Sunday, June 5, 2011

Future Fusion is skill

Props to Allen Pennington of DuelistGroundz for this amazing idea. Saw it yesterday but didn't have time to post since I had to prepare for the Qualifiers today.

(I scrubbed like a dog btw)

Obviously the deck is not meant to be competitive, but it is amusing to watch.


  1. the starting method is different,u all started with coelacanth,formula and librarian for superior draw power but this dude had to control his hand size since brionac will just use up all his hand cards since he do not have librarian to support him,but i could say,DEWLOREN is too good at 3....

  2. No, who said Dewloren is good itself?
    Let us fix Symbol and Fishborg and see how many people will still hold their Dewloren.

  3. Nice fun deck!

    Now to state the obvious - In competition opponent uses their Effect Veiler on Tempest Magician after there are 0 cards left in the deck. Oh well, losing by decking out.

    Does anybody know a way to stop your opponent being able to use Effect Veiler or D.D. Crow?

  4. RE: Anonymous. If you notice, there was Trishula as well to take care of that.

  5. Just an FYI he posted another video demonstrating the trishula loop with this deck as well as tempesting them.

  6. opp: i discard my entire hand for tempest magician

    me =: discard effect veiler

    opp: rage!!!!!nooooooooooo

  7. Ahaha!Ö that was totally wicked... like it when someone is draw whoring! :D

  8. i dun tink the stunt can work.....
    isn't volcanic shell's effect once per turn????
    how is he possible to search twice in a turn??
    hope i am right here~

  9. You discard shell #2 then use its effect to grab shell #3.