Sunday, August 21, 2011

Junk Doppel Sep 2011 beta

This is gonna be a post on my early build of the deck after the list.

Monster = 21

[1] Gorz
[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[1] Black Luster Soldier
[2] Chaos Sorcerer
[2] Quickdraw Synchron

[2] Junk Synchron
[2] Doppel Warrior
[2] Effect Veiler
[1] Dandylion
[1] Growup Bulb
[1] Spore
[1] Level Eater
[1] Card Trooper
[2] Lightsworn Hunter Ryko
[1] Sangan

Spell = 14

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Pot of Avarice
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Allure of Darkness
[1] One for One
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Charge of the Light Brigade
[2] MST
[3] Tuning

Trap = 5

[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[2] Call of the Haunted


Basically going the same style as Quickdraw Quasar but running more boss monsters than ever.

I am taking out Mirror Force and some other cards to make space for Bottomless cos it is still quite important but have not decided which.

So anyway now that the deck runs BLS, there are more crazy things you can do with it such as BLS and Armory arm which results in an OTK.

Trap Dustshoot is the new addition since many people are going to be conservative with their cards now and it helps to remove obstacles like Veiler, Gorz, Trago and stuff like that. I am also considering Mind Crush but maybe I'll leave that as side deck.

Drill Warrior is the way to go now with Avarice at 1, recycle the boss monsters (BLS!) if you need to.

So far the test results are quite satisfactory, I have been able to pull off Librarian Formula combo consistently without interruption most of the time lol. Maybe its the psychological effect that people don't cover a billion cards anymore, but then again I was testing mostly against Twilight variants and decks that are not so trap-heavy by nature.


  1. u have charge on the pic and allure on the list :)

  2. Well man im a tcg player myself soooo i have too recomend you the hotess thing on the block and thats tour guied of the underworld it makes doppler deck crazy good oooo and one more thimg can you post an updated karakuri deck plz having a hard time looking for a card that substituds POA and RO

  3. btw, what's your extra deck? Out of curiosity.

  4. Awesome! I was just looking for a Junk Doppel 2011 list and you just so happened to post it on the same day! lol
    Few questions:
    1) Debris Dragon + Lonefire? Aren't good enough because they're limited?
    2) Charge of the Light Brigade? Is this still good with only 2 targets?
    3) Only 1 Card Trooper and only 2 MST? Why not 2 and 3?

    Thanks Dsummon!

  5. no Blossom, why?

  6. think u should take out your trap dustshoot for a limit reverse as limit reverse can help u flither your formula

  7. second andrews statement! zomg thats the asian BLS!!!

    PS: seriously find 2 asian calls la, make it complete =D

  8. Ok to answer the various questions.

    1) I have both allure and Charge, I may have forgotten to add Charge on the list lol
    2) I know that Tourguides are crazy now its Tourguide Card Game (TCG) after all but I made the deck such that it doesn't need Tourguide
    3) Did not include Debris and Lonefire anymore, just personal preference
    4) Charge is really important in this deck because of the mill of 1 star tuner, doppel or just sending light and dark into grave.
    5) No space for 3rd MST and 2nd trooper
    6) I am not DSummon, DSummon dont play Junk Doppel
    7) Call of the Haunted is better than Limit Reverse, and I dont run Lonefire anymore
    8) Where to find asian Call! D=

  9. @Mike, how the hell you see that it is Asian BLS, I don't even see any gold lettering cos iPhone camera suck lol.

  10. May I suggest Monster Reincarnation?

    Since it's efficient in dropping cards to your grave to get back cards like Junk Synchron and BLS, it also facilitates combos such as the one you mentioned w/ dropping level 1 tuners to the grave. Sure, you'd rather send Effect Veiler to the grave using his effect, but sometimes there are just more important cards to have. And you don't have to discard a monster card, you could discard a Spell or Trap too! Overall, it opens up new possibilities.

    It def helped w/ my J&D deck. Shout-out to Rauzes for an amazing deck!

  11. whats your extra deck now?

  12. Quasar, Trishula, Stardust, Scrap Dragon, Black Rose, Arcanite, Brionac, Librarian, Catastor, Armory Arm, Formula, 2 Drill, Nitro, Junk Destroyer.

  13. @ Baha- because i know this is your main deck so you will put the top notch rarities in there.

    second from asian english is OCG 3D ba and i know you wont put OCG Ultra ba =D

  14. Actually its not cos I still have my March List Junk Doppel deck lol

  15. quickdraw junk doppel =DD nice deck

  16. Baha makes me feel poor .Asia cards + Trishula playmat.We gotta rob Baha during Singapore Showdown

  17. @Baha - so its not? O.O

    @andrew- ask zack rob ba.

