Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More World Championship 2011 Top 8 Videos: Gallileo (Junk Doppel) Vs She Wei Hao (Six Samurai)

More display of imbalance surrounding Librarian, Formula Synchron and Accel Synchro in game 1.

FYI, you can only play one Hyper Librarian for that tournament.

Anyway in that game, Six Samurai Guy did a misplay after his Trishula got Veilered. I have no idea why would he set more cards without attacking Librarian lol. That is totally a bait for Black Rose =/


  1. are you really asking that
    "blackrose play"
    only two pro players went to worlds this year
    and that's michel gruner and galileo de obaldia
    imo tcg players are the only good legit players at worlds go figure

  2. That blackrose play is a very common play after you do Librarian + Formula. I am not questioning the play, I am questioning why didn't Trishula attack before setting cards.

  3. hmm librarian at 1 for the tournament might suggest its getting limited

  4. Are you stupid? OCG players dominated, you can't just decide all of the are bad because he misplayed.

  5. @ anon number 1: that is incredibly stereotypical and biased. she wei hao is a three time national champion, and the same goes for the malaysian representative sam kee. liu hoi ki is a good player in HK too he made finals a couple of times already.

    they are consistent in their own countries just like gruner and de obaldia too. you just dont hear of them because there is no ocg official coverage etc