Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's play Laval

Another deck that I have been trying. I always liked the DT archtypes because they are different (aka not many are playing them lol)

Anyway Lavals made appearance in several OCG tourneys and a few topped, so I'm gonna cover some stuff in case people want to start playing them =D

The deck itself is very simple, mill your deck, Rekindling, Synchro/XYZ spam and win.

Effect: Send 2 "Laval" monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard.

Previously I was playing the deck using Laval Miller, it was ok, but still not fast enough. Then comes DT13 with the new spell card that is super powered Foolish Burial.

Play Pattern:
- Get Tender of the Laval Volcano and a Laval Magma Canoneer into the grave
- Send 2 more Tenders, and then a Laval Lady of the Burning Lake
- Clear any set card using Burning Lake Lady if you need to

The deck has many ways to send Tender into grave even without the use of the spell card.

Summon Priest
- special summon Magma Canoneer
- XYZ into Lavalval Chain
- detach Magma Canoneer to send Tender to grave.

Flamvell Firedog
- Special summon Magma Canoneer and do the same as above
- Special summon Laval Forest Sprite
- Synchro into Lavalval Dragoon
- Search and discard Tenders
- Special summon Laval Lady of the Burning Lake
- Synchro into Laval Stannon
- Discard Tender from your hand for the drawback

Once you get your grave loaded, just Rekindling and use your imagination and summon all the delicious Synchro to destroy your opponent.

- Ancient Flamevell Deity
- Laval Stannon
- Lavalval Dragoon
- Red Nova Dragon (Scar Red Nova)
- Shooting Quasar if you run Boost Warrior
- and the usual Brionac Trishula Librarian love if you need to

Here is a sample deck list that I'm playing at the moment.

Monster = 16

[1] Gorz
[3] Flamevell Firedog
[2] Summoner Monk
[2] Laval Magma Cannoneer
[2] Laval Cannoneer
[3] Tender of Laval Volcano
[2] Laval Lady of the Burning Lake
[1] Laval Forest Sprite

Spell = 19

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Dark Hole
[2] MST
[3] Sweltering Heat Transmission Field
[3] Rekindling
[3] Gold Sarcophagus
[3] Pot of Duality
[1] Burial from DD
[1] Reinforcement of the Army (Laval Cannoneer is a warrior!)

Trap = 5

[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Raigeki Break
[1] Compulsary Evacuation Device
[1] Return from DD


[1] Lavalval Chain
[1] Lavalval Dragon
[1] Lavalval Dragoon
[1] Laval Stannon
[x] Generic Synchro monsters

There are other builds that are more focused on summoning Red Nova Dragon and it will have a Laval Lancelot for easier summon of Red Dragon Archfiend.


*BONUS* TG Agent cheating skillz


  1. decklist?...because i dont think most people have ever touched lavals...

  2. T.G. Agents kill you la.
    How about working on zenmai and inzecter deck when they are out? they are fun.

  3. What is that level 7 you synch'ed for in the second video?

  4. one question, whats your main deck?

  5. No Duality? i saw in the video dualities but not in the decklist.

  6. Do you guys have english cardfight vanguard in singapore yet? Sorry offtopic >.> nice vids as always

  7. So this was the 'video'?!?!? Hmm...

  8. #3: Laval Stannon

    #4: I dont understand the question

    #5: lol yes there are dualities, I may have forgotten to add it on to the list, updated.

  9. how about running these cards they helped me alot in my laval deck : 1- Trooper 2- Future fusion 3- One for one 4- Glow 5-Ryko and Lyla tell me if they were useful to u

  10. lol i thought u cant mill tender with tender .....

  11. You can as long as there exists another Laval in grave. So you can effectively go Tender>Tender>Tender>Laval Lady or other option.

  12. And of course, has to be a different Laval. :p

  13. sorry misread it ^^

  14. Speak for yourself, Anonymous #1.

    Also, yay Laval goodness! <3

  15. Yeah, loving Lavals thus far. Probably the deck I use most on DN. :)

  16. Anonymous #6: Lavals hate random milling. This is why they have the new Double Foolish, Tenders, and all the ways they have of sending Lavals to the Graveyard through Synchro/Xyz combos.

    Future Fusion is a very interesting card, because of Volcannon and Blaze Fenix, but it's not really necessary and it makes you run Card Trooper which again is fine, but random milling is not something you want to do here.

    The simple, but effective methods Laval have of sending themselves to the Graveyard is more than enough.

  17. Meant to say that to Anonymous #7. ^^;

  18. well i really hate milling too but they helped me alot and i know that lavals have lots of abilities to send themselves but i do run monster reincarnation so by that i dont care wht monsters gets milled but i get angry when a good spell or trap is sent

  19. That's why random milling is bad.

    I shed a tear every time I see someone mill off a Rekindling. :'(

  20. How about mind control in the deck? Plenty of tuners for synchroing or exceeding with rank 4s.

  21. I use it. Works great so far. Its fun when you play it, flip an opponent's Ryko,destroy a card, mill Lavals and then summoning Laval Lady for a LV5 Synchro, possibly blowing up another card with Laval Lady's effect.

  22. i use a build that mainly focuses on summoning nova or quasar and it works great

  23. what about this one
    don't you think it is broken?

  24. you definitly miss blazing dust explosion. in combination with return from a dd its just ridiculous easy to otk. also then burial from a dd has more targets. put out the raigeki breaks for it.

    and remove the sprite and add another Cannoneer. there is a very cool combo:

    remove lady destroy something, summon Cannoneer, special lady -> lv7

  25. Off-topic but this is slightly important to me: where did you acquire those red Yu-Gi-Oh! sleeves. Official stores in my country (Philippines) do not sell those red 5Ds-themed sleeves in my country.

  26. It was only sold at 2008 when Yugioh 5ds were just starting. Just like right now where everyone is using those coloured Zexal Sleeves.

    I believe that it is not in production anymore and is sold out in most stores.

  27. Your the inspiration to the TCG where Maxx C, tengu and Tour Guide rule the meta -_- lol.

  28. When u synchro summon with Tender, can't u send laval to the grave from deck? because then sprite will give more atk.

  29. No because the Tender will miss timing.

  30. Wat changes would you make to make it the quasar version

  31. i suggest remove 2 spell card of your choice and add 2 searing fire wall. it will help you summon formula to quasar. i hope that helps ^^

    more power to this blog! plz keep up the updates coming ^^

  32. New list with march 2012 banlist? Maybe with car card d...

  33. I'd like to see this deck with the current format... i think it has a lot of potential... i'd be grateful if someone could post a decklist with march 2012 banlist thanks :)