Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Machina Karakuri (Post Sep 2011)

Updated Machina Karakuri decklist for the new format as requested by everyone, here goes!

Deck Name: Machina Karakuri - Life Completer

Monster [26]
[3] Machina Gearframe
[3] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Cannon
[3] Karakuri Soldier 236
[3] Karakuri Ninja 919
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[3] Karakuri Komachi 224
[1] Karakuri Guard 313
[2] Grow-up Bulb
[3] Effect Veiler
[2] Cyber Dragon

Magic [11]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] One For One
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] De-Synchro
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Enemy Controller
[1] Pot of Avarice
[2] Pot of Duality

Trap [3]
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[2] Mind Crush

Extra Deck [15]
[1] No. 11: Big Eye
[1] Steelswarm Roach
[1] Empty Space Sea Serpent Levaiel
[1] AOJ Catastor
[1] Brionac
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Trishula
[1] Naturia Landoise
[3] Karakuri Shogun Burei
[3] Karakuri Steel Shogun Bureido

Counting through the main deck, basically 11 cards have changed. True to following OCG Japan's style, Singapore's meta is quickly changing to TG Agents as THE deck to play. Even Bahamut84 is trying it out to get a feel of it. I have been fooling around with some concept decks actually, though decided to form the updated Machina Karakuri to suit the meta. With all the MST flying all over the place to ensure that everyone's combos go through, I have gone the opposite route, which is to totally ignore traps, and also ensure my own 'traps' are fully chainable. And of course, triple Veilers is my new trap, with the main targets usually on Agents Earth / Venus. Enemy Controller is also used as a way to do damage when my monsters get destroyed by Orange Light / Bottomless and any other Random trap you can think of, while also doubling up as defense against BLS or to steal it to sweeten the deal.

The deck is even simpler then before, basically back to my old style of deck playing. Either you manage to kill me quickly or I will flood the field first for the win. However considering Agents requiring abit of time to setup, though of course still fully possible to do a sudden otk. This gives my deck the advantage since it requires little to no setup. (Minimising setup and number of Mind Crush flying around is why I reduced Duality to 2, has nothing to do with me having only 2 lol)

The aim is basically to just flood until they have no more backrow left and win. (Only possible in this format where there isnt bullshit cards like Oppression which I have to clear it before I can proceed on) Dark Hole as backup in case of monsters like Krystia appearing which my special summoned based deck has trouble clearing, though as always remembering the aim to flood the field and take the game before Krystia's condition can even be met.

Cyber Dragon + Komachi + random 4 star Karakuri makes double Bureido with Strategist and 2 cards in hand (Or use Ninja for triple Bureido and 3 cards in hand). Baha and me treat it as the new Junk Synchron + Doppel + 1 star tuner. 3 cards used, and almost similar results lol. Not done previously since 1 Oppression would wreck everything.

Last change will be in the extra deck. Big Eye is just extremely delicious. Use Bureis to change small monsters to attack mode, then xyz to Big Eye and steal some big monsters. Since also usable with Machina Fortress, its pretty easy for the deck to summon. Its just a matter of if its necessary, so only xyz if there is something delicious like BLS. Else, do in situations when you cannot kill the opponent due to cards like Gorz / Tragodia and leave him with nothing.

So thats about it, quite a long rant on the new version of the deck, with explanations on my build and certain choices of cards. Shall not explain anything else about the deck, since combo wise is basically about the same. Enjoy!

PS: No, I do not want to put in Tour Guides to fulfil the dark monster condition and enable BLS thanks. Tour Guides totally do not fit in this deck...


  1. Finaly Dsummon the deck look good but think trap stun is a good side deck cuz i realy liked the old deck format oooo en wene are you gona be in dulingnetwork again man i need too duel you

  2. Need Machina Cannon in TCG !

  3. Just use Machina Force!

    It's not like you are going to summon Machina Cannon any day!

  4. It's possible it will comeout in Photon Shockwave TCG,

    in the 10 cards from 90-99 this November 15, 2011

    Nice deck by the way, looks like the main objective is to go for the OTK as soon as possible,

    Hope to duel against it using my Dark World Deck ^_^

    If only DN had the 2/3 option.....

