Tuesday, August 16, 2011

September 2011 banned and restricted list!!


Fishborg Blaster
Mental Master
Giant Trunade
Royal Oppression

Restrict to 1

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of Beginning
Debris Dragon
Lonefire Blossom
Legendary Six Samurai Shi En
TG Hyper Librarian
Formula Synchron
Heavy Storm
Primal Seed (wtf?)
Shien Smoke Signal
Pot of Avarice

Restricted to 2

Summoner Monk
Necro Gardna
Destiny Draw
Swords of Revealing Light
Mind Crush
Call of Haunted


Judgment Dragoon
Spirit Reaper
Overload Fusion
Gravity Bind
Icarus Attack


  1. yes FF wasnt mentioned hahahaha!!nice banlist!!but sad for sams users!!

  2. I think everyone is just gonna sack with Lightsworns.

  3. Wow uhhh yeah lol

  4. finally a banned list that helps BF

  5. 2 CoTH = times for Falcon \m/

  6. they dont touch agents..

  7. because agents looks like a pussy in front of 3 JD and Soldier lol.

  8. i like this banlist and i agree about the lightsworn return.

  9. Awesomeness! Youdaman, Baha!
    Three cheers for BLS' return!
    Three cheers for Storms return & Trunades banishing!

    But on the other hand: 2 swords, 2 call of the haunteds, 3 reapers, AND THREE GRAVITY BINDS?
    What are they thinking, bringing the age of stalling back?

    And then: Primal seed to 1? (just because of BLS?)... they're preventing its abuse from day 1, but who the hell would've used 3 primal seeds anyway?

    And 2 summoner monks? (xyz abuse anyone), 3 overload fusion together with future fusion? This should be interesting to see what's going to happen...

  10. Is really this? OMG love it.

    I'm tcg player, Sangan not Banned, i can play Tour Guide everyehre :O

  11. this is ocg banlist rite ? please tell me it's ocg cuz my deck will be screwed up !

  12. when i saw it i said WTF!?

  13. Mixed feelings on this one.
    Oppression should have been semi-ed or even unlimited, since so much s/t hate came out of the list.

  14. With oppression out, everyone will try to negate summons with roach or ragia

  15. 3 MST, Heavy, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, all in the same format and to top it off 3 JD and BLS, anyone else think things are gonna get stupid later on?

  16. 3 Chaos sorcerers, 3 Judgment Dragon, 1 Dark Armed Dragon, 1 Black Luster soldier.

    Twilight tier 0.

    Royal Oppression cant stop it.

  17. BF's gona own the world again, weeeeeeeeeee

  18. Is this official already ?

  19. Thanks Duelingdays for this again. Go Go Go Chaotic Format!!!

  20. shriek also confirmed it if anyone wants reassurance

  21. # 《光の追放者》(《閃光の追放者》もしくは《マクロコスモス》)がいる状態で魔法カード(以下「X」と表記する)を使用、除外する。
    # 《原初の種》AでXを1枚回収する。
    # 回収したXを再使用、再び除外される。
    # 《原初の種》Bを使い、除外された《原初の種》AとXを回収する。
    # Xを使った後、《原初の種》Aで《原初の種》BとXを回収する。
    # Xを使った後、《原初の種》Bで《原初の種》AとXを回収する。
    # 以下2.に戻る。

    i guess this is the reason y primal seed is in the list.... and

    《カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-》または《混沌帝龍 -終焉の使者-》が相手フィールドに存在しても発動できる。


  22. tell u why ultimate offering not hit..... WAIT FOR IT!!!! coz they pushing people to exceeding and trying to lower down ppl from playing synchro... well that's my guess.

  23. Yes they are totally promoting XYZ with Black Luster Soldier and Judgment Dragon...

    Oh wait...

  24. no more skillless scrubs playing sams. and im not happy about BLS coming back but everyhting else im not mad about

  25. i must say this list mixes it up giving i think everyone both the OTK players and the stall players what they want.

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  27. I think some people here got it wrong.......

    This list kills any deck that plays any kind of backrow while promoting an otk, lucksacking(little to none skill involved whatsoever), Twilight format!

    If you try to play Gravity Bind in your deck, your opponent is just going to laugh at you!

  28. lols why people bother bout "skilless scrubs playing six sams" when theres so many counter against sams. shouldnt we start worrying bout 3 jd dragon in 1 turn.

  29. Sp soldier, tribute DD survivor x summoner of ilussion sp cyber end or cyber twin, activate removal, double the atk, primal seed, bring back removal and every other sh*t, activate removal again and then. . .

  30. i don get it.. why black luster soldier?

  31. LS is going to be insane this format, but at least BF get more Icarus. For once, the list helped them.

  32. why Konami turns Call of the Haunted restricted to 2 ?
    really amazing banlist :)

  33. This is only the ocg banlist btw. nothing is confirmed yet for the tcg. the reason somethings werent banned on the ocg list is because they dont use them in the ocg. like sangan isnt abused because they dont have tour guide in the ocg.

  34. You Said...28 of August!

  35. 9if you don't mind me askin dueling days how do you feel about the list and what do you think the format will be like tier 0 or domminant decks thanks plz reply

  36. The dewloren FTK just died, now we can only hope for baha to make another crazy FTK deck...
    *Thinking of something with Anti-Aircraft Flower since that is one ofe the cards KONAMI forgot the "once per turn" ruling*

  37. Why did Fishborg get banned if formula got limited? Now monarchs lost a lot of speed. Also, the psychic deck is now destroyed. I'm sad because my main deck was Frognarchs. How do you think Dragunities will do in this format? And which decks besides LS and Chaos you think will be topping?

  38. Decks that will be topping?
    X-Sabers, Hero Beat, Zombies, Gladiator Beasts, Chaos+anything are the first that come to mind...
    Dragunities will be hurt by Heavy Storm & 3 MST's, just like Gravekeepers.
    Six Sams & Plants will have to investigate on how to come on top, but they both have a chance...

  39. Topping? Twilight, Xyzombies, Agents, DW, Rabbit.dek... about all I can think of right now.

  40. I am kinda optimistic for this format. Kind of a bait system for forcing your opponent to play Storm and you reading if they have it.

    But, yeah, they have totally give LS and BF a huge boost with this list

  41. Why do you said BW will get power up cause this banlist? just for icarus? (im not used icarus in my BW)

  42. but i hope kalut get semi (even though I dont used it too)

  43. WTF is wrong with you people blackwings got mega ultraa screw in this bann list uurr how is baning royal op good for us ??? Last time i check tradisional blackwing decks used 2 royal op for aaa reson

  44. @Taranis
    why do you think zombies can come back?

  45. TCG rulings make Xyzombies pretty damn good. I probably should have clarified that. OCG zombies, no. TCG zombies? Hell yes.

  46. OMG, this new banlist is riddiculus. little doubt about it guys -_-

  47. looks like a Formula Frognarch will die soon :P
    cause the formula and fishborg blaster got the best banned list :D

  48. The reason the bombed fish Borg is cause of new fish deck possibilitys