Thursday, October 27, 2011

Infernity 2011


[3] Infernity Archfiend
[3] Infernity Necromancer
[3] Infernity Beetle
[2] Summoner Monk
[2] Dark Grepher
[1] Stygian Street Patrol


[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Zero Max
[1] Infernity Launcher
[3] Pot of Duality
[3] MST


[1] Solemn Judgment
[1] Torrential Tribute
[2] Solemn Warning
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Call of the Haunted
[2] Infernity Inferno
[3] Infernity Break
[1] Infernity Barrier


The new Infernity that runs on XYZ monsters. Of course you still would summon Trishula and Doom Dragon if you could but most of the time it is running on Lavalval Chain.

- Summoner Monk is in the deck for easy access to Chain
- No Mirage because it uses up your normal summon and clashes with the other cards since this is sort of a speed build
- Zero Max in the deck because it is a Monk discard and can set up combos too
- Most plays will be using Chain to stack the Archfiend to the top and using multiple Breaks and Barrier to control.

Changing some card ratios soon, kept F-ing drawing multiple Beetles and Patrol. >=(

For people looking for the loop build, it really is just a matter of putting Avengers instead of the full set of Beetles.


  1. Yaaay, more Infernity Spam. For some reason you're the only person I enjoy watching play Infernity Baha :) Can we get some gameply videos of this on the Youtube channel please?

  2. Lol he will draw at least 2 beetle for every game

  3. Baha have you tried "The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler"

    Its what my friend who runs Infernities here where I'm from uses. Its good to run with Hellway Patrol and Archfiend and it might help your build a lot because of the level 4s...

    We also tried Serial Spell before when it was still the Synchro spam Infernities, it worked wonders especially with One for One.

  4. Wow. Don't listen to that guy, those suggestions are terrible.
    This build is really different to the typical Infernity deck, why only 1 Barrier? If you are going to topdeck Archfiend most of the time thanks to Lavalval Chain then 2 or 3 Barriers would be better. It's better than Break at least.

  5. Archfiend is easily destroyed making the Barrier not so effective.

  6. how about the extra deck? Can we see what you would include in it?

  7. hey baha have you looked into Lavals. they have the same spam and burst potential as Infernities and can take advantage of the Dog/Magician combo along with the counter trap.

  8. I do actually have a Laval deck.

    But at the moment I'm liking the Infernities more since it is easier to stack an Archfiend over trying to get Rekindling.

  9. The suggestions with One for One and Puppet Magic aren't stupid, they might not be the best option but no, they aren't stupid.

  10. where's the extra deck/side deck cards?

  11. touche Baha however the deck thinning that they have is just unreal aswell. this is still a good build.

  12. For Bahamut those beetles seem attached, even when he have no beetles in hand, when he'll draw, he'll draw two cards. If this happens, the two cards would be double infernity beetle of course.
    However, seems good and pretty solid, even if mirage was a must card in infernities this build wided my eyes, i'll test this.

  13. Extra Deck? Sorry I'm kind of noob

  14. You would think that he would be onto Verz by now...

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  16. What about the extra deck? i was askin myself if u play hundredeyes for example cause its hard to synch one with that build ^^. so could u please post ur extra too? :)