  5. To be honest, Im still building up the side deck since I hope to get abit more of a look at the current meta. However at the moment Palace at 2/3 and Crow at 2 will be in for sure. Though basically as per my usual style, m/t will be more magic/trap based since most of the monsters in the deck are essential for the deck to run smoothly.

    As for DN, no time to go on, Aug-Oct is my busy period for work. Dont even have as much time to blog and go play tournaments. Yes i know im still pending rulings page for Photon Shockwave, i hope to get it up soon.. It takes really a good 2-3 hours of work for that...

  6. dsummon, i am wondering how do u think ur new karakuri build will face those tengu plant tourguide shenannigans? how would u change ur deck to face those decks?

  7. Lastly for Machina Cannon, it doubles up as a 2200 big butt in extremely desperate situations, so its better then Force with an additional function. That being said however, I only do it in at most 1 out of 100 duels where my hand is that extremely bad, lol.

  8. No change required imo lol. The deck takes too much time to setup, especially with the recent banlist. Only issue is Tengu slows down my OTK obviously, but I would think with the new banlist, your bigger problem would be Tour Guide Agents for TCG. That being said, the deck is already built to be faster then TG Agents so the deck should hold its ground against the Tour Guide varient.

  9. what is your opinion on gorz?

  10. btw, your extra deck is lacking 1 card?

  11. Nice deck but I've been asking myself for a while:'Why is DSummon playing with 2 Grow-up Bulbs and not with 1 Grow-up Bulb and 1 Spore?'

    I really like your tech with De-Synchro.
    It screws a lot of players, when they think that they are safe with one big Synchro on their field =P
    Further, I'm not really convinced with Tour Guide Agent. I prefer to play T.G. Agent because it can give you more outs with T.G. Wonder Magician. Tour Guide should go to Fabled with Tengu, which I'm playing for fun. x3 Instead of forcing it to fit in each deck with the purpose of deck slimming and to search for the right card.... And they often have 1 target Sangan. (not counting Tour Guide herself)

  12. @Haku if you refer to the old combos, you will see all the triple Bureido combos rely on Bulb and cannot be done with Spore. Not to mention level 2 spore is pretty useless, so you have to play dandy. Then might as well add Lonefire. Then the whole gameplay is different alr lol

  13. Yeah man i have made this deck both ways KMP an Machina karakuri and machina karaKuri isss better

  14. DSummon, I'm a big fan of your Machina Karakuri, but when I do my version of it (sans OCG promo cards), it's not as fast as planned so I'm thinking of running a pure/teched Karakuri deck instead (no Machiners, no plants). Can you suggest a skeleton build for it?

  15. Hmmmm, a pure/teched will be even slower in my opinion, since you do not have access to extra special summons through Bulb and Machina Fortress which makes Bureidos.

    If you still insist on pure, I would recommend it to be a trap heavy control deck instead, relying on traps and Karakuri Anatomy to gain advantage slowly instead of my choice to let it explode on the field. Its in Japanese but you can refer to the 4th place build here. Pretty good build though not my style. (Rather then my logic of using practically 0 defense in this meta, the player has chosen to max out on defenses instead so you have no idea what to use MST on lol)

    PS: The build would probably work better in OCG though, considering theres no more priority

  16. Thanks, DSummon. It's a good thing I recognize the Japanese alphabets for Karakuri when I see them. By the way, you should rename this decklist to "Machina Karakuri Life-Completer Post Sept 2011 Format" XD

  17. what would you put in the last slot for the extra pile? There's only 14 cards atm?

  18. @Takeda_Shingen Haha, nah probably not lol. Sounds too egoistic

    Last slot is Naturia Landoise, thanks for noticing!

  19. Oh yeah, I have one last question until I dissect both your Karakuri Machiners and the Pure-Teched Karakuri you suggested. Why Mind Crush? Isn't Trap Dustshoot less "risky", per se?

  20. Using both, so if I pull off Mind Crush together with Trap Dustshoot its good. Also its useful to stop all the Venus plays, as well as situations where you expect that Hyperion play. End point is its a good trap that is fully chainable, and I dont have to chain it. If he uses MST and I dont chain it, its a 1 for 1 exchange anyway. If I chain it, I gain a card advantage so yup, good stuff imo.

