Monday, August 29, 2011

What to expect after September

Nagoya Championship
Participants: 180
September 2011 List

まささん/【TG代行天使】/TG Agent Angel
クロルさん/【TG代行天使】/TG Agent Angel
ロモレイさん/【TGジャンド】/TG Junk Doppel
ユウさん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel

<ベスト8>/Best 8
<グロスさん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel
ライザーさん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel
永遠の初心者さん/【TG代行天使】/TG Agent Angel
ラウツさん/【スキドレTG】/Skill Drain TG

<ベスト16>/Best 16
アークさん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel
ミラーマンさん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel
タン塩さん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel
次元幽閉さん/【代行天使】/Agent Angel
mirinaさん/【墓地BF】/Grave BW
アルパカさん/【暗黒界】/Dark World

See the pattern here? lol


  1. I'm not actually that surprised!

    It's one of the cheapest consistent powerful decks in existence plus you don't have Tour Guide from Hell!

    Lightsworns are powerful but inconsistent!

    Although, I expected more Dark World since the Viruses are pretty damn strong in this format!:S

    Guess people are afraid of Kristya!

  2. I hope it would be like this in TCG, lol

  3. Do plain Agents perform better than Ritual Agents?

  4. are u fing kidding me i was testing agents and if u open bad u lose if u lose the dice roll u lose if u can't get a combo off u lose if u face thunderking u lose if u don't open tourguide u are at a terrible disadvantage

  5. next format is bad indeed

  6. @ Anon who was talking about losing all the time, you have obviously built your deck wrong. Plus, OCG doesn't have Tour Guide, so yeh. :/

  7. hey anon this format's gonna be great like tele dad format if only people will play this deck in greater numbers in tcg just based on this showing

  8. "hey anon this format's gonna be great like tele dad format if only people will play this deck in greater numbers in tcg just based on this showing " - There is no reason for TCG people to run TG Agents because there is that little thing called Tour Guide over here. Tour Guides, Sangan, and Gorz are plenty of darks for BLS.

  9. hey zombieHFK u damn nazi

  10. "hey zombieHFK u damn nazi" - I must question the sufficiency of your mental abilities.

  11. ZombieJFK : GO fuck yourself bitch . Only noobs will spent 400 dollars ++ on tourguides to hell

  12. Agent Angel is a manageable top deck... but I find this a little disturbing

  13. meh agents topping at that tournament isn't saying you can see there's a lot of participants using agents, so naturally the rate of success is higher

  14. hey Baha,i'd like to see a dark world deck from you :)

  15. @anon the tourney states 180 participants not 180 agent angel, so how do u know the amount of people using agent?

  16. @Bahamut84
    How sad X( lol
    But if you were to build one, What would it look like? With ravens,with virus cards,or both?

    Agent Angels and BLS are dominating here aswell, I haven't seen any DWs in our meta, so id like to build one. :)

  17. i want baha to run KMP or anything karakuri.

  18. @Clover as you can see, under the top 16 50% of them are agent angels, which is a clearly higher demographic than the rest of the present decks (also under the top 16)

  19. Baha doesn't run Karakuri. That's DSummon's specialty.

  20. Today at ah soo tourney, top4 all agents sia!

  21. This is sad. Agents are everywhere now. Watch an entire top 8 will be filled with agents,and
    probably one chaos deck lol.

  22. I agree that fairy gonna be good. Kristya is coming out in super in tcgm no doubt that they gonna be a lot of fairy players