Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Galactic Overlord (Partial)

Update: Getting our box soon! Will put up better scans and clear up all the images here!

XYZ Unit
Ryumajin Queen Dragun
Swift Lightning Knight Gaia Traguno
Hammer Rush Bouncer

Spiritual Light Art - Holy

Random stuff which is unclear
"Light Spiritual Art (Trap), XYZ Unit (Equip spell)"

Hieroglyph Dragoon - Dragonewt

Lightray Gear Freed, Lightray Sorceror, Lightray Daidaros

Rarity List

Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare (5)
- Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
- No 25 Focus Force
- No 32 Shark Drake
- Hieroglyph God Dragon Ennead
- Inzektor Exastag

Super Rare (9)
- Photon Streak Bouncer
- Photon Butterfly Assassin
- Heavy Machinery Drill Jumbo
- Hammer Rush Bouncer
- Hieroglyph Dragon Sethek Dragon
- Hieroglyph Dragon Atums
- Swift Lightning Knight Gaia Traguno
- XYZ Unit
- Light Spiritual Art

HMm... no Lightray monsters are foil, disappoint!

All pictures taken from Nintendo BBS forum.


  1. I'm not a person from Japan but I really want to know the effects of those cards above.

    Can you write the effects of those monsters so we people can discuss it xD

  2. Hmmm. Light spiritual Art! Interesting. Effect please?

  3. swift knight gaia traguno? gaia knight in xyz version? sound cool :D

  4. LOLS! Crappy! TBH better than the dark spiritual art. The lightray (R) looks like chaos sorcerer (light version). Do you have the effect?

    1. Lightray Sorceror
      cannot be normal summoned. can only be special summoned when there are 3 banished light monster from your side. Once per turn, Shuffle back a banished light monster to your deck, banish a face up monster on the field. When you activate this effect, this card cannot attack this turn.

  5. Please reveal the effect of Dragonewt!

    1. フィールド上の表側表示で存在するこのカードが魔法罠モンスター効果の対象になった時発動する。

      When this face up card is targetting by the effect of Spell.Trap.Monster, you activate this effect. Special summon a normal/dragon from your deck hand or grave and its attack and defend becomes 0. This effect can only be used once per turn.

  6. about effect of Gaia plz :-ss

  7. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Swift_Lightning_Knight_Gaia_Traguno

  8. Thank you stupid Asians

  9. any other effects revealed?

  10. ooh, Lightray have my interest.

  11. We already have:
    - Gaia Knight in Normal
    - Gaia Knight in Effect
    - Gaia Knight in Fusion
    - Gaia Knight in Synchro

    and soon:
    - Gaia Knight in Xyz

    Why u no make Gaia Knight in Ritual, KONAMI!! >_<

    1. If you already read Yugioh Manga, you can think that Yugi used to use Gaia Knight as a tribute for a Ritual Summon of Black Luster Solider lol. Let's treat it as a Gaia ritual version lol

  12. HMm... no Lightray monsters are foil, disappoint!

    and then KDE make all Lightray is Ultra Rare and Secret Rare in TCG

    im so sad TAT

  13. erm...it is true that u have to buy one of this box to get the form to sign up for the up-coming Asia Plus in Singapore?