Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 0 in Japan (Midnight)

Morning guys! We arrived in Haneda Airport last night just before midnight and made a quick rush to the train after clearing customs. (Last train at midnight)

Train ride to Shinagawa, then transfer to Akihabara
The supper place, food is decent for a 24 hour place
After a couple of train rides, we arrived at Akiba at almost 1am! Though obviously nothing here at this hour lol. Feeling hungry, we grabbed some supper at above ramen store before cabbing to our hotel. (1,800 yen cab ride is painful...) No choice as the train that's runs closest to our hotel is a private line and last train runs at midnight.

After checking in quickly, we bought some drinks and stuff at the nearby Familymart and we quickly went to bed at almost 3am...

That's about it for our first night. Will give some info about our hotel tomorrow so keep a lookout~


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