Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gold Series 2012 [OCG]

Only one month left to release and all we get is information on 2 more cards. More cards should be revealed in the next Vjump (with Osiris)

Pot of Duality

It's been 2 years and a reprint is inevitable. Better here than in some random Structure Deck half a year from now.

Before Reprint - omg I can't form this deck cos I can't afford pot!
After Reprint = omg now everyone is gonna have pot noooo!

That's the general reaction I'm seeing lol

Windup Zenmaines

A surprise considering it's only been a month since the release of TCG Photon Shockwave. My guess is Konami really loves the Windup archtype. (or they just ran out of random stuff to print in Gold Series)

Other things I hope is in the Gold Series

Chain Disappearance
It hasn't been reprinted since Expert Edition 2 and Inzectors are everywhere, good time to print.

Royal Oppression
Sure it's banned, not the first time there are banned cards in the Gold Series.

Smashing Ground
Needs a foil version!

Trap Dustshoot/Mind Crush
Needs a foil version!

If you think there is gonna be Reborn Tengu/Tourguide in the set, you'll be in for disappointment lol.


There will be Necrovalley, Stardust, Starlight Road, Armageddon Knight in Gold Series. Nice Gold Series, true story.


And to end this post, let's all play guess the Uncommon!

I pick Duality and Zenmaines!

If Duality is not uncommon, then I'm sorry to say that something horrible is gonna happen to it this coming March lol. The same can be said for BLS.


  1. reprint in tcg gold series : time's for fun ,unbanned it!
    reprint in ocg gold series : okay time is over ,lets limit or banned it :v

  2. agreed with you baha, duality and zenmaines will be uncommon unless another freaky fun stuff released here

    BLS fate = CCV fate

  3. Caius reprint is what I'm guessing. Since every GS has a monarch. Or maybe Delg (lol)

  4. BLS will be shortprint, all gs Posters has had the Short print as the 2 biggest pictures in the posters...AFAIK

  5. Baha i thought this was suppose to be our private chat topic lol!

  6. Lol you were right about granmarg XD

  7. @Baha: I think your guess that Granmarg will be reprinted in this series is true. Check wikia for sure

  8. Never ever go to Yugioh Wiki for release news, true story.