  21. Venus plays as in when they search it through Earth. And of course the T.G varient makes it easier for me to know what will be in their hand.

  22. Hey DSummon,
    I have been having difficulties with a deck fairly similar to your Worlds 2011 Machina Karakuri against a Mist Valley Falcon deck that abuses the 2x Swords of Revealing Lights, 2x Call of the Haunted and 3x Iracus Attack this format.
    What do would you recommend?

  23. Kinda depends on the overall build of the deck, but I would probably side in Royal Palace. Swords is not a major problem in my opinion since you can go into Scrap Dragon, or if not you can just build into Bureidos to gain advantage. Even if you cant attack, if you build into a full hand/field amount of advantage I doubt you will have much trouble. Not to mention you will draw Heavy Storm pretty quickly at that rate.

  24. Realised I've been using the term Royal Palace when the TCG term is Royal Decree, so just FYI for TCG readers, thx

  25. In the rare occurrance that you AREN'T facing a search-heavy deck, would you side out traps for 2-3 MST?

  26. I would, though compared to MST, I would probably use Decree instead, since those decks would be probably less combo based and more beatdown based. That would mean more traps? So Decree would be my better option probably, though it would probably depend more on what the deck actually is and what I saw in the first round.

    End point is there isnt any absolutely correct answer, you have to go by the feeling lol.

  27. You know... If you use Black Salvos, you could add in Black Luster Soldier. And with the draw power you have, youre bound to draw it quickly.

  28. Nothing for Black Salvo to revive, and if thats the case, might as well use Birdman. That being said, if it doesnt do any purpose other then to synchro away so that I can BLS, not much of a point imo.

  29. But Cyber Dragon they can reborn and contract fusion

  30. Why don't you try to use meklord, black salvo and chaos infinity instead of machina's monsters? with those monster you can use BLS.

  31. ^ You know, not everything should have a BLS just for the sake of it. BLS is so overrated. Black Salvo + Meklord and friends slows a duelist one turn, which runs counter to this particular deck's philosophy, which is speed.

  32. black salvo + meklord = burai + ninishi
    summon a lv4 karakuri cause of ninishi's effect = burai + burai + another karakuri monster. BLS isn't so usefull.

  33. Hey DSummon, I like this very much, it suits my playing style very very well.
    I also would like to know on how you play the deck,lets say for an instance, you had 1 gearframe,1 ninishi, and 2 soldiers on hand; are you going to play safe by gearframe-Fortress first, or go right away with the aggressive synchros?

    So far its doing pretty good,I just dont know why in the hell our meta here havent changed yet despite of the presence of heavy storm and BLS in almost every deck,Its still a damn Heavy-based trap meta, Always get eaten by warnings, torrentials and mirror force, fortunately i managed to survive those and made my way through and win.

    And also, id like to hear your thoughts about the Un-limiting of MST and The Trap Lineup this format. Are you going to max MSTs if you were to build a deck, and How about solemn warnings,judjments, torrentials, mirror force, are they still worth using in this format?
    I have so many questions to ask, I apologize for that :)I just wanted to hear your opinions and plans in this format.
    Thanks DSummon.
    Yours truly xD LMAO

  34. @Captain*Falcon Yup, I actually tested some darks with BLS. Ends up most rounds I either had to slow down my play waiting for a dark/light, or I won without using the BLS. BLS runs against this deck like you mentioned so not running it.

    Typically will be Gearframe + Fortress, I usually judge by whether I can get Bureidos on field. If I cant get Bureidos out, I will do Gearframe first. Though depends on whats the last couple of cards in hand as well as what the opponent is playing.

    If its still trap heavy in TCG, then just replace my traps with Decree / MST as per your meta. That being said, I tested against Agents which were trap heavy, and Agents which maxed Orange Light. I actually had more issues with Orange Light while I usually could force my way through the traps.

    Mirror Force and any attack response traps are not good this format since they do not stop the flood of combos your opponent can do. Not to mention once they complete their combo, their decks would have thinned and would run well since they got alot of the useless cards (e.g. Shine Ball) out of the deck and will not draw them. Judgement is not as useful as generally they reduce your life points too much in this meta filled with Daigusta Phoenix and Judgement Dragons and of course sudden BLS top decks. Chainable traps and cards that counter from hand are generally the way to go for this format IMO, though its dependant on the meta of your location so you would be better off thinking of those things when you build your deck.

