Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Dark World Tips

In the previous post I mention how good is Solemn Warning and Oppression against Dark World (or most decks that spam special summon).

When you play Dark World, there are ways to go around it by carefully planning your card resolution.

Let's start with something simple. Using Card Destruction as an example.

If only this happens in real life all the time

Avoiding Oppression/Solemn Warning:

You activate Card Destruction discarding Goldd and Broww. Since they both are discarded together, they form a chain. Now you can put Goldd as Chain Link 1 and Broww as Chain Link 2. This will prevent horrible stuff from happening to your Gold.

Oppression and Solemn Warning can only be chained directly to the "Special Summon" or the card that result in a special summon. Because Broww is put on chain 2, you cannot activate the above cards in response to Goldd and your Goldd will be summoned successfully.

More anti Oppression Tips:
When you discard multiple Goldd/Silvaa at one go, they form a chain. It will be Goldd(a) at chain 1, Goldd(b) at chain 2, Goldd(c) at chain 3. Oppression can only be activated to negate Goldd(c). Don't let your opponent cheat you by paying 2400 and negate all three Goldds.

Avoiding Bottomless Traphole/Torrential Tribute:

You do the opposite and put Broww as Chain Link 1 and Goldd on Chain Link 2. This will result in your Goldd getting special summoned first followed by drawing a card. You cannot activate Bottomless in this scenario because when Goldd is summoned, Broww is yet to resolve and you cannot activate anything in between a chain resolution. By the time Broww resolves, it is too late to activate Bottomless.

How to smartly avoid everything with a good GOD hand:

Assuming you have a wonderful hand as illustrated in my edited Card Destruction image, you put Broww in Chain 1, Gold in Chain 2, Snow in Chain 3, Grapha in Chain 4 (or whatever as long you put the summoning in between everything else). It will resolve with Grapha going first and Broww going last. Congratulations, you have successfully activated all your DW cards without losing anything to Torrential or Oppression plus you get to draw/destroy cards. Profit!

For non DW players, please Solemn Judgment that Card Destruction!

Other cards that does multiple discards!
(Fabled Raven, Graceful Charity, Morphing Jar)

For those who don't understand what is going on here, here is something for you to read.
Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain


  1. It's better
    Chain 1: Broww
    Chain 2: Goldd
    Chain 3: Grapha
    Chain 4: Snow
    In that way no stardust dragon or similars on Grapha

  2. hi, can u please explain more about gate of the dark world..i heard its effect is cost so it cannot be use to sp summon gold/silva etc. sorry if im mistaken

  3. Removing a monster from grave is cost, that is all.

  4. "hi, can u please explain more about gate of the dark world..i heard its effect is cost so it cannot be use to sp summon gold/silva etc. sorry if im mistaken"

    "i heard its effect is cost"
    I think you are contradicting yourself.
    effect is cost? so cost is effect?


  5. If you use Snow and Ceruli in the same chain, place Ceruli as a chain Link 1 and Snow as a Chain Link 2, that way you'll "discard" a Dark World monster "FROM YOUR DECK" by your oponent's card effect.