Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tourney @ JCube 10 March 2012

Deck used: Hieroglyph
Participants: 38
Format: 5 Rounds Swiss + top 8

Round 1: vs Inzectors
1: Hieroglyph OTK
2: Ran out of resources and could not keep up with the repetitive Inzector loop
3: I attacked and he summoned Gorz, I turned on my genius mode and did nothing about it. Died to Gorz and Gorz token beatdown lol.

Round 2: vs Hero Beat
1: Turn 2 Hieroglyph OTK
2: Made M7 on the first turn, took back parts for next turn OTK, which I did.

Round 3: vs Inzectors
1: Hieroglyph OTK
2: Hieroglyph OTK

Round 4: vs Six Samurai
1: He started with United, Shien and Balkion. I drew 2 Card Car D with random traps. Needless to say it was no return.
2: I start with Torrential and Card Car D. He summoned Kageki and Kagemusha which I cleared with Torrential. He reborn Kagemusha and ss Kizan to make Balkion. I Hieroglyph OTK on the next turn.
3: He started with Gateway, Shien, Shogun Shien, Grandmaster and Kizan with 2 cards left in hand. I double Hieroglyph seal to search, one was negated by Shien. Special Tofeni, tribute special Shuu and destroyed Gateway. Used the 2 Vanilla monster and made Atums which was Veilered. My hand had REDMD and banished Atum to sp it to get another LV6 and made another Atum. Cleared the board and won from there.

Round 5: vs Verz Laggia
1: Hieroglyph random beatdown lol
2: He started with Verz Ophion and 3 set. I Duality into Electric Virus. Used Storm, took Ophion with Electric Virus and tributed it for a random Hieroglyph Dragon and beatdown from there.

Top 8: vs Inzectors
1: After much Card Car D farming from both sides, I managed to gather enough cards to go for the OTK.
2: Turn 2 Hieroglyph OTK

Top 4: vs Inzectors
1: I started with 2 vanilla dragons. damn this game.
2: Sam is god, Nuff said.


Monster = 22

[1] Gorz
[1] Watt Dragon
[1] Luster Dragon #2

[2] Tofeni
[3] Shuu
[3] Nepthe
[3] Aset
[1] Koakimeiru Drago
[3] Card Car D
[2] Effect Veiler

Spell = 13

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Book of Moon
[3] Pot of Duality
[3] MST
[3] Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering

Trap = 6

[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Torrential Tribute
[3] Raigeki Break


[1] Gustaph Max
[2] Gaia Dragoon
[3] Atums
[2] Sacred Ptolemys M7
[1] Photon Streak Bouncer
[1] No 25 Focus Force
[1] Sacred Pleaides
[1] No 61 Volcasaurus
[1] Inzector Exa Beetle
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon


  1. Sam is too godly, nuff said.

    I still remember how he graped Kenneth.

    (Sam) (Kenneth)
    Damsel, Warning.
    CoTH, Torrential.
    CoTH, Torrential.

  2. Even you falled to the curse of Hieroglyps, its spreading...

  3. I count 21 monsters.

    1. The missing card is Koakimeiru Drago, thx for pointing out.

  4. Now i know tech genus agent angel and junk doppel are not dead . i saw one of the tournaments in shriek. 1st place , junk doppel. 2nd place inzektors.... and junk doppel has been touched literally bad in banlist. and they are still strong......same goes to angels.. so i don't see actually why ppl say that need to change to current meta.. plus synchros rules. Thats just my opinion.

    1. Normal people will change their deck because they are competitive. There is no need to hang on to an old deck which is hit by the banlist and struggle when you can just play the untouched full strength deck.

      It is all personal preference, if you like synchro then there is no stopping you from playing a synchro based deck.

  5. Interesting, haven't seen Hieroglyph do much in the Philippine Meta, either the pieces are hard to find or expensive or no one has tap into it's power yet.....,

    right now Six Samurai is winning Sanctioned tourneys in the Philippines,

    so is this tourney a Non-sanctioned one? seeing Verz made me think it is?

    and it seems Card Car D is making headlines, I keep seing it most decks knowadays in OCG.

  6. how abt the side deck? Would u be able to reveal it?

    1. I dont usually reveal my side deck.

    2. At least you know there is electric virus ^^

  7. side in the 2nd vanilla in game 2 if ppl side in chain disappearance :D that way you wont car d into 2 vanilla anymore.

  8. The deck is amazing at the OTK, but personally what drew me to the deck was that it spams big monsters easily, and is able to continue spamming even though it might be met with adversity(mostly anyway). Planning to test the deck out too, hence im curious as to why you would play triple nephthys, as in your build i dont see it as useful as the other three. Aset has level mod properties which is justified but neph just seems rather lacklustre. Care to enlighten? =)

    1. After much testing Nepthe proves too be decent. Shuu is usually the preferred dragon to have, but having Nepthe provides other OTK route. 2 Nepthe and a Tofeni/Aset is also an OTK.

      I feel like the whole deck is just to go for the OTK, so the more Special summon dragons you have the better, and if they have nothing, they simply die.

    2. guess that works too, as probably opponent might not always have backrow for you to pop with shiyu, neph gives you that other option for monster destruction and continuing with the otk.
      On that note, hieros dont seem very viable for Asia format due to the lack of the gustaph, less chance to otk. Only plus point i see is that streak bouncer still wrecks inzecters.

    3. I had a hand of 2 nepthe, 2 tofeni, 1 raigeiki break and 1 storm. I tried to do the OTK but i ended up with 1 nepthe, 1 atums, 1 REDMD and i used REDMD to pull back 1 level 6. Can u help me in telling me which part did I go wrong? I can't seem to call out the 2nd atums with 1 level 5 n level 6 on the field. TYVM !

    4. Baha I have a problem,
      You got 3 Raigeki Break inside the deck.
      Can you tell me the purpose that you put 3 inside it?
      And which monster you gonna discard,there's only a Luster Dragon and Wattdragon.

    5. obviously discard the card that u dont need to perform the otk.

    6. 1 more question.
      Why there's a Koakimeiru Drago inside the deck.
      For discard?
      Or there's other purposes?

      If you did summon it,you cannot SS those hieroglyphs too.

    7. Thats like asking why do i play traps if I run Jinzo.

  9. Didn't see anyone you fought use Maxx C against you. No one bothered to side it in against Hiero?

  10. Maybe Hieroglyph is still not "the deck" to beat yet. Which is why it took two of the top 4 spots lol.

    1. I think it only applies to Non-Sanctioned Tourneys, where Gustaph is playable,

      but outside of that there seems to be no sign of it making Sanctioned Tournaments under Konami Asia/Hongkong.

  11. Hah, the price of Gustaph Max jumped like a bitch. I thought $12 was someone pricey then BOOM, $100. Thank god I got mine way earlier.

  12. Baha I have a request.

    Can you list out all of those hieroglyph combos?