  18. Thoughts on Tengu for the TCG meta? Agreed on no Tour Guide-would need to change the deck up too much.

  19. hey baha why nitro warrior?? instead of Junk Berseker

  20. I'm testing de-synchro as a substitute of avarice... It's very nice for Tryshula, specially if Librarian is on the field. And if it cames in a bad time, you can use targeting an opponent's monster. What do you think?

  21. It's all personal preference...

  22. @baha...dont think so after reading we need to qualify first and can't register on the day itself makes it very troublesome .

  23. Make a video using this deck ^^.

  24. Hey what is the side deck? Do u pit in more traps because u main only 5?

  25. which cards would you get out for 2 warnins or 2 bottomless

  26. I have not explored the side deck option for this deck lol

    I probably will remove mirror force and a tuning for bottomless

  27. did you consider to put in 2 solemn Warnings

  28. Why would he? Just from playtesting the new banlist, your only gonna have 1-2 cards set at a time if that. Way too much removal now. Unless its chainable, some cards aren't worth running now.

  29. Can this run well enough in TCG without it being Tour Guide Variant?

  30. Yes it can. But u need like 3 of em ^^. Ive been testin allot it works but its just not the same. Its more chaosy.=)

  31. what does your side look like, considering lightlord is becoming more popular?

  32. This is my TCG build if anyone would like to use it please feel free to do so ^^. Caius and ECON are in there becouse of the ruling change.

    Monsters: 24
    1x Caius The Shadow Monarch
    1x Black Luster Soldier Envoy Of The Begining
    1x Chaos Sorcerer
    1x Gorz The Emmissary Of Darkness
    2x Effect Veiler
    1x Spore
    1x Glowup Bulb
    1x Dandylion
    1x Lonefire Blossom
    1x Debris Dragon
    2x Junk Synchron
    1x Quickdraw Synchron
    2x Doppel Warrior
    2x Ryko Lightsworn Hunter
    2x Tour Guide From The Underworld
    1x Sangan
    3x Reborn Tengu

    Spells: 13
    1x Book Of Moon
    1x Dark Hole
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Monster Reborn
    2x MST
    1x ROTA
    1x Tuning
    1x Foolish Burial
    1x One For One
    1x Pot Of Avarice
    1x Mind Control
    1x Enemy Controller

    Traps : 4
    2x Call Of The Haunted
    1x Torrential
    1x Trap Dustshoot (stapple?)

    Extra Deck: 15
    1x Trishula Dragon Of The Ice Barrier
    1x Stardust Dragon
    1x Scrap Dragon
    1x Blackrose Dragon
    1x Orient Dragon
    1x T.G. Hyper Librarian
    1x AOJ Catastor
    1x Arcanite Magician
    1x Armory Arm
    1x Formula Synchron
    1x Junk Destroyer
    1x Drill Warrior
    1x Brionac Dragon Of The Ice Barrier
    1x Sea Dragon Leviar
    1x Utopia

  33. built and tried the deck in Tcg ..didn't use card trooper ...was a bit iffy for me a think.
    really explosive and runs very smooth.
    the only problem is that i found you auto-lose to a veiler or a herald of orange light (agents).
    i really have real trouble with these.
    any suggestions?

  34. You bait out the veilers, run trap dustshoot and mind crush! and go Junk doppel and pray for the best. If your plays go through you better have game that same turn! ahah good luck.

  35. Can someone please explain the combos for Level Eater. I get that it's a lv.1 monster that can help for tuning with Bulbs and Quickdraw, but other than that aren't there other cards to play? Especially now with Formula to one, no more recycling into multiple pluses.

  36. bahamut, u already updated the junk doppel?
    i copied it and still playin' it like that, don't really need xyz's.
    right now i am 23 - 0 with it even with some bad hand starts (for example only quickdraw in hand and stuff like call of the haunted)

  37. Then it looks like you are doing fine and dont require any further update.

  38. oh my bad, i made a change.
    i swapped mirror force for mind control.

    i just wanted to know if u changed anyhin' else but it's rly strong, don't need any xyz/tour guides/tengus.

    /bow for this deck (:
    big fun to play

    drill warrior becomes a beast in there, recycling stuff like envoy, dark armed, etc.

    @anonymus: u can also eat a level of scrap dragon, get back eater, then shoot it for scrap effect, afterwards u can get it back again, attacking for 600 more (can make the difference)
    or if u are looping drill warrior u can get back eater every round for defense oder synching or whatever.
    it also helps to regulate your darks for dark armed and u can also eat a level to synch a lvl8 with eater and a lvl-1 tuner to trishula....

    u see, its very flexible.

  39. FOR THe side deck you can try like shiny black "C" i work realy well you can revive him like level eater yeah and its just a good side deck card ;)

  40. for the TCG players: What does everyone have with guides? i seriously think they are overrated. in the meta right now we need alot of creativity and build decks like this one. with tghe right side deck u will be able to crush every tengu/tourguide dirts into pieces. TCG out!