Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thoughts on Sep 2011 banned list


Fishborg Blaster
Didnt expect this to get banned. I thought at worst it should just get restricted to 1 since a DD Crow wouldve stopped it.

Mental Master
Had it coming, I had a post of why this card should be banned about 6 months ago and here it is.

Giant Trunade
Rotating with Storm is kinda expected, see you in another year time =D

Royal Oppression
My wish finally come true. Every time I play some draw whore self touching, it will be stopped by Oppression. But banning it now is pretty stupid with 3 MST and Storm, and the multiple boss monsters.

Restrict to 1

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of Beginning
Probably the main topic. After many years of joking this will never return because this with Honest = OTK, and it finally came true..

Debris Dragon
Lonefire Blossom
As expected, Lonefire is finally Lone even though the hit on Debris is uncalled for.

Legendary Six Samurai Shi En
Skill Samurai die in fire~

TG Hyper Librarian
Formula Synchron
Another to be expected hit. With one Lonefire and a revival card it is still possible to do a Librarian+Formula, one Lonefire with 2 tokens can still do a Trishula. So yeah no big deal, I'll still put it.

Heavy Storm
No more set 5 end turn, even though there is still Starlight Road. Activate only if you are very sure, or after summoning a Photon Cerberus lol.

Primal Seed (wtf?)
Yes... "wtf"?

Shien Smoke Signal
Six Samurai die in fire~

Pot of Avarice
Another hit that was somewhat expected, I have played 1 copy for many weeks so I don't feel so affected.

Restricted to 2

Summoner Monk
Monk into Monk into another Lv 4 = SHOCK RULER!

Necro Gardna
Your 2 new safety cards from getting swarmed and destroyed by Chaos Soldier.

Probably will never come out again lol

Destiny Draw
An improvement, expect to see this go to 3 next list.

Swords of Revealing Light
No one cares

Mind Crush
Yay for more random calling and missing intentionally in a DW deck.

Call of Haunted
Replace those Limit Reverse with this. Also great for random Jinzo decks.


Judgment Dragoon
Konami did a boo boo here.

Spirit Reaper
Not very threatening anymore.

Overload Fusion
Let's go and play back FF + OF!

WTB: Asia Mystical Space Typhoon!

No one cares.

Gravity Bind
No one cares.

Icarus Attack
I guess it is fine. Not every BF deck runs 3 anyway.


Conclusion: This list does not promote XYZ (Exceed) in anyway. In fact, bringing back the Lightsworn deck is the opposite of that. As usual, they are shooting themself in the foot with this list. I guess Monk into Monk into Raiou + Roach looks pretty good now, pray there is no Dark Hole. Also, Dustshoot is OP again.

Now on to what happens to Junk Doppel. I say it is still very much playable.

I would replace Lyla with probably Jane now since there is no need for so much backrow destruction anymore. All Limit Reverse will be removed and replaced with Call, and I can probably run Tuning again to grab Junk Synchron.

I am actually thinking of just putting more Lightsworn into the Junk Doppel and add a random JD somewhere because it is still the period to mess around with random deck ideas.

Top decks after the list:
- Twilight
- Rabbit Ragia
- Junk Doppel
- BF (again...)
- Agent Fairy


  1. I'd like to see what you come up with for Junk Doppel in this next format.

  2. Actually reaper is even more threatening now that people don set so much to stop it and also trapdust shoot and mind crush with reaper is delicious:D

  3. lol, why is it that nobody gets Primal Seed! It lets you draw 2 cards when BLS is out, and it doesn't care who owns it! Mine or yours, Primal Seed lets you draw. And the fact that we have 2 call and monster reborn means that BLS can come back multiple times a game, making Primal Seed worthy of use in decks, maybe side against opponent's BLS.

  4. My thoughts for this banlist:

    1. I still wonder why JD goes to 3 and BLS can be together with Chaos Sorcerer. In fact, JD + BLS can be reused by using Beckoning Light. I think Twilight theme deck will become so powerful though they only have 1 Lumina. Afraid of Steelswarm Roach? No problem, Jain or Card Trooper will have Roach finished.
    This is insanity though we now have 2 Mind Crush along with Dustshoot.

    2. I'm so sad coz now Oppre is gone. We can only prevent our opp by relying on Solemn Warning or Judgment.

    3. Just like you, I am surprised with Primal Seed that is now limited -> really unexpectable XD

    4. Gravity Bind and Reaper to 3. 3 Binds + one Level Limit... though this is a new power for stall theme deck, we can still throw xyz monsters with no worries.

    5. BW is still powerfull. They now gain 3 Icarus... But happily, they can't launch a surprise attack by using Royal Oppression.

