Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A random update

Sorry for the lack of post these few days.

Not sure on what to write about so I'm just going to mash everything that has been happening recently into this post.

Light Pulsar Dragon

I have no idea who is the original creator of this image but credits to you for the discovery.

The Cannon Pulsar OTK/FTK does not work anymore as it has been errata-ed causing it to miss the timing if it is not the last thing to happen. All is well in the world again and the only reason you would want to buy the new SD is for the common Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon if you don't have one by now.

Order of Chaos

From the spoilers, the set is shaping up to be a really good one with many decent support for Wind Up (Mainspring) and the Ninjas. The Inzectors are still questionable but the XYZ is pretty good.

All the new Windup cards are usable especially Rat and Zenmaighty which can mass special summon and create some hand destruction loops with Wind Up Hunter.

The Ninja to look out for is obviously Hanzo and Gold Ninja since they are splashable in trap heavy decks and an example can be seen here. Jurrac Ninja, yeah wtf. Also, Blade Heart is good!

VJump Edition 6

The only useful card here is obviously Heavy Machine King Dobok Zak. At best it becomes a 3 for 3, assuming you summon it successfully. No using turn player priority in the OCG lol. The rest of the cards are quite meh...

Lavalval Chain

The oh so happening card right now in the world of OCG. So many random decks to play with abusing its effect. Most involves the use of Summon Priest and getting random bonus from the other level 4 that it summons before turning it into Chain. Armageddon Knight, Grepher, Stratos and the list goes on.

So anyway I am trying out several decks that revolves around abusing Chain as much as possible, still testing in progress.

The state of TCG

Congratulations to Billy Brake for winning YCS twice in a row.

Most of the top 32 players are running Plant Synchro (can it still be called that?). It really is a mix of all the wonderful TCG stuff such as Tourguide, Tengu and Maxx C. It is like the new Chaos Good Stuff deck.

TCG Exclusives imba?


Ok that is about it. Two more weeks to Order of Chaos and hoping to do spoiler again if it arrives early.


  1. In general, people are now referring to the Plant Synchro decks as "Tengu Synchro" and the Konami event coverage site is just referring to it as "Synchro Summons." I agree that is is just becoming a mash of "good stuff" though... While I love combo decks, I hate when every deck is virtually identical, simply because there are tons of cards that are just good mashed together...

    I'm somewhat depressed about Order of Chaos, just because I love everything in the set so far, but am in the TCG. Insectors seem like an AMAZING control deck so far, to me. Unless the errata changes (which I almost hope it does, because it seems BS to me), it appears that insectors could wipe the field really easily before going into rank 3 Xyz monsters. Equip Damsel with hornet, send hornet to pop a card, damsel summons another damsel, who equips with hornet, send hornet to pop a card, summon a 3rd damsel, who summons a centibeet, who searches any other inzector... then you can go into 2 rank 3s after blowing up 4 cards and searching another! Even if this doesn't work (which considering how Bull that play is, the errata will probably be changed, causing missed timing), they also have a spell that destroys an insector card you control and 2 of your opponent's cards, meaning you can equip, pop the equip and 2 opponent's cards, and not miss timing on your monster's effects, so you could destroy another card with hornet AND search/special summon off of damsel/centibeet... Inzectors also have additional search/staying power with verdant sanctuary, and can use Doom Dozer for a heavy hitter, with the easy-to-summon leviair recycling the monsters more.

    Ninjas got stupid stuff from Hanzo and all the new Ninjitsu arts, especially Supertransformation, which can clear away any opposing threat and summon a strong monster (I see a Ninja Dragon deck having potential in the future, as you can turn Hanzo into REDMD by taking an opposing level 6+ monster).

  2. the bottom one (pict Ligh Pulsar) is from Shriek OCG, the top one, i dont know...


  3. @anon: sorry dude,but damsel can't call another damsel

    so the combo goes from damsel straight to centibeet, and can only pop 2 cards with hornet.

  4. The top portion of the Light pulsar text is supposedly taken from the official Konami site.
    http://www.yugioh-card.com/japan/lineup/zexal/sd_dragonic_legion/ (Eye Test)

    The bottom Portion is from the Vjump Magazine scan.

  5. @blitxerg. Sorry, I got ahead of myself and didn't read it as carefully as I should have. I also just noticed that the spell only targets face-up cards, but even with these facts, the ability to get a summon, a search, and 2 pops off of a single card is rediculous. They're all darks, too, so the grave control gives easy DaD drops, and you can set up with Armageddon Knight to drop Hornets and Gigamantis!

  6. Dobok Zak is pimp as fuck. and considering it makes running lvl 5s viable. its also another reason i think windups are gonna be big.

  7. Bahamut, Ninjas can abuse Lavalval Chain...

    Gold searches for Hanzo, Hanzo +1 your hand.
    Overlay Lavalval Chain.
    Top deck BLS - EotB

    Gold is Light and Hanzo is Dark.... >>

  8. i dont know if Ninjas will ever be as competitive as Six Sams were but they will be somewhat a breathe of fresh air for this game, considering the wieny ninjas have barely been used and most of them that are considered ninjas have less than 1000 atk, i know ninjas are supposed to be crafty, but when most are that weak doing anything to beast monsters is impossible.