  35. What are your thoughts about Debunk and/or Chaos Trap Hole?

  36. why no stardust in extra deck?

  37. Unkwnown Synchron and BLS? lol... going out fast don't kill me xD

  38. Was right to not worry about Tour guides. New TCG rulbook has the OCG effect confirmed.

  39. Hey DSummon, I was a big fan and proponent of the original KMP type decks back 6 months ago, so it's really nice to see the deck again, especially with Oppression gone. So yeah, I'm gonna make this again I think. I however don't have a second Glow-up, so what do you think of Unknown Synchron as a replacement for it?

  40. Dsummon, i really liked machina karakuri. however, i dont know how to run it well. whenever i flood the field, opponent alrdy have counter ready nxt turn. should we play saFE or still be aggressive? on ur first turn if u can set up 3 bureidos, would u go for it? how aboout 2nd turn? flood the field or stall till ur opponent used their traps?


  41. Debunk has not much purpose currently to fight the meta other then against Orange Light. Chaos Trap Hole has the same problem it had when it was released. It only negates inherent special summons, and not stuff summoned through effects aka Monster Reborn, making it not useful.

    No Stardust because Scrap Dragon is alot more useful and I dont have space left.

    The problem isnt really the dark monsters that I have, but rather that BLS does nothing early game, which I aim to end the game with. Putting BLS in slows down the deck which is undesirable.

    There isnt really any replacement for Bulb since its the one card that allows you to make triple Bureidos even when you start first, even if you have a full monster hand. Though if you are on budget, I guess Unknown is the next best thing you can get.

    If I have a double/triple Bureido hand and Im starting first, I almost always do it, since the cards drawn from it may be useful. (E.g. Trap Dustshoot / Veiler) Typically the deck plays agressive since I think that the longer I drag the game, the higher the chance my opp has to stop my combo midway. However, it still depends on my hand at the time and if I know what the opponent is playing. Considering the traps played this format, I would just go for flood mostly since very few traps are played that can kill the Bureidos once they are out so rewards are high.

  42. Awesome build DSummon. Am gonna be testing it myself, been waiting to see what you do with Karakuri's before picking them back up again, lol.

    If you do any videos of this deck in action, any chance you could be in the custom one I done? Would be awesome. xD

  43. I've been using them ever since I got back actually :) If I do any videos on them they will be inside for sure, but we're hoping to have something new because Machina Karakuri and Junk Doppel is just abit too over done.

  44. Oh I never knew Chaos Trap Hole only negates inherent special summons. Thanks for the tip.

  45. say if u can do a first turn stardust bureido bureido OR 3 bureidos. which one would u go for? go stardust to be safe? or 3 bureido +3 draws?

  46. 3 draws always lol. This is Duelingdays and any form of draw whore is always encouraged :)

  47. what is your side deck like for this new version?

  48. Looks great, for the most part. I have a few suggestions, but this is probably just personal taste.

    1) Mind Crush. You're not always going to face Agents (of any variant), so it's best not to rely on this. I feel the card is just as bad as any Trigger Trap (i.e. Mirror Force), primarily because of its huge risk. You're not going to use it unless you know at least 1 card in your opponent's hand. I think you should put both copies in the Side Deck and replace them with MSTs or Dust Tornadoes. I'm just not comfortable main-decking a card that can only be used as a bluff in the first duel.

    2) Stardust Dragon isn't in this and it really should be. I've playtested this and found myself in a few situations where I really wished I had Stardust available.

  49. First off I gotta say im a huge fan of this deck. Here in the tcg I'm seeing that I tend to get stopped by effect veilers a lot and orange heralds a lot too. Aside from it being "lol that's how it is, if they have it they have it" what's a solution to play around it after being veilered/heralded?

  50. So what do you usually side?

  51. playing this decklist at ycs toronto wish me luck sir

  52. what do you think about pure karakuri deck has top in japan several times with merchant 3cash and 2anatomy etc...