Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two interesting cards for Junk Doppel

Mainspring Nyanko (Wind Up Kitty/Cat?)

Simple no cost effect that can bounce Shien. Can also be special summoned by Junk Synchron. Bonus!

The other is


Tribe Electrocuting Virus

Simple reason, Junk Doppel deck consist of so many monster types...

These are the few monsters that a typical Junk Doppel deck usually run:

Beast - Ryko
Beast Warrior - Tengu (lol)
Plant - The whole plant family that everyone knows (great combo with Ivy Shackles! yeah maybe not lol)
Spellcaster - Veiler, Lyla, Sorceror
Warrior - Junk, Doppel
Machine - Card Trooper, Quickdraw Synchron
Dragon - Debris, Dark Armed Dragon
Fiend - Gorz, Tragoedia,Sangan

Well anyway the useful stuff to use against is obviously Six Samurai cos discarding Doppel to destroy your opponent field is pretty good =D *No Magatama please*

Now if only there are some useful Fairy that can be included in a Junk Doppel deck to destroy Agents...

Yes I hate Six Samurai ALOT! Followed by Gravekeepers.


  1. But you don't discard with Tribe-Shocking Virus, you remove from play. So removing from play Doppelwarrior is not a good idea. At least not if you only have 1.

  2. Im sure Junk Doppel decks run more than 1 Doppel

  3. um Doesn't a monster that summoned by effect of Junk Synchron hasn't got any effect ? (it's effect is negated ?)

  4. I said it can be special summoned back by Junk Synchron, I didnt say summon it back re use the effect...

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  6. I like kity cat and you forgot is a beast so u can synchro into frozen really nice Baha ....... :)