Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tourney @ Cardmasters 29/10/2011 + Updated Infernity

Participants: 25
Format: 4 round swiss + top 8
Deck used: Infernity

Round 1: Vs Machina Gadget
1: Started first. Disgusting hand of Monk, Archfiend , a random dark monster and 3 S/T. Monk intro Grepher and dropped Patrol and used its effect to special Archfiend to grab launcher. made Lavalval Chain from Monk and Archfiend to mill Beetle, used Launcher to get back Archfiend and Beetle to make Gantetsu. At this point it was a field of Archfiend, Gantetsu, Lavalval Chain and a Barrier. Control!
2: Almost as good hand and made a field of Lavalval Chain, Gantetsu, Necromancer, Archfiend and Monk. I top decked an Archfiend and couldnt special it. I had to clear my field since my Infernity Traps couldn't be activated but I got destroyed by his traps and couldn't make any recovery.
3: Pretty much the same as above lol, I can't believe I top decked Archfiend again and couldn't special it because of a full field. Got wiped by a Torrential when I XYZ summon and a Warning on my normal summoned Archfiend. He just kept drawing Gearframe and I can't Barrier that without any monster on my field!.
Result: OXX

Round 2: Vs Blackwings
1: Stacking Archfiend with Lavalval Chain wins game.
2: I had a very controlling field of a Gantetsu powered Archfiend with 3 Barrier, Prison and Break.
Result: OO

Round 3: Vs TG Agent
1: He started with Earth and Duality into Kristia. I shuffled back his Venus with Dustshoot and saw his hand of Kristia, Soldier, Striker and Bottomless. I kinda forgot what happened but he managed to summon the Soldier a few turns later from suicides to get the Warwolf which is dark. I managed to get Summoner Monk a few turns later and got Archfiend and cleared slowly with repeated Break searches.
2: He started first with a set Honest. I had a poor hand of Infernity traps and a lone Necromancer. He summoned Earth and bounced back his Honest. Can't do anything on my next turn and he just proceeded to OTK with Leviair, Daigusto Phoenix and Hyperion lol.
3: I only remember the final field was a Lavalval Chain, an attack position Necromancer and a Doom Dragon and he had 1000 LP left. He summoned Hyperion after the battle phase and was thinking of which to destroy. I had Barrier but did not activate it since either way I will get back the Doom Dragon to use its effect to destroy Hyperion and burn away his remaining LP.

Round 4: Vs Infernity (Randomizer build)
1: First turn Monk into Archfiend and multiple searches created an early game lead.
2: One of those rare moments where I had Beetle hand and am happy lol. Beetle > Randomizer. Most of his backrow cards are Barriers which can't do much against the Beetles beating down on the Reloaders lol.
Result: OO

Top 8: Vs TG Agent
1: It was Jess! Victim of year 2009 Infernity when there were 3 Launchers and 3 Trishula. Always got paired against him back then. I wrote this because I forgot what actually happened.
2: He started with Earth and 2 set card. I Heavy Storm and set Necromancer. Afterwards it was Beetle again but he activated Orange Light which I negated with Debunk, made Gantetsu. Few turns later I drew Archfiend and it was wonderful.
Result: OO

Top 4: Vs Darkworld
1: Made Doom Dragon with a backrow of Barriers and Break since the Archfiend will probably get run over by Grapha.
2: He started of with a Card Destruction and the advantage was too much for any deck to fight.
3: A very fast game where he used Solemn Judgment on my attempt to special summon Archfiend but I had more special summon cards and he offered the hand shake.
Result: OXO

Final: Offering TG Gadget
1: The same old Gantetsu and Necromancer blocking till I topped an Archfiend and he scooped.
2: I turned retarded for awhile and set my Call of the Haunted at the monster zone thinking it was a Necromancer LOL. Nothing I could do this game as he had an early Balkion.
3: It was a very long game. I started first and had Dustshoot. He had 3 gadgets, Dust Tornado, MST and a Striker which I shuffled back. From there it was my Necromancer and multiple set cards vs his endless gadgets and XYZ summons which was back and forth until I finally topped an Archfiend and gained control from there.
Result: OXO

Result: 1st.

Big improvement from the score of 1-4 I got few days ago lolol.



