Thursday, June 23, 2011

Setting off! Well, almost...

Its the final countdown! In exactly 1 day's time, the DD crew will be off to Japan again! We will basically be spending four days in Tokyo, and leaving Japan on Tuesday late night. Not much of a plan to travel anywhere else this time round, we will be basically spamming time seeing sights in Tokyo, then going to the usual anime & gaming related spots such as Pokemon Center, Square Enix, etc, and of course ending off in Akiba for most days.

Keep a look out for us, especially if you are there during those few days!

PS: Will try and do similar posts just like I did the last time


  1. DSummon, you guys aren't playing in the Singapore National Tournament? Or are you participating in Japan's National Tournament?

  2. SG qualifiers just happen to be on next Sunday, few days right after we return from Japan