Friday, August 19, 2011

TCG Limited and Forbidden List

Exact same with the addition of Trishula to 1.

Now stop the Sangan hate please lol.


  1. Well at least they added trishula, unlike that one format where they left brionac at 3

  2. Hmm, was half-expecting a Tengu, Pot of Duality, Rescue Rabbit, Master Hyperion, and Tour Guide semi-limited :/

  3. Brionac and Trishula shares the same story in the TCG.

  4. How could Rescue Rabbit get limited in the TCG list when it isn't out yet? >.>

  5. Killer_Frilled_SharkAugust 19, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    Konami needs to make these changes so that TCG and OCG will be one unified card game again. I was surprised that there was TCG had s slightly different Forbidden and Limited List.

    1. Make the TCG and OCG release dates simultaneously
    2. Stop making TCG Exclusives (rather, release them in OCG and TCG as regular cards)
    3. Implement OCG rules (which make more sense) across the board (i.e. no priority on Ignition effects, Exceed rulings, etc.)
    4. Make Duel Terminals available in the rest of Asia

  6. Clearly one would pull a Rescue Rabbit out of a Magical Hat.....

    Hurrah for the consistency of ban lists not changing! Sangan is still broken.....

    Long live the 3-eyed king!

  7. ""Anonymous said...

    How could Rescue Rabbit get limited in the TCG list when it isn't out yet? >.>""


  8. No surprise there...
    Stop the Sangan hate? As long as TCG keeps the current rulings, the Sangan hate will continue, though it's that damn loli's fault!

  9. @Monday, do you even bother reading other comments? The second one on the thread stated "Hmm, was half-expecting a Tengu, Pot of Duality, RESCUE RABBIT, Master Hyperion, and Tour Guide semi-limited :/" to which I responded, "How could Rescue Rabbit get limited in the TCG list when it isn't out yet? >.>"

    Reading isn't that difficult.

  10. we might have an emergency banlist or new ruling cuz the honest bls otk is alot easier to pull off than u think in tcg

  11. I like this new list other than BLS and Necro Guardna i think Necro Guardna coulda stayed limited or been banned and BLS coulda just stayed banned.

  12. Baha,
    This is my own version of junk doppel with the addition of some lightsworn monsters , I need ur help on it , thanks
    All pls go and have a look and probably give me some precious idea to modify the deck to make it more consistent on swarming and etc....thanks alot =)

  13. the exceed ruling is only applied in the us so stop this sagan hate. in the rest of the world no dumb judge uses the us rules.. thats also the point why tour guide is more than 130 $ in us and in europe shes only about 50

  14. I thought the TCG rule is applied everywhere in a TCG playing country.

    The worlds weekend was just an exception.

    And if only tourguides are that cheap, i'll buy a playset lol.

  15. to the Anonymous who reply my comment, i obviously expected you to reply to baha's post instead of someone's reply, is it hard to quote someone?

    on subject, tcg should really really change the ruling for xyz...