Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tourney @ LAS 12 Feb 2012

Format: Double Elimination
Participants: 20 teams of 3
Deck used: Verz Ragia, Hero Beat, Bubbleman Hero Beat
Team: Me, Soh Jun Yuan Jeff, Calvin Ang

Decided to use Verz Laggia instead of the regular Inzectors or Hero Beat because it was gaining popularity and made a deck that could fight both. Skip the tourney report ahead if you are just here for the deck list, as usual.

Round 1: Vs Inzectors
1: Started with Rabbit into Laggia, had 5 cards set and 1 of them is Macro Cosmos. Sam was too powerful and destroyed everything within a couple of turns lol.
2: Started with 2 Helio and 2 Sabersaurus and a bunch of Bottomless Traphole which can't do anything against the army of Damsel and Card Troopers.

Personal Result: XX
Team Result: (X O O)

Round 2: Vs Ritua
1: Had a hand of 2 Sabersaurus and no real traps, I played Saber and ended. He went to summon Ritua Abyss and 2 Zeal Gigas, bounced my Sabersaurus, direct attacked, and made Gustaph Max for the burn lol.
2: Controlled the recycling with Radiance and Cosmos even though he sided in Decree.
3: I sided in Breakers to fight against Decree but he took them out for Iron Walls. I made Ouroboros to clear the way and Reborn it again afterwards for direct attacks.

Personal Result: XOO
Team Result: (O O O)

Round 3: Vs Inzector
1: He start with just a set back row, I Rabbit into 2 Saber, Direct attacked and then Laggia. He summoned Dragonfly and I negated it with Warning. Summoned another monster next turn and won from Direct attacks.
2: He had 4 Set Back row, I had a set Solemn Judgment. I Stormed and we both used our Solemn Judgment, I direct attacked with Helio + Forbidden Chalice for an exact damage kill lol, luck sacked =/

Personal Result: OO
Team Result: (O O O)

Round 4: Vs Inzector
1: Started with Macro Cosmos and it was easy beatdown with all the big monsters that my deck had to offer.
2: I made a read that his set card was Call of the Haunted and he had a face up Dragonfly. I opted to make a Merrowgeist to shuffle it back but got hit by a Solemn Judgment instead. No return from there as I had no monsters after that.
3: Used Compulsary Evacuation device and made direct attack for the win.

Personal Result: OXO
Team Result: (O X O)

Round 5: This is the winners brackets finals, Conspiracy happened and we were in Grand Finals.

Grand Finals (We had 2 lives since it was Double Elimination)

Round 6: Vs Karakuri (Team Aequus)
1: I thought I had a decent hand of Thunderbird, Fiendish Chain, Starlight Road and Storm and 2 other cards that I forgot what. To summarise what happened, Haipa was so huge and my Thunderbird couldn't do crap lol.
2: Drew many MST and Storm and couldn't handle the Bureido family.

Personal Result: XX
Team Result: (X X O)

Round 6 part 2: Vs Karakuri
1: Started with Rabbit into Laggia, followed by Rabbit into Ophion on the next turn. There wasn't anything for Karakuri to do.
2: Hand crapped up again and died.
3: I started with Dustshoot and saw his entire hand. Made plays and controlled him. Few turns later I decided to go for the kill and set my GK Spy so that I could summon Ouroboros next turn and attack for game since I knew he had a monster hand. He drew Book of Moon and hit my Sabersaurus with Karakuri Ninja Kuick and managed to summon the whole family and I had no choice but to Torrential away everything and we were in top decking mode for a little bit. I had Dark Hole but had no monster as he direct attack with Cyber Dragon for several turns. More fast forward, I had 1000, and he had 900, I had 3 monsters but didn't make Ouroboros in fear of Veiler. In the end I went for having Raioh and Ophion on the field for field control and won shortly.

Personal Result: OXO
Team Result: (O O X)

Result: 1st

Tournament results

1st: Team B.R.C - 3 Lavaval Chain Ultra
Baha (Verz Ragia), Calvin (Bubbleman Beat), Jeff (Hero Beat)

2nd: Team Aequus - 3 Pot of Duality Gold
Dominic (Karakuri), Shaun Lin (TG Agents), Shaun Lim (Infernity)

3rd: Team Pulp - 3 Fiendish Chain Super
XM (TG Agent), Ballsnow (Inzector), Kenneth Plant(Larval)

4th: Team Cai Niao - 3 Windup Zenmaighty Super
Wen Kang (Agent Angel), Jie Lun (Cosmos Ragia), Javier (Bubbleman Beat)


Next week is Galactic Overlord! We are hoping to get it early and hopefully do some spoilers. Then the week after that is the Banlist!

Exciting times.


  1. Has the Bubbleman Beat changed at all?

  2. can u post the other 2 hero and bubble beat deck list please!

    1. The bubbleman hero beat is pretty much the same build that I used.

      The other Hero beat is the Anti meta version with Thunder king and stuff.

  3. I knew it! There is inzectors

  4. Can you post the Karakuri decklist please? =)

  5. Erm.. Sam team with ?

  6. i wanna run the bubbleman beat version but with all the veilers and ,maxx c main decked because of inzektors and wind ups here in the tcg i dont know, for now im running the anti meta version (if u wanna call it that)
    Any tips if y decided to run the bubbleman version? besides waiting on the ban list lol

    1. Not possible to run the deck with veilers because your Bubbleman will be dead in hand.

  7. would really love to see the bubbleman beats.

  8. Can't use avarice, so why not 2 rabbit?

    1. most powerful play of the deck is first turn Laggia, so why would you want to run 2 Rabbit? If you get to draw 1, you probably won't care about drawing the third one dead.

  9. sorry baha i meant that everybody is main decking veilers and maxx c in triples now. should i go with the bubbleman beat or just the regular anti beat??

  10. this is acetherevlover saying well done bahamut and nice deck building really im trying to do the gemknight gemini version and decks im trying to test out too so far i made 3 versions of sacred decks

  11. Macro seems kinda pointless. Mehbeh replace with more card removal or revival?

    1. Obviously you havent met inzectors.

    2. So why not use Chain Disappearance? Takes care of the Dragonflies easily enough.

    3. There are other decks that I have to deal with.

      There are all people who run Forbidden Lance in Inzectors.

  12. Inzectors alone are not deadly without hornet , but it's almost impossible to use chain disappearance on hornet , probably no people would want to risk their hornet just to destroy one card and gain no direct advantage from that.Btw Baha's right , Chain Disappearance can only deal with very little decks , like inzectors , TG Agents and Rabbit Ragia as well but they have a big chance of maining forbidden lance which mean it's not a good way to kill these decks with Chain Disappearance . Marco is way better , obviously =) no sangan search , agents die , doppel die , inzectors or wind-ups as well~

  13. Deck still needs more actual removal. It loses way too often if you can't stack it properly. And Macro Cosmos is a dead draw 90% of the time because it doesn't actually remove anything from the field.

  14. Wolfgang.They obviously nerf the deck on purpose so as to prevent netdeckers from copying their real decklist.If i spend a day making a really good deck,do you think i would put it up here for netdeckers to steal?and these guys are good duelists to boot.