Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Fusion in other decks

Everyone should be aware of the Future Fusion abuse by now.

(Scroll down to the next post if you haven't.)

I have the sudden urge to play a Future Fusion based deck now.

Not exactly an original idea, I know. Just sharing the build that I am using currently.

The random Synchro Fusionist is just a personal preference. It can be dropped by Future Fusion as well and then calling it back with Junk Synchron and you can search for either Miracle or Super.

Play pattern

1) FF for Escuridao, drop Hero + Zephyrus
2) Bounce FF to special summon Zephyrus back.
3) FF for whatever you need depending on what you have on your hand.

Now what if you don't have Future Fusion? Just pretend you are playing Junk Debris =)

[Fun Facts]

You can activate Future Fusion and Duality on the same turn but not when the monster declared from Future Fusion is special summoned, obviously.


  1. Sorry to disappoint Bahamut, but you can't play Duality and Future Fusion in the same turn. Future Fusion treats you are Special Summoning on Resolution, not on the 2nd Stand-By phase.

    Peeps on Pojo discussed the matter:

    Going by how other cards react to Future Fusion.

  2. This is way too old spectral, check this instead
    it says you can

  3. @Spectral Joker

    What do you think of using Exodia pieces in here? Dump them with Future Fusion and then bring them back with Dark Factory of Mass Production. Use Future Fusion to dump five dragons then draw your deck out?

  4. I really dislike these two cards, so many times I've been told wrong when I see one answer to how they react to each other...

  5. which is the card, next to reinforcement??

  6. Super Poly and Duality

  7. What program do you use to record this ?