Sunday, February 5, 2012

Interesting Machine Support!

Hi guys, just going to talk about the upcoming sets/promos where there seem to be quite a lot of good machine cards/supports! Therefore, I decided to put up this blog post on the upcoming stuff to look up for.

Card Car D
is the latest machine due to be released in Galatic Overlord. Even though it doesnt exactly support Machines directly, expect to see this in alot of decks from now on, especially combo based decks which require lesser setup and are fine with leaving themselves open for the turn.

Drilling Construction Heavy Machinery: Drill Jumbo
is another Machine coming up in Galatic Overlord which I believe will become the latest tech card in future Offering Gadgets. Main reason why is because it allows you to turn all your gadgets on field to become level 5s, allowing access to cards such as Ardeus, Tiras, Volcasaurus and other strong exceeds which were previously inaccessible to them. Combo enthusiasts can add in Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo and throw in some Machine Duplication into the mix, allowing you to do quick field flooding.

Clockwork Shikigami
is the newest level 8 machine monster released that would suit decks such as Machina Gadgets and the Karakuri varient decks. It's effect is useful, it is easy to summon in the right deck and you can discard it for Machina Fortress. It also works like Black Luster Soldier so you can revive it after you have summoned it previously to use the effect again. As to what you should do after you have summoned it out, the answer is in the next card.

Heiroglyph God Dragon - Ennead
is the next delicious exceed to look out for, though only useful in Karakuri decks especially since it is the only deck (Except for its own archetype Heiroglyphs) to use this new boss exceed effectively. What can be better then to draw cards with Bureido, then discard all the monsters you have drawn for Ennead's effect and clear the opponent's field, effectively allowing you to allow your remainder monsters to hit for game. Even if you dont win that turn, you have already used Ennead's effect to help you further the advantage and maintain field control. Best part is it of course removes the Bureidos from field to prevent Cydra into Chimeratech Fortress comebacks.

Iron Call
is our final and latest card of the day which has been my dream ever since Junkbox for Morphtronics was released. Even though it negates the effect, it provides easy synchro access for Karakuris and easy exceed access for Gadgets. You can even play Card Trooper and Machine Duplication better now, since you can revive it and Duplicate your other Trooper out and Iron Call's destruction at the end of the turn allows you to draw a card.

Thats about it for today, hope you have enjoyed reading this!


As usual, not really going to do an analysis about the ban list for myself and Baha has already done it. All I can say is hope something is done about the crazy advantage milling that Inzectors get. However, doubt that will happen so soon since they were just released and Konami usually waits till the 2nd ban list before a card is hit. In the mean while.....

Cyber Stein please come back!!! LOL


  1. I hope you do a new Karakuri list once the next set is out. :)

    Nice detailed post on what use machine players can use in the near future. :)

  2. Man Im testing Iron Call its bada#$ on Karakuris
    did not knew about Shinigami(nice card)
    its a shame u cant Special Summon in the turn for the use of Card Car D(why its not the Anime eff) it would allow several combos with Iron Call Machine Duplication and Card Trooper


  3. How many Iron Call would you run in a Karakuri deck? For Pure Karakuri and Karakuri-Machiners-Plants?

  4. Chances are 2-3. I haven't built it yet so I need to test what amount I would be happy with. For my builds, probably 3 max. But if you play the build which has Lonefire and Spore, 2 or even 1 may be better since it would have lesser Machines.

    You won't want to draw 3 Iron Calls with no machines in your first hand lol.

  5. Iron Call in Karakuri is so amazing. I allready tested it with proxys, and it allows you to make 2 Bureidos + Stardust first turn lol
    Card Car is nice too. Chainburn +1 ftw lol, Solemn Judgment as an Evolzar Laggia, Pot of Avarice as Daigusto Emeral, Pot of Greed as Card car
    What's next

  6. I want iron call and yes it does make spam for it even easier. I would gladly trade being current with the sets for having priority.

  7. Honeslty i still say KMP is not as effective currently as pure Karakuris. now if Imperials Orders cousin.... Royal Oppression comes back then KMP is more effective. For those that think Oppression isnt comparable these days to Imperial Order run decks that abuse its effect. Special Summoning is no more common these days than playing a spell card. Both lock out main aspects of the game.

  8. That's because Pure Karakuri can use Naturia Beasts in Japan OCG and in the TCG. In the South East Asian OCG where DT/Promo/VJUMP/Limited Edition cards aren't allowed unless reprinted in a legal booster pack/structure deck, KMP generally does better than Pure Karakuri.

    1. That only applies to official tournaments.

      In this blog, we dont care.

      We only care about what is interesting and works for us.

    2. I get your point, but I was making a counter argument to yamispade's assertions that Pure-Karakuri is more effective than KMP - BY pointing out Pure-Karakuri gets its strength from non-sanctioned cards. My post wasn't intending to argue whether this or that deckbuild is more interesting or not.

  9. non sanctioned in again official tournaments. that however is only in the OCG. I would also like to say if Baha ever gets achance i would like to duel him with my karakuri deck and see what he thinks of it. I doubt what i run will come as any suprise since with pure karakuris there are only 3 real differences in builds although even in the TCG where priority runs rampant.

    1. LoL I don't play karakuri~

      You should look for DSummon =P

    2. thats right i get both confused. Youre the one that runs the off the wall decks and the untested/proven types and makes them playable.