
    1 Scapegoat
    1 Pot of Avarice
    1 Monster Reborn
    1 Heavy Storm
    1 Dark Hole
    1 Book of Moon

    2 Solemn Warning
    2 Bottomless Trap Hole
    2 Dimensional Prison
    2 Compulsory Evacuation Device (Dont Have Fiendish Chains IRL)
    2 Torrential Tribute
    1 Solemn Judgment
    1 Mirror Force

    1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
    1 Ally of Justice Catastor
    1 Naturia Beast
    1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    1 Naturia Barkion
    1 Naturia Landoise
    1 Black Rose Dragon
    2 Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei"
    1 Stardust Dragon
    2 Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido"
    1 Scrap Dragon
    2 Cyber Saurus

  4. @DS Summon, in sanctioned tourney without iron call and naturias,how will you build this deck? I also play a karakuri deck here in PH

    1. Plain and simple if you have access to iron call then it should be played, however Beast and Barkion are pretty much staples for this deck's extra deck. If you dont have them there really isnt as much to rplace thm as one might hope for. its essentilly like trying to run Dark Worlds without tour guides. Or agents without Gachi gachi. They arent needed but to get the most out of the deck they are almost irreplacable.

  5. Kyle: I like your build. If I had a choice, however, I'd probably play a Cash Cache build. All that search just makes the deck really consistent.

    One suggestion is to play the Cyber Dragons main instead of Instant Fusion. Cyber Dragon is more flexible, giving you main deck outs to Stun decks and stuff like Zenmaines. It's also a better top deck then Cup'o'Fusion if you need to make a comeback mid-late game.

    1. By playing cyber dragon your also giving most opponents a free way to clear your field. id rather run the lvl 5 karakuris and have spam tactics than to wait for my opponent to have an extra target for monster reborn and such. but i also play TCG where that becomes a factor to consider when build a pure only karakuri monsters no others allowed build as opposed to a control variant of Karakuris. Which is what Dsummon is running.

  6. @bassfreak Cydra is more important in the Machina Karakuri build since it also works as a discard for Machina Fortress. Instant Fusion is preferable since it lets you do first turn Bureido + Naturia Beast with 1 draw using 3 cards. As for replacing Iron Call, there isn't really any good replacement. I would rather you replace it with the defensive stuff instead. You can also add in the additional Duality & Card Car D since the build will be less special summon intensive. Else, use E. Teleport though not as effective.

    @annoymous Ah sorry, forgot to take out Big Eye, its removed

    @Kyle Rotharmel
    Monsters: Psychic Witch not very useful in my opinion. I rather have another Ninja or Haipa.
    Magic: No point for Scapegoat. Furthermore gives free targets for Dragonfly to shoot off and special summon. 1 more Instant Fusion would be good.
    Traps: Compulsory and Mirror Force not good in current meta, especially with Shiyu and Inzektors running all over. Same goes for D-Prison. You will need the Fiendish Chain for sure if you intend to go defensive.
    Extra: I would put in 3 Bureidos and 3 Bureis regardless, since might have problems if you run out of them, which if you spam sp summons like Instant Fusions will be soon. Don't think Barkion is useful since extremely low chance to summon them. Same goes for Brionac. If you want to keep at least Brionac, then choose between Scrap/Stardust

    @Kennethskee Sadly, without Naturia Beast, the deck will not be as effective, since one of the deck's lockdown method will be to summon Beast and cover multiple traps. If using this in sanctioned, run even more traps and play more defensively, though not my style to be defensive. Though I obviously don't play sanctioned anymore as a judge, so, lol

    @FireThunder My reasons for not playing Cydras as above. Plus I usually prefer to have a stronger early game compared to hoping I draw a stronger late game. My late game comebacks usually start with Ninjas lol

  7. With Maxx "C" flying around in the TCG meta I don't think Insant Fusion is a better choice than Cyber Dragon which helps me deal with Wind-Up or a random defensive Zenmaines. It kills Thunder King Rai-Oh too.
    Still I want to tech in an Unknown Synchron. Unknown + Komachi + Ninja/Soldier = Double Bureido :D
    And do you think 3 Soldiers are more than enough? They could easily get destroyed by Inzektors...

  8. @Anon: This decklist is for a non-ranking OCG meta, not the TCG meta. Look at the context (which specific decks and cards are the ones to beat) before saying those things.

    I'm not sure what's your issue with 3 Karakuri Soldiers. That card has been the backbone of the archetype since its introduction in Starstrike Blast. Surely you're not suggesting to decrease it?

    @DSummon, which cards would you take out if you had to put some Mystical Space Typhoon cards in this deck?

    1. Soldier is slow, especially in the TCG metagame, (which, I am aware, is NOT what DS plays in, but since Anon is clearly talking about the TCG meta..) you'll find that more often than not it will not even get destroyed in battle.

      It's usually only played 0-1 in the TCG, and it usually winds up being used to synchro that needs a level 4 in a situation where you wouldn't want to use a Kuick. So yes, he would be suggesting it be decreased, as it's basically standard in the meta he is accustomed to.

  9. @Anonymous Well, you will have to build the deck around your meta. Maxx C is not extremely popular as a side deck choice in Singapore which is why I choose that. Good to see that you are considering on tweaking your build to suit your meta. Unknown Synchron is not as useful as Cyber Dragon and in the exact same situation that you mentioned gets the same results so if you are choosing, pick the Cyber Dragon. Even with Inzektors around, I would still pick the 3 soldiers, simply because you need the extra level 4 Karakuris to make full use of the Komachis. Even with the combos you stated, without a level 4 Karakuri means no game.