[3] Infernity Archfiend
[3] Infernity Necromancer
[3] Infernity Beetle
[2] Summoner Monk
[2] Dark Grepher
[1] Stygian Street Patrol


[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Zero Max
[1] Infernity Launcher
[3] Pot of Duality
[2] MST


[1] Solemn Judgment
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Solemn Warning
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Call of the Haunted
[3] Infernity Break
[3] Infernity Barrier


[2] Lavalval Chain
[1] No 39 Utopia
[1] Steelswarm Roach
[1] Sea Dragon Leviair
[1] Gachigachi Gantetsu
[1] Daigusto Phoenix
[1] Trishula
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Infernity Doom Dragon
[1] Gaia Knight
[1] Brionac
[1] Catastor
[1] Hyper Librarian


Things to do:
- Make Lavalval Chain and stack Archfiend
- Archfiend top deck and search for Barrier/Break!
- Profit!
- Repeat to win games.


  1. Do you think quickdraw quasar would be competitive in the tcg once quasar is released? What's your opinion on it competing against darkworlds, agents, and rescue rabit when it comes out

  2. Playable - yes,
    highly competitive - I don't think so.

    The loss of Formula and Librarian is sad and you need a really good hand to perform.

  3. After seeing a few monk builds I've been testing it myself. I usually only play TCG, but now with Duelingnetwork its easy to get some testing in with cards like Lavalval chain. All I can say is that Monk and Lavalval do so much more for this deck than Tour Guide/Sarc can (although Tour guide/Sarc is a lot of fun when it goes off :p)But looking at your build versus what I came up with, I don't see that many differences that explain the lack of Mirage. I know you said it eats up your normal summon, but lavalval can stack it, monk > grepher > lavalval often lets you load up on SSP as well. With what you posted here it seems you are overly reliant on monk to get a decent play, and not enough reliable ways to get monk and go off.

    I've also begun testing with 1 beetle, 1 avanger and 2 Upstart goblins. Cutting two beetles cuts you off from a lot of fun plays, but avenger keeps the hundred eyes loop alive when you have it, and upstart is just really nice with Lavalval when you stack archfiend and then draw it and special it with effect the same turn.

    I'm just really getting a little worried this deck may never again work in TCG even when we get lavalval, because veiler and Maxx C are just everywhere

  4. can you please tell me your side deck?

  5. post the decklist of infernity infinity trishula please!

  6. we are a team here and we really wanna know how ur side deck works and how you approach game 2 and game 3

  7. Quasar is the Shonen Jump subscription promo now, all you have to do is subscribe. once lavals come out i see them as possibly almost as god as the ol fishborg otk was the more playtesting me and my buddy have done with them they are just too nasty not only do they have XYZ Dragon Cannon monster support (thats what the Exceed monsters are right XYZ Dragon cannons long awaited descendants.) , they have Synchro support.

  8. Why you don't play Daigusto Emeral?

  9. Hey, do you think gallis agents are competative along with tour guide agents, rabbit, dark worlds in the tcg?

  10. do you think konami is trying to kill syncing with all these xyz?

  11. #8: Cos this is not the loop build

    #9: Tourguide and rabbits is gonna be the meta in tcg imo

    #10: they have to, otherwise you can't sell Yugioh Zexal.

  12. "Hey, do you think gallis agents are competative along with tour guide agents, rabbit, dark worlds in the tcg?" - Anonymous

    Look, before asking those questions, can you please think of the context? This is an OCG blogsite, for OCG tournaments. The only reason why Dagigusto Phoenix, Lavalval Chain, Inverz Roach, and Hyper Librarian are there in the Extra Deck because this was a non-ranking tournament where promo cards are allowed. In OCG official ranking tournaments outside Japan, promo cards are not allowed (unless they have a legal reprint).

    Those who live in the TCG could and should have a better idea of which decks are competitive and which are not. Better yet, just playtest your ideas, and get the answer yourself.

  13. Is playing infernity this format worth it without Lavalval chain? Its price is climbing right now -_-

  14. #13: Then you'll be playing the same Infernity with 1 launcher which did not see any success.

  15. I just tried this deck on DN. It´s perfect, I love it. Just dont like Zero Max, that card doesnt fit my playstyle, so I've replaced it by Mirage.

    Lavaval Chain is EPIC here, I can´t wait for its release in TCG T__T

    I am new in Yugioh blogging, in my new blog will be posted original ideas. I´m boring of Agent Fairy :P