Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Shop of Asia 2011 - Singapore Qualifiers

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And another official tournament is up! This time round, Konami Digital Entertainment (HK) has started a new initiative, Top Shop of Asia! Basically, the official distributor shops of each Asia country will select players to represent their shops through selection tournaments or recommendations from the shop owners.

These players will then pit their skills against each other in a tournament where the winner of that tournament gets the glory of representing Singapore as well as his represented shop in Taiwan and participate in a Top Shop of Asia 2011 Championship Finals. The winning players as well as the shops that they represent both will then get nice prizes. (This event will run concurrently with the Asia Plus Championships in Taiwan on 17-18 December) For more details on the tournaments, check out here!

*Aside from the team deck building restrictions, rules for this tournament is basically the same as the Asia Plus itself in terms of rulings and card legalities.

I think its a pretty good initiative from Konami, since this puts a new twist on the tournaments as well as brings the shops into the action. Hopefully this will also carry on in the future. What about our TCG readers, wish you had something like this going on for you guys? Looks like the Taiwan trip will be pretty exciting for the winners this year, since 5 of them will travel together. (1 from Top Shop, 3 from Asia Plus, and another 1 from our own Singapore Showdown (already over) which our distributor will be sending the winner to Taiwan as well though he will not get to play in the event)

And yup, once again I am judging for the event. Work and helping to organize these 2 official tournaments is taking up a lot of my time, I will be pretty glad once this month of November is over.


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