    @The_Magus_Killer If you need to put in more MSTs probably means your meta is more heavy on traps. In that situation, I would reduce the tech choices such as De-Synchro, maybe Duality if there are a lot of Rai-ohs and Anatomy. These are cards which can net you advantage if successful, but useless if the basic combo cannot even go through

  10. Hi D_Summon, why don't u use Genex Neutron? Do you feel it is not effective in this build?
    Btw, I am looking forward for the Offering Gadget

    1. Neutron if your running a salvokuri variant which is still viable in this meta is a great card( excluding the massive flaws such as the factor of having to wait till end phase to get its effect hoping they dont wait till the end of mp2 to spring book or veiler on you.

    2. Neutron gets it's effect even if it is veilered.

  11. Just don't really like it in general since it is slow. Not to mention Card Car D works better by allowing you to draw 2 extra cards.

  12. Interesting build, Card Car D makes great plays with Duality, sad that when the TCG gets it, it will be for sure a secret rare. Why Haipa? I'm a Karakuri player too and I usually play with 2 cydras and no haipa nor de-synchro. Naturia Landoise isn't very good either, wouldn't stardust or another xyz be better in his place? Have been trying a build with Clockwork Shikigami on DN with quick acess to Rank 8 xyz like Giant Killer or Ennead, it works, except against Inzektors. Have you tryed him?

  13. Haipa works to clear Rai-Oh easily plus its the additional 4 star Karakuri that you can use with Komachi. I prefer to have at least 6 level 4 Karakuri non tuners in the deck. Simply put, Cydra + Komachi vs Rai-oh = sad Komachi, while Komachi + Haipa vs Rai-oh = Burei + Soldier. (Though after the battle phase but still)

    Landoise is not fantastic I agree, but good occasionally especially when you suspect your opponent has Gorz / Trago and you can't go for kill. Not to mention is good against Inzektors too. In replacement I would rather put back Big Eye. Stardust is not very useful against Inzektors.

    Haven't tried Clockwork simply because I don't have a copy myself and haven't really had time to go onto DN. However it restricts the deck to have pure machines, which goes against my current idea that 3 Veilers should go into all my decks, especially against rampaging Inzektors and Heiroglphy players. May try it in the future, but probably not within this current meta.

    1. I have to ask, isnt a pure karakuri build supposed to be Karakuris only with cards that kill the meta sided.

    2. Also i was curious if you have tried showdown castle in your deck, because i run it mained and its usually a great way to utilize Komachi because it targets and gives card like haipa or hell even the strategist a means to get over beatsticks with weak defense. Ive always enjoyed the pleasure of seeing someone get pissed because they never got a chance to realize by letting me put that card into play it means im well setup and is also an extra search target for Merchant when youve run out of Cash Cashes.

  14. @DS Summon, why dont you try using DD Sprite as a substitute for Spore/Glowup for the Karakuri Machiners ? Why dont you put trap stun like your past builds? Torrential is at R2 this format

  15. @yamispade Not sure what is your definition of pure, since other then draw engine and effect negation there are no other none karakuri monsters. Also, no interest in Showdown, since Strategist already does the job without needing Castle? Not to mention leaving cards standing around with Inzektors makes no sense. If run out of Cash Caches i can just search for the monsters directly??

    @Kennethskee Did consider DD Sprite, but all it does it upgrade a Burei to Bureido. Sounds good on paper, but not really useful considering you used 1 more card to turn a potential Burei + Soldier, into a Bureido + Strategist. Less useful, and no further advantage gained.

    Also considered Trap Stun, but not much space for it at the moment. Its pretty much a choice between defensive traps or all out trap otk bbq. With Pure Karakuris going for abit more control, I have chosen to leave it out for now. That may change with the meta in the future though.

  16. nice build though my version runs 3 card card starlight road and comp to d prison of my choice i know iron call but inever really tey it out so i use instant fusion

  17. however after seeing the meta of this format i run fiendish chain regardless it just i play test card-car d it helps after you duality i believe card-car d and pot of duality together means the new engine for power draws and going plus on timing after all i used that theory on my evo and sacreds and they flood the field

  18. Why no Number 11: Big Eye?

  19. Well, the rest is just a little more important. Plus without Machina Fortress lesser level 7s to make Big Eye.

  20. I saw that your next deck was Heavy Mech Gadgets. I made a similar deck a few weeks ago. If you guys could help at all, I can post it later.

  21. Will you be making a GeargiaKarakuri deck?

  22. I'd like to pose a challenge to the guy who posts stuff on this site. Can you make a really good deck that relies on Toon monsters (yes, the monsters pegasus used in the anime)? I would just like to see if it is possible in today's metagame.

    If you have successfully made a deck like this, let me know at danielsfelix@rocketmail.com

  23. 3 komachi
    3 nisamu
    3 kuick
    1 barrel
    3 strategist
    2 merchant
    2 watchdog
    2 spell striker

    2 instant fusion
    1 dark hole
    1 reborn
    1 mind control
    2 mst
    1 heavy storm
    2 machine duplication
    2 karakuri cash cache
    1 avarice

    2 call
    2 warning
    1 solemn
    2 bottomless
    1 trap stun
    1 compulsory
    2 chain disappearance

    1 barkion
    1 naturia beast
    1 scrap dragon
    1 catastor
    1 stardust
    1 black rose
    1 brionac
    1 mist wurm
    1 ally of justice deseicive arms
    2 burei
    2 bureido
    2 cyber saurus


    1 chimeratech
    2 veiler
    2 cyber dragon
    1 merchant
    1 spell striker
    1 instant fusion
    1 machine duplication
    1 compulsory
    2 black horn of heaven
    2 debunk counter
    1 trapstun

  24. - dark hole.It must go 42