Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Countdown to September Banlist

September banlist will be in the V-Jump Magazine that will be published on 20th August 2011. Those who subscribed will get it early, 1-2 days probably.

Before this date, especially the week before, there will be photoshop fest and all sort of fancy list with random cards will appear on the internet. Just a reminder to not believe everything you see online.

As usual, I will be doing the list speculation with a little bit of my own wish lol.

Current dominating deck in the OCG Scene:
- Junk Doppel
- Agent Fairy
- Six Samurai
- Dark World
- Assorted Anti meta Trap decks (Scrap, TG, Falcon, just a handful)

Based on the OCG and not TCG, but we all know Tengu is gonna be semi limited! Probably!


TG Hyper Librarian
Monster Reborn
Card Destruction

-= To 1=-

Formula Synchron
Lonefire Blossom
Master Hyperion
Shien Smoke Signal
Double Edged Sword Technique
Ultimate Offering
Solemn Warning

-=To 2=-

Tiger Prince of the Ice Barrier, Dewloren
Dragon God of Dark World, Grapha


Destiny Draw
Overload Fusion
Magic Cylinder


No Dandy in there because of one simple reason, it is gonna get reprinted as a secret rare in the OCG Beginners Edition 2 coming out next week. But then again who knows lol.

I play Junk Doppel, and this how I feel should hit Dandy decks the hardest, unless konami print more presents for us (like limiting Dandylion and then printing Doppel Warrior). Formula Synchron is too good, and many times the "Accel Synchro" robs opponent of their turn in the form of Trishula or Black Rose.

I also added the 2 "boss" monster from the Structure decks there because they are overpowered. Hyperion is DAD and Grapha is endless beatstick. Probably not gonna happen, but its a wish =)

The rest are self explanatory.

As usual, Storm vs Trunade debate so I am just gonna leave it out.


  1. machina fortress?will it to be hit?

  2. me likey d draw at three!

  3. What do you think about the banning of Giant Trunade in favor of Heavy Storm at 1?

  4. Oh fml didn't read that last part so uh...
    How about Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning? >_>

  5. Na man dandy has to go its been To long and six sam united has to go to one Its a pot of greed for six sams who cares smok signals And formula too one too oo and HL And grapha its too resant too semi it

  6. I think Pot of Duality, Doppel Warrior, and Kalut could be semi-ed. I doubt Grapha, Reborn, Card Destruction, and Warning would be touched. Also, if Warning were to be limited, Book of Moon would prolly be semi-ed again. The rest of the cards in your list seems fine to me.

  7. Hmm... take this with a grain of salt, but I would not be surprised if Pot of Avarice finds itself in the Limited list. Although I can always dream for the return of Destiny Draw, I find it highly unlikely that is will change from its current status. Let the speculation continue lol

  8. i doubt of destiny draw...

  9. Well I feel warning should be restricted because it gives the person who starts first too much advantage.

    People only run doppel in pairs (or even one) so semi restricting it is pointless.

    Limiting pot of avarice is also not really an issue for me and maybe a good change, personally I am currently running only 1 copy and feels pretty ok.

    I put card destruction because it is like a limiter removal to Dark World. This card is supposed to be a -1, not a +5.

  10. Put Malicious on 1. And return to D-draw to 3. My fun d-hero deck would be so happy.

  11. -=Banned=-

    TG Hyper Librarian - Yes.
    Monster Reborn - Yes.
    Card Destruction - Yes.

    -= To 1=-

    Formula Synchron - Nah, wont get hit.
    Lonefire Blossom - Yes.
    Master Hyperion - Semi is the worst.
    Shien Smoke Signal - Yes.
    Double Edged Sword Technique - Wont happen.
    Ultimate Offering - Maybe.
    Solemn Warning - Not really.

    -=To 2=-

    Tiger Prince of the Ice Barrier, Dewloren - Yes.
    Dragon God of Dark World, Grapha - Yes.


    Destiny Draw - wont happen
    Overload Fusion - Yes.
    Magic Cylinder - Yes.

  12. dad might come back to 2 it did get reprinted and ocg has that ruling idk i hope

  13. I seriously doubt that Tengu will be hit for one reason and one reason only: It's not in the OCG. I'm a TCG player, and I remember how long it took for them to ban Rescue Cat. XX-Saber Darksoul was the problem and it wasn't until it came out in the OCG that Rescue Cat got banned.

  14. darksoul never came out in ocg

  15. @Baha: I agree that Warning should be limited. If you can hit ur opp by warning twice while u're using fast-paced deck. You will most likely win the duel.

    I don't think Hyperion will be limited since OCG has no priority anymore. In place of him, I think Kristya will go to one since his great attack, summon condition, and ability to lock opponent from performing special summon is quite dreadful.

    In addition, I also predict that Pot of Avarice will be limited since it allows players to abuse plant engine and throw more synchro monsters. For Lonefire Blossom, obviously, I wish that it will go to one only. It helps you obtaining more and more cards in ur grave. Thus, ur dead Avarice will become a useful card.

  16. Even though you cant call priority in the OCG, it still doesnt change the fact it is a Dark Armed Dragon in disguise. Also not a reason to unrestrict Dark Armed. (or unban Black Luster Soldier) A well timed "Storm/Trunade" with a multiple summons or a combination of the above is game.

    And why the fear of Destiny Draw lol. The only deck that can abuse it and will actually give you a win is that Exodia deck with Trade in and many many D Hero Plasma and Dogma with Magical Library and it is not even competitive. Was the scar that Disk Commander left you guys so deep that you forgot it is actually banned?

    @Wolfgang: And that is why it is not included in my list. As I have stated, this is a list based on the OCG scene.

  17. like it.

    ermmm. wish grapha to 1 thats my only fix. :P

  18. Yeah I wanna put Grapha to 1 too, but seems harsh since one bottomless and suddenly DW turn into crap lol.

  19. if you limit Warning your only allowing people to play 1x warning 2x bottomless warning gives up 2000 lifepoints to negate a summon and somehow theres always an out around it dandy shouldnt get it cause its not the problem lonefire to 1 is reasonable because it forces the player to remove the spore for it theyll probably give librarian another format to see if it does do any damage at 1 than at 3 and if it doesnt i doubt itll be banned

  20. they need to limit kizan to 2 and smoke signal to 2