    6. I just wonder why Samurais are wrecked in this banlist. In fact, Samurais are less powerful than Agents or DW's. How do u think Baha?

    7. Backrow killers... Triple MST + 1 Heavy. TG Anti Meta will think twice before they fill their S/T card zone. Also, Dustshoot will likely be playable now :)

  5. I just put a bunch of the biggest and most baddest monsters in yu gi oh in one deck.... and its surprisingly good, yep 3 chaos sorcerer, 3 judgment dragon, dark armed dragon and black luster soldier all in one deck.... and if 3 mst and heavy storm isn't good enough, I can just throw in 3 breakers because they're unlimited like spirit reaper

  6. I am not questioning the combo with multiple Primal Seeds.

    I am just questioning who will put 3 primal seeds in a deck just for the sake of this combo lol.

    After some early deck building, I am sad with one formula lol.

  7. Wow....what a way to make fish otk unplayable to a budget player with banning Fishborg,Trunade and bring back heavy. I guess I will be working on Banish Fish and a different Fish variant then as there is no way for the budget player to make ssd without Fishborg as I will NOT buy a over priced bulb. I have other things that are more important then a over priced piece of cardboard.

    The rest of the list is ok as a friend has finished ls....time to make twilight again and more stall for my Ice Barrier's with 3 Gravity Bind. I will be also be running or siding 2 Starlight Road....which I need more of. -_-

    I also find it funny that I did not get a jump sub as I had gut feeling that Librarian would go to one so I feel bad for the ppl that bought 3 subs to have 3 Librarian just to have it limited lol. The only good thing is that ppl will have a play set of whatever new promo card comes in the jumps.

    I forget to mention that I don't play in any tournaments not even locals so I don't have to worry about the competitive half of this "game." I still have to change my deck for casual play as ppl will complain if my deck is not correct with the current list. -_-

    AoiSakana Pojo Fish Player

  8. DW With BLS
    LS With BLS
    Chaos Plant(?) With BLS
    One Crazy Light/Dark Angel Deck With BLS


    "Top decks after the list:
    - Twilight
    - Rabbit Ragia
    - Junk Doppel
    - BF (again...)
    - Agent Fairy "

    And Dark World?

  9. its doesn't let you draw, it just lets you add back 2 removed from play cards back to your hand, one of the best case scenarios i can think if is removing chaos sorcerer as a dark, then bring it back with seed and summon again if you have the targets. Necrovalley stops both

  10. Just read your list after I did my video, we sound really similar lol.

    I think Elemental Heroes will be good with Super Polymerization. Instead of setting big backrows, just keep cards in hand to feed Tragoedia.

  11. how can we stop 3 JDs now that RO is gone? O_O back to Battlefader format? the LS engine may not be as fast but it still really is potent with a bit of luck...

    I really hated the LS format a couple of years ago... with new Zombie support due in next year, what do you guys think will happen?

  12. lol Primal seed at 1 xD
    The basis idea is just have a banisher and BLS on the field, and 2 primal seed in hand. Just activate a goblin thief and there you have your OTK xD Too bad that combo is gone..

  13. damnit i cant even find a single asian eng mst >:( baha tolong i jugak!

  14. Anyone would put in three Primal Seeds for the sake of that combo. A simple draw whore deck could probably pull it off.

    As far as Gravity Bind goes, they're really trying to advertise Xyz Monsters by showing how little a threat Gravity Bind is to them. Stall players are laughing their happy butts off right now in response.

    This is going to be a horrible format. Not even banning Oppression can make up for it in my eyes, and I hate that card.

  15. How could BLS fits in DW deck. Does it has enough room for light monsters fodder for BLS? ( my build only has 2 spaces left, not sure if it's enough)

  16. QUOTE
    "obkung said...
    How could BLS fits in DW deck. Does it has enough room for light monsters fodder for BLS? ( my build only has 2 spaces left, not sure if it's enough)"

    Demon Roar God Raven, Effect Veiler and Raikou works on Dark World. In TCG with Tour Guide, is very easy have Raven/Veiler/Raikou on Hand.

  17. Are 2 light monsters enough? I'm playing ocg :)

  18. I think 2 lights are a bit of a stretch. There was this old formula somewhere that the ratio should be 4:1. Like you should have 4 warriors to play rota etc etc. Although i guess it doesn't apply now eh? Just test it out and see if 2 works for you

  19. Yeah, back then I use 4 light monsters ( mashmelon,blade knight, dd lady, reflect bounder

  20. lol u know why konami did not ban angels and DW bcoz a lot of boxes sd 20 and 21 are still in there warehouse havnt sold yet lols

    Limiting chaos soldier means gold series 2012 sure gt chaos soldier

    Releasing JD means gold series 2010 still gt quite a stock to clear LOL