Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tourney @ Cardmasters 10/12/2011

Participants: 34
Deck used: Conspiracy Plant synchro

Tourney report ahead, skip all the way to the bottom for decklist =D

Round 1: Vs Junk Doppel
1: Long game which was basically me stopping a Quasar and two BLS and me having 700 LP for a very long time lol. I can't remember all since this whole duel was fought till the time was up.
2: Time was called and after the 3 additional turn I managed to deal damage.

Round 2: Vs Karakuri (DSummon lol)
1: He did his Burei/Bureido Combo and made Big Eye to gain control of my face down but he forgot that Big Eye couldn't attack and I survived. Made a come back from there.
2: He made the usual field of Burei and Bureido, I opened Scapegoat to block and he used Chain Disappearance to remove them all lol.
3: I started off with Dustshoot and his hand was very bad. I made Chimera Fortress and made Chain to stack a BLS but he Crow my only Dark and then used Big Eye to take my Fortress leaving me with no Dark. I got Debris and made Orient and attacked over Chimera to get back my dark and summoned BLS to remove Big Eye. He had no come back from that.

Round 3: Vs Karakuri
Did not play out and went for lunch. Conspiracy.

Round 4: Vs Herald Agents
1: I played poorly and only managed to stall with a Reaper against a Perfect Herald and a Kristya and it was a matter of time before he summoned Hyperion by Tributing Gelan Duo.
2: Quick plant synchro rush.
3: Another long intense game. I had 2 set Mind Crush and a Solemn Judgment. I Mind Crush and declared Jupiter since it was the only card that I know he searched and saw Hyperion, 2 Orange Light, Manju and Honest. I had Raioh and Call of Haunted and he already had Gachi. So I made Stardust and tried to push. Defense failed shortly when he Heavy Storm since he had Orange Light against my Stardust. The story here is, even if I Solemn and used Raioh to negate the summon of Hyperion, he would Orange Light and I can't Stardust that since Raioh is not on the field.

Round 5: Vs Laval
1: Attacked into a Gorz, followed by Rekindling. A timely Maxx C drew me Gorz and I made a come back.
2: Attacked into a Gorz again. This time I had no Maxx C or anything useful.
3: Made Trishula and removed yet another Gorz from his hand. Hax. After that I made Roach and prevented his Rekindling and he only made some XYZ.

Top 8 with a 4-1 swiss score.

Top 8: Vs Agents
1: Conspiracy Kristya and a Ancient Sacred Wyvern at 7000 ATK.
2: Dustshoot and Mind Crush is too skillful. Roach stopped Hyperion Kristya from doing some conspiracy.
3: Ball and Kristya hand lolol

Top 4: Vs TG Agents
1: He was going for the kill even under the effect of Maxx C and I managed to draw out my 2 Veilers to stop the Gachi boost and an Armory Arm equip effect. Made a comeback from the massive draw.
2: Dustshoot and Mind Crush again and saw all the cards that he had and just made plays accordingly.

==== Bonus Round ====

Final: Vs Inzecter (not played officially since we shared the prizes)
1: Inzecter second turn destruction. My hand was thrash and Gorz couldn't do anything.
2: Raioh beat wins game.
3: My opponent activated Dimension Fissure and then activated Damsel effect, I mind Crush and called Hornet removing it from the hand and was forced to equip a Gigamantis. I Dark Hole and beatdown with Tengu and Reborned Gigamantis.

You won't see anymore Proxy Daigusto Emerald in my future youtube videos!


