Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Evolkaiser Ragia + Duelingdays Update

Newest Imbal Exceed monster after Roach... Source taken from Shriek. Seems to me that Exceeds are turning out to be quite control based at the moment, with nothing like Brionac and Colossal Fighter and other initially released synchros which generally had a wide variety of effects.

Evolkaiser Ragia
FIRE/Dragon - Exceeds - Effect/Rank 4/2400/2000
2x Level 4 Dinosaur-Type monsters
Activate by removing 2 of this card's Exceed Material Monster. Negate the activation of a Magic or Trap card OR the Normal Summon or Special Summon of a Monster and destroy it.

Best part? It is in the standard set, meaning this will be Worlds Legal, as well as TCG will get this by end of the year. Too bad it comes out too late, and it will not yet be legal by the time we have our Worlds Qualifiers in early July for Singapore.

Dinousaurs have limited support, other then for the Jurrac series. The best way to summon this is to use Jurrac Guaiba, or Hydrogeddon. To speed things up, use Fossil Dig to search for those cards and add them to hand.

Once you have summoned out Ragia, you are almost certain to earn 2 cards, since you can pretty much negate any method your opponent can destroy Ragia with. Popular choices include Trishula, Brionac, Choas Sorcerer, various trap destructions, and much more. Its only weakness will be Ryko, but if you summon this thing using Jurrac Guaiba or Hydrogeddon, you wouldnt have lost any card anyway.

Better then Roach? Well, this card obviously negates alot more things. The only problem is, it is themed as Dinosaur, which is one of the few types that get next to zero useful generic support, other then the Fossil Dig. And of course, being generic makes Roach that much more useful, since you can summon it out easily using random 4 star monsters you have, and you can even mind control your opponent's 4 star monsters for it. As of now, lets just see if any good Dinosaur support appears in the next pack together with Ragia. With good support, Ragia might even end up as the new Shien, with its own Shura to boot!

Update: Shriek updated that remove 2 exceed materials instead, thats quite sad then... However, its still very good, since you pretty much can choose to negate anything, and using Jurrac or Hydrogeddon to summon Ragia out means its earning a card for sure.


On an extra note. Duelingdays is going to Japan again! Together with the lack of new exciting stuff, thats kinda the reason why there hasnt been much updates on the blog. And Baha is due to put up some videos in Youtube as well once he can get down to it.

More updates as the trip gets closer!

PS: Will try to do the posts series similar to what I did last year again if possible.


  1. so this card doesn't negate a stardust revive cuz of the same ruling as solemn judgement?

  2. only inherent summon like solemn jugement or thunder king raiou (cyber dragon, synchro summon, exceed summon (i'm not sure), ...)

  3. Joey, the noob haterJune 2, 2011 at 1:09 AM

    yeah it does neg exceeds.

  4. oooh coming to japan!? would love to play and learn from you!

  5. Like we were talking with my brothers, there is no reason now for any deck to have a nice extra-deck and be competitive.

  6. its card is cool in terms of effect... but i realized that it can only be used once... luring the overlays may be less of a headache than luring a stardust...

  7. Hi im Japh, from where Baha has commented (遊戯王海外事情).

    Sadthing is that im not in Japan rightnow
    due to college student exchange program.

    yet, i could introduce you a famous player
    like Satoshi Kato and such since i have contacts
    with em.