Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 4 