Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clearing things up: No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope (Utopia)

I have encountered this scenario more than once.

You cannot use Hope's effect to stop your attack in response to the activation of Mirror Force/Dimension Prison (or similar cards where you activate during attack declaration).

Because Hope's effect is Spell Speed 1! (Surprise!)


Even if you think you are cool and activated Hope's effect using your turn player priority while attacking, your opponent can chain using Dimension Prison and still remove Hope.


You may now remove all the Hope in your extra deck and put Inverz Roach instead, if you haven't already done so. =D

[Source: 遊戯王カードWiki 《No.39 希望皇ホープ》]


While we are on topic about Exceeds. Here is another thing that people should be aware of.

When you negate the summon of an Exceed Monster, you DO NOT put back the Exceed Materials. All the materials along with the Exceed Monster are sent to grave.

Do not be mislead by the rumor and random crap that people tell you where they saw this V Jump video where the Yugioh Cosplay gang were introducing the Exceed monster and it got negated by Solemn Judgment and the guy kept his Exceed Materials on the field.


[Source: 遊戯王カードWiki エクシーズ召喚]


  1. My intuition (read: sense of Konamilogic) says that even when the summon is negated, Sangan's effect will not activate after being used in an Exceed Summon. Correct?

  2. Just to add on the what Baha said, the Japanese text also states that even if the summon was negated, they are sent to the grave under the state that they were used as exceed materials. So no, Sangan etc will still not activate their effects.

  3. So if Hope's Trigger Effect is Spell Speed 1, can it still negate your opponent's attacks? You have confused me very much now :S

  4. Hope's effect negates an opponents attack... What Baha ment to say is that you can't negate YOUR OWN attacks.
    It seems logical to mee that people are trying to weasel out of their own attacks, but it just doesn't work that way.

  5. Actually you can negate your own attack.

    Which is why this post is trying to tell people that stopping your own Hope's attack don't prevent you from getting removed by Dimension Prison.

    You can combo this with Double Up Chance (GENF-JP046) though.

  6. I'll be honest: I'm really not so sure you should be using the Japanese Wiki as a source for rulings, since it doesn't cite any sources at all.

    And it says you can use T.G. Recipro Dragonfly's effect on Blade Gunner and revive the Material Monsters used for it even though it skipped town (removed itself from play) for a turn.

    Now I DID look this up on Konami's OCG site, and it IS ruled as a Trigger Effect. But again, Recipro Dragonfly... I dunno man.

  7. You Can? Guess I was wrong.
    Wow... That does give Hope a new look. Does that also work when your opponent drops Honest / Blawking Kalut on you?

  8. @MaJuV no you cannot use hope's effect during the damage step, because you already let the attack pass through

  9. wds the ruling for cards like zombie carrier and bolt hedgehog when i use them for exceed materials after i used their revival effect?

  10. But Stardust Dragon's trigger effect to negate destruction is a spell speed 2 so why not Aspiring Emperor Hope's trigger effect to negate attacks? I understand why it wouldn't be able to stop Honest since it's the damage step and the attack already happened, but Dimensional Prison and Sakaretsu Armor say activate only when your opponent declares an attack. If you declare the attack and they activate the card, then you negate, the timing would be wrong and thus considered invalid. I guess what I'm trying to get at is I just don't understand why his spell speed is 1.