Sunday, September 4, 2011

Asia Card Shop Tournament Lookback (3/9/11)

Deck used: Machina Karakuri - Life Completer
Participants: 27

5 Round Swiss and top 8

Round 1: vs WWBF (Akira) XOO
1: Pretty bad hand with 2 Veilers against a beatdown deck and he had traps to answer my remainder cards so scrubbed from there.
2: Slight exchange of going around since it was abit more beatdown till he had 5200 left. Cydra + Machina Fortress, then sac Cydra with Controller for his Gorz takes the game
3: He mistook that Komachi's double summon effect had to be activated so he couldnt activate his Trap Dustshoot from my turn 1 Cydra + Komachi + Ninja play. Managed to flood the field from there and won

Round 2: vs Quickdraw Junk Doppel (Kevin) OXO
1: Bureido love
2: Bureidos and Bureis but didnt manage to do a kill. In the end Junk Destroyer and friends cleared my field and I didnt have any answer after that
3: More Bureido love and Landoise blocks Gorz ftw

Round 3: vs Tour Guide Agent (Yeow Keat) OXO
1: Trap Dustshoot and Mind Crush early game returns Agent and drops 2 Tour Guides lol. Win from there
2: Flooded with Bureidos though not enough damage. On his turn did a blind Mind Crush thinking about Hyperion. In the end got shown a hand of 2 lightning Vortex, Venus and BLS. Didnt draw into Avarice and lost from there.
3: Cant remember exactly, basically just flooded for game

Round 4: vs Agent Angel (Sam) XOX
1: Lovely hand on his side and I got OTK-ed by some Krystia jumping out on his side
2: Managed to survive his flood of Daigusta with Arms Aid and Unity + Hyperion flood and turned the tables back next turn with some Burei and Machina Fortress and more Enemy Controller abuse
3: Crappy full tuner hand while I got 2nd turn OTK again with double Daigusta + Venus + Krystia, cause I did mistake of setting Ally Salvo when I could have suicided it previously to clear his Venus

Round 5: vs GK (Poh Seng) OO
1: No tribute so I rushed my flood out for win
2: Got hit by tribute, but I had sided out alot of monsters for m/t destroyers so only discarded a Gearframe. Slowly drew into monsters and managed to win awhile later with Limiter awesomeness

Top 8: vs Junk Doppel (Kah Meng) XOO
1: Not sure what deck I was against since didnt really know what he was playing, so I played passively and didnt manage to kill cause of a Ryko. On his turn he had a flood of multiple synchros and Chaos Sorcerers and won
2: He charged for Ryko and ended. Wanted to do early control and had no way to summon Bureidos, I summoned double Bureis then Big Eye his set monster, which turned out to be Spore. So special summoned my Fortress, did some Bureidos from there and took the game.
3: Somehow drew 2 Effect Veilers early game and 2 Crows after that. That of course meant also I didnt have any of my machine monsters to take the game too, so game dragged on awhile while I blocked all his plays. Finally drew into machines and won with Bureido floods, while my Landoise blocks Gorz

Top 4: vs Agent Angel (Sam) OO
1: Took early game with Bureido flood and won
2: Used Machina Fortress to bait his Rai-Ou, then flood monsters ftw

Finals: vs GK (Poh Seng) OXO
1: Early flood ftw
2: Got controlled with multiple Spy + Descendent while I only had a Burei
3. Back to basics of random machine flood and Limitter ftw

Result: 1st and got a Parallel BLS (LOL, the 1 card which I say doesnt fit in the deck yes)

By this tournament the life completer joke had completely spread all over. Before our finals we had people walk up to us and told Poh Seng if he was ready to have his life completed lol. So I guess somehow the deck name is stuck now.

I realised that this version somehow turns out to be harder then my previous banlist build, as that was a very basic, open Trap Stun, use my remainder cards in hand to spam summon and win. With this version, considering that I may not have any m/t destroyers or ways to clear Veiler / Orange Light, I actually had to think through my plays more to consider which plays would assist to setup / leave me with methods to setup should my current play be interuppted by whatever reason. And of course, lack of defenses totally and the more explosive gameplay in this meta leaves me very wide open, so this deck might not be suitable for everyone. Honestly, it takes quite abit of familiarity with the way the deck works to decide which move to make.

In all, pretty satisfied with my deck's performance. In general, my deck didnt fail me and I managed to do early floods to take the game as per my full intention. Only issue is this version seems somewhat vulnerable to Trap Dustshoot unlike my previous banlist build, simply because I had all my moves kept in my hand till I was ready to play them, unlike previously when I had Trap Stuns and other cards to set and maintain my advantage. That being said, with this current meta I guess any combo deck that gets hit by Dustshoot has the same issue and using cards just to counter that 1 Dustshoot seems stupid, so will probably carry on with this version.

PS: As usual, my memory sucks. If any people I played see this and notice something wrong with my looking back, please let me know


  1. Just to add on the unknown guy is kah meng

  2. Ah, kk, forgot his name thx

  3. Life Completer is the best deck name ever.

  4. How do you beat Agent Angels?
    Rush them asap?
    What do you side deck against them?

  5. Side deck is mentioned in my latest post, I mainly use Ally Salvo against Krystia and AOJ Quarantine against the deck in general, though my main idea is still to quickly rush them before they draw into their combos.

  6. Seeing you play this well with Karakuri, makes me want to test it out x3

  7. Having a lot of trouble with Hero matchup. Any side deck tips?

  8. Depends on the build of the hero deck in your area actually. You might want to consider siding in MSTs and Body as a Shield.

  9. Hey DSummon,

    Going first and not knowing what your opponent is playing. What would be your opening move IF you cannot get Karakuri Steel Shogun Bureido on your opening turn?

    For example:
    - Do you play Machina Gearframe and end?
    - Would you special summon a Machina Fortress since there are no traps on the field yet to stop it?
    - Would you prefer to play Karakuri Komachi 224 + level 4 Karakuri from your hand to get Karakuri Shogun Burei on the field, and another level 4 Karakuri from your deck via it's effect.
    - Or would you just play a Karakuri Soldier 236 in facedown defense leaving your opponent in the dark, and exploding next turn?

    Please let me know im super curious. @__@
    Thanks in advance :D

  10. i too am playing karakuri in tcg but of a different build but similar idea, what do you recommend siding against gravekeepers?