Saturday, August 6, 2011


Not to sound rude but please stop asking about what happens when Tengu/Sangan/Plaguespreader becomes an XYZ material.

I will post this just one more last time until there is a further update on this.

TCG already stated that the XYZ material are still considered on the field
- Tengu do not get to activate when it is used in an XYZ summon, but it will get its effect when detached as an XYZ material.
- Sangan/Goblin Zombie/Darksoul and anything similar will get their effect when detached
- Plaguespreader unfortunately will be banished since it was on the field and did not get reset
- I am unsure about the interaction of XYZ material with cards like Macrocosmos/Dimension Fisure because I have no source for TCG ruling (I am sure Kevin Tewart will clear it up when the time comes, accurate to the OCG or not)

IF you play the TCG, please follow this rule cos theres nothing you can do about it at the moment.


One more time for the OCG
- Cards that becomes XYZ material are not considered to have left the field (consistent with the TCG)
- XYZ Material are not treated to be a card on the field so Sangan and family do not get their effects when they are sent to the graveyard as an XYZ material. If there is an update on the OCG, we will be sure to update it.

OCG contradicts themselves in this ruling but it is how it is.

I am hoping we can put this issue to rest so that we can spend our time thinking of other useful stuff to post =D


  1. And now i want with ALL MY FORCE the limit of Recruit and Darksoul |:

  2. if solemn warning negate the summon xyz the material will get the effs?
    Sorry for my english, is not my language and is basic :P

  3. idk what's worse.

    The fact that if I played by the OCG rulings the new XYZ become a Imperial Iron Wall on legs for Plague and Quillbolt or the TCG rulings where you now run four Sangans in the form of three Tour Guides and a Sangan.

  4. @G4t0 Depends on what materials you are talking about and which rule you playing by.

    Assuming Sangan, if you play OCG, no. if you play TCG yes.

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  6. Also if a 'revived' Monster like "Quillbolt Hedgehog" or "Plaguespreader Zombie" is used as an Xyz Material and sent to the Graveyard, it remains in the Graveyard - Konami ruling so you can re-cycle Plaguespreader with it's effect but only for xyz zummons

  7. @Kamitsure

    I would go with the OCG a thousand times over the TCG!

    That ruling makes for some fun moves without them being completely broken!

    The ruling on TCG makes Reborn Tengu the strongest monster in the game!

  8. Reborn Tengu has already been the strongest monster in the game :))