Friday, December 16, 2011

Heading off to Taiwan!

Sorry I've been basically quiet ever since I finished posting up the videos and decklists. Basically been busy rushing out the last bits of work and checking things out for the Singapore reps and stuff. Why? Cause Im off to Taiwan!

Basically, been invited there to help out as a judge this time round. I would believe its mainly due to the fact that Asia Regional Championships 2012 will be held here in Singapore, so it will be sorta an internship for me to be there to learn how they do things. I will be emcee-ing for the welcome dinner event and judging for the main event tournaments for both days.

Konami Hong Kong seems to like the idea of creating side events and have lots of interesting things lined up such as guessing the weight of cards, gift card tournaments, etc. For the chinese readers, you can head over here to check out for more details. Also considering that they are having not just the Asia Plus Team Tournament championships but also holding another championships for Top Shop, the 2 day events looks to be packed with lots of events happening! Only sad point is my judge schedule looks as packed as well...

As for the blog, I should be doing my regular daily updates. Not sure if I have time to do live updates since I will be busy with judging so will have to see how that goes. Ah well, will be heading to the airport in a few hours and will arrive in Taiwan about 1pm local time so keep a lookout at the blog!


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