Sunday, November 13, 2011

Asia Plus 2011 Report

Team name: Challenge Accepted!
Team consisted of
Bahamut (Leader) : Dark World
Jeremy : TG Agent
Jeff : Machina Gadget

Additional rule: The cards from the Banlist is shared, meaning only 1 copy of Limited card per team, 2 Semi Limited per team and so on.

Match 1: Vs Machina Gadget
1: Poor hand of card destruction and all spell/traps. After getting hit by Gearframe and a gadget I had to use the Dealing in my hand with no monster, I drew Beige and discarded it. Pasted Field card and attacked into Widespread Ruin. After that I just activated my Card Destruction and drew some dark world monsters which can't do anything. Set Scar and ended. Took somemore damage, and then drew Duality which I got Mirror Force, yes lah. After that from there it became wonderful and Grapha loop wins game.
2: He started with a Gearframe and a set card. I activated Dark World Lightning and it succeeded which I discarded Grapha and brought it back for a direct attack. It got destroyed by a smashing ground or something and he summoned Green Gadget and I negated the search with a Skill Drain. He discarded another Gadget to special Machina Fortress but met Bottomless Traphole. On the next turn, I brought back Grapha again and special summoned Sin Cyber End and made an attack with both, he activated Limiter Removal to take less damage. On the next turn he drew Lightning Vortex with 1 card remaining in hand. Looped back Grapha to direct attack for the win.

Personal result: 2-0
Overall: OOX

Match 2: Vs Agent Angel
1: Card Destruction, some Drag, some Mind Crush, too many power plays.
2: He started with Venus Gantetsu, and on the next turn made Ancient Fairy, and I saw his hand of Kristya, FML.
3: Started with Card Destruction with no DW monster except Scar. I set it for at least 3 turn and he didn't make any move either. Finally I decided to Card Destruction and revealed his hand of 2 Hyperion and 3 Shine Balls. From there the game is supposed to be in my favor but I called Spell by mistake when I activated Eradicator Epidemic Virus after I saw his hand with a Drag. After much struggling of using Snow to be a shield against his Venus, he Vortex on it, and I Dark Hole in return. I knew he had Honest and Prison and I couldn't move until I drew Dust Tornado which I used to destroy the Prison and managed to make an attack with Broww. He had no monsters after that Until I drew my next Grapha which I discarded with a Lightning and special summoned back.

Personal result: 2-1
Team result: OOX

Match 3: Vs Machina Gadget
1: Cheating Darkworld Plays with Drag, Mind Crush, lalalalala
2: He started with Dimension Fissure and I had no outs to it.
3: I started first with Field card, Dark Hole, Return from DD, Eradicator Virus, Drag and Morphing Jar. Set everything, played Field card and set the Morphing Jar, a completely obvious play but I had nothing to do lol. Somehow few turns later, I managed to clear his backrow with some Lightning and Grapha, Did a Drag which revealed his hand filled with Gadgets, Gale and Smashing Ground. Took away the Smashing ground, activated Devastation Virus and Mind Crush whatever was left.

Personal result: 2-1
Team result: OOX

Match 4: Vs Lightsworn
1: Trago and Card Trooper attacked till I die.
2: Super thrash hand of Traps and 2 Dark Bribe. He activate Decree, I bribe, and he drew another Decree. He Decree again and I Bribed that too and he drew yet another Decree, FML. Next turn I ate Trishula + Sorcerer + Judgment Dragon instant 8000.

Personal result: 0-2
Team result: XXX (lol)

We went to top 8 with 3-1 score.

Top 8 Match 1: Vs Rabbit Ragia
1: He started with Rabbit into Kabalsaur then handed me his deck to shuffle. As I was shuffling I noticed his sleeves had those circular Ultra Pro markings but not all of it. I called it out to the judge and he was given a game loss.
2: He started with a Rabbit again into Ragia. Thrash hand is thrash and I lost.
3: Gozen and Skill Drain locked down the Rabbits and I just looped Grapha despite the Dark Imprisoning Mirror.

Personal result: 2-1
Team result: OXX (T.T)

And so we scrubbed at top 8 boo boo.

It's ok! We lost to the champion team lol.

Congratulations to Daniel, William and Nian Jie consisting of Gladiator Beast, TG Agent and Rabbit Ragia.

Video of the finals will be up in the next few days.


  1. Why are u playin Dealing in Main? There are many player in OCG with Dark World too..

  2. The tournament had special restriction of sharing the cards from the Forbidden and Limited List within the team.

    The good stuff like Solemn Judgment/warning, Heavy Storm, Dark Hole and watever good stuff you can think of had to be shared. Obviously I'm not gonna put random stuff that doesn't help Dark World into the deck.

  3. well, at least you defeated the stacker.

  4. want to see your dw build heheh can you post your DW build baha

  5. Ur match with rabbit, when u called the judge abt the marking, how did u guys solve it? Continue the game, or taking out the ultra pro sleeves or what?

  6. He had to remove his sleeves. In some region of OCG we are allowed to double-sleeve. So he removed the outer layer sleeve and played as per normal.

  7. Can you pls post a decklist of the DW deck baha?

  8. can you give us the machina(jeff) decklist please?

  9. Dun forget to add the line i cursed my opponent to get 3 balls and he really gt it in his hand.....