Friday, June 17, 2011

1 Week countdown to Japan!

Yup, its just 1 week left to Japan! Half the reason why the blog is so quiet is of course because we are preparing for Worlds, but the other reason is because we are getting ready for Japan!

Basically, we will be there for only 4 full days, and will be just enjoying a short trip in Tokyo without running around like the last time, so expect quite abit of spending time in Akiba from us lol. Travelling with the 2 of us will be 2 other friends, though they are not bloggers so shall not mention who they are since the non Singaporeans will not know them. Keep a look out here~


Just watched the YGO movie finally today, after the DVD rip appeared in youtube, you guys can check it out for yourself. Seems to me even the various main characters finally understood the power of Limit Break! LOL. Stardust becoming ichi-man (10,000) attack is abit too funny for words.


Also looked at Shriek for latest card info. Photonification is totally making me feel like playing some Viper / Lord British deck, and Photon Veil for 3 Grimro is such total bullshit. Photon Veil for 3 Watapon and exceed for Galaxy Queen totally sounds cute though, lol


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