[1] BLS Envoy of Beginning
[1] Gorz
[1] Caius

[2] Raioh

[3] Reborn Tengu
[1] Lonefire Blossom

[1] Dandylion
[1] Spore

[1] Growup Bulb

[1] Debris Dragon
[2] Effect Veiler
[2] Maxx C
[1] Sangan

[1] Spirit Reaper
[1] Mystic Tomato
[1] Phantom Skyblaster
[1] Verz Mandrago

[1] Monster Reborn

[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Pot of Avarice

[1] One for One
[1] Mind Control

[1] Scapegoat
[1] Book of Moon
[2] Enemy Controller
[2] MST

[1] Solemn Judgment

[1] Torrential Tribute

[1] Bottomless Traphole

[1] Solemn Warning
[1] Call of the Haunted
[1] Trap Dustshoot

[1] Trishula
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Brionac
[1] Orient Dragon
[1] AOJ Catastor
[1] TG Hyper Librarian
[1] Armory Arm
[1] Formula Synchron
[1] Lavalval Chain
[1] Inverz Roach
[1] No39 Utopia
[1] Leviair the Sea Dragon
[1] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Just a regular Plant Synchro without Tourguides.

The 3 replacement cards are just something to help me set up my Lavalval Chain better.


  1. Seems like Mind Crush helped a lot, what do you usually side out for them?

  2. Hey can u post the side deck??

  3. So what happened to DSummon in this tournament?

  4. Scrubbed lol. Havent played in a tournament for few months already, seriously lost my touch and made a few bad moves.

  5. @final game

    I am not sure after that but doesn't damsel pick the equip at resolution? I think even if you mcrushed hornet he should be able to equip it from grave at resolution?

    and phantom blaster looks cool

  6. D Fissure had already removed Hornet

  7. Not sure how Agent player got to the top four if all he does is still special summon if his opponent dropped Maxx "C".

  8. Well the top 4 were all friends so we kinda played just for fun.

  9. Where does the "Conspiracy" part come from?

  10. Baha can u put the side deck??

  11. The conspiracy part come from the bullshit his deck does!

  12. You can't banish tokens with Chain Disappearance... You cheated.

  13. I heard you can't mind crush under Dimensional Fissure because mind crush says send to the graveyard.

  14. #13: Wow my tokens get removed by chain disappearance and got hit for game and I'm the one who cheated. Cool story bro. Go read Chain disappearance again.

    #14: Dimension Fissure only prevents cards from activating if the "sending to grave" is a cost.

  15. M 22
    3 evil thorn
    1 tytannial, princess of camellias
    1 mystic tomato
    1 lonefire blossom
    1 dandylion
    1 spore
    1 glow-up bulb
    3 caius the shadow monarch
    3 reborn tengu
    3 maxx "c"
    1 black luster soldier-envoy of the beginning
    1 dark armed dragon
    1 debris dragon
    1 sangan

    S 13
    3 mark of the rose
    3 super solar nutrient
    1 heavy storm
    1 dark hole
    1 monster reborn
    1 pot of avarice
    1 foolish burial
    1 one for one
    1 mind control

    T 5
    3 limit reverse
    2 call of the haunted

    ED 15
    1 shooting quasar dragon
    1 shooting star dragon
    1 trishula, dragon if ice barrier
    1 scrap dragon
    1 stardust dragon
    1 black rose dragon
    1 ancient fairy dragon
    1 brionac, dragon of ice barrier
    1 splendid rose
    1 t.g. hyper librarian
    1 magical android
    1 ally of justice catastor
    1 armory arm
    1 t.g. recipro dragonfly
    1 formula synchron

    Though this is irrelevant, i thought i post up my build on my plant deck, and hopefully bring evil thorn, mark of the rose, and super solar nutrient to the meta. since they are broken cards all together, i do not know why no one has touched on them yet in the current format. have been winning a lot on DN, and maybe you might be interested in it. i dont know if you can play tengu in your area, but it can be simply replaced with other cards (im sure you can find that out.) evil thorn and super solar nurient makes tour guide look like a joke. use lonefire eff twice (using another card to resummon it) equals +2 draw, formula, hyper librarian, and roughly 10 cards off the deck, depending on how it was done. thin deck means better top deck for caius, mark of the rose, bls, etc. sucks when they mst nutrient and maxx "c" though. :(
    best tip: people think you might have gorz and veiler when you dont actually run them. keep them guessing. :)

  16. @PandaP. i use to play that build last format when avarice was at 3. Evil thorn was more broken during that time because i kept recycling it and an easy dark arm set up. i won tourneys with it as well but stop playing this build because 1 avarice which made me sad :[