Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 3 in Japan (Night)

Today was basically a very simple day. Since we are checking out tomorrow morning, we headed to Tokyo station after a hotel breakfast to buy lots of souvenir snacks, then on to Tokyo Disneysea. Since not much to discuss about Disneysea in my opinion, here are just lots of photos of the place~
(forgive photo qualities, I forgot to bring out my camera so I had to use my iPhone)

Cool vending machine with digital display. Lemon water, the drink of champions!
Lunch... Food is super exp inside as usual, so we had to buy stuff for sharing...
Such a weird flavor. We didn't buy it but could totally smell the milk tea mixed with the popcorn's butter in the air
After the parade, we headed to the shops and bought alot of stuff before finally leaving at about 9+pm, and returned to the hotel about 10+pm to put down our stuff and go for supper at a izuyaka (hope its the right name, dont remember) nearby.
Some sake and umeshu for our tired souls
Horse sashimii, melts in your mouth!
(by the time I could snap the photo, half of it was already gone)
And of course, the good and cheap yakitori!

In all, a pretty good place to have supper, especially since we stayed till 1+ and there were still occasional customers coming in when we left. Will definitely come back if I stay nearby which i probably will.

That's about the end of the blog post. Tomorrow, our final day in Tokyo, and we are gonna spend the entire day in Akihabara! Only hope I can get photos to blog for everyone since obviously it is usually not allowed. Good night everyone!

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  1. Just wondering, have you guys tasted the orange drink called "Morning Rescue"? If you have, please post what it tastes like.