Sunday, June 12, 2011

It was a happy duel!


Super Polymerization -> Dark Hole (I actually forgot to put Dark hole orz)
Nova Master -> Armory Arm

Used this build yesterday at weekend local tournament. Lousy score of 2-2. Both loss are by my own retarded mistake, still trying to familiarize with the deck.

As you can see, the deck sides into Hero Beat.

My first loss was to Debris Dandy. Lost the first game from the overwhelming advantage that Librarian and Formula gives. While the second game was me doing a really bad side deck. I opened with One for One and Dandy and then realising I took out both level 1 Tuners /facepalm.

My second loss is to GK. First game he started with Necrovalley and Sin Cyber End, my only outs are Ryko which I didn't draw. Won the second game because he thought I was playing Debris Dandy and made a wrong side. Third game was me misplaying which lead to my loss.

Knowledge of using Debris Dandy setup required to play the deck. Since this deck doesn't run Avarice and only one of each Hero Fusion, careful usage of the cards is needed.

This deck is crazy fun, do try it.


After the release of GX Manga vol 9, the latest in thing to say now is:

The above scene is before Johann summoned The Tripping Mercury and owned Sho's Valbaroid in an OTK fashion.

I believe the correct translation is supposed to be "It was a fun duel" since "It was a happy duel" sounds weird.

So the joke is, OTK your opponent (like when you activate Future Fusion and start going crazy with it) and say "It was a happy duel!" preferably with that face. Yes it's rude. Do not attempt when playing with strangers lol.

Please don't "Happy Duel" me.


  1. IKR? I've heard you using the "It was a happy duel" joke quite a few times.

  2. I think that was just yesterday lol

  3. hahahaha. honestly when i first read it, i found it quite annoying and kind of gay. notice sho's wtf face.

    definitely funny if you otk-ed me on dn and said that >.>

  4. i think it would be awesome if you made a video of this deck =3

  5. hi i find your deck very good and i used it in duelling network and won a lot.
    I want to change the extra deck to include SQD and SSD as i found the deck is very capable in sp. summoning them and especially in your last video which reviewed how to use Future Fusion.
    So, could u help me to modify the extra deck?

  6. I just realized something. Future Fusion for Escuridão, dump Zephyros and any E-Hero, bounce Future Fusion with Zephyros, then dump Knopse and Spore for Great Tornado. RFG Knopse for Spore and synch for a free level 8. I know Knopse isn't a very good card but it might make spore more consistent. If it's attack was just a little lower it would work with Debris Dragon also.

  7. I think Reckless Greed pretty good in this deck,draw FF faster

  8. excuse me... what's the fusion monsters names??
    thanks!! xD