Thursday, June 9, 2011

Armory Arm and Colossal Fighter

The new text for Armory Arm makes this clear. The key text is in the last sentence:

Once per turn, you can either: Target 1 monster on the field; equip this card to that target, OR: Unequip this card and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position. While equipped by this effect, that target gains 1000 ATK. When that target destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster in the Graveyard.

You do not target the destroyed monster. The only thing that Armory Arm targets is the monster it equips to, and the effect itself does not target anything.
Instead, the key is that Armory Arm references the ATK of the monster "the destroyed monster in the Graveyard".

If your Colossal Fighter were to be destroyed by a monster equipped with your Armory Arm, and you chose to activate the effect of Colossal Fighter, the chain forms like this:
Chain Link 1: Armory Arm's damage-inflicting effect
Chain Link 2: Colossal Fighter's summoning effect
If Colossal Fighter revives himself, he's not there for Armory Arm to reference when Chain Link 1 resolves. So no damage.

By Kevin Tewart himself.

The ruling for this issue is now the same in both TCG and OCG. =)


  1. Guess that's the end of the Colossal fighter OTK then.

  2. So the only way to do the OTK is to have 2 Colossal Fighters. One on the field and another in the graveyard, so the loop will help the OTK.

  3. Alright, the new card texts are promising after all.

    I feel that the elaboration that it doesn't work because Armory Arm's effect is mandatory while Colossal Fighter's effect is optional, is missing.

  4. What a pity! It was really fun to play in fish synchro deck

  5. its unfortunate because bad players lost to this...good players prevented this.

  6. duh use 2 collosal fighter

    use their effects as cycle like inca

  7. Except you actually need to put another Colossal in your extra deck, and spend more effort to sync another 8 star.

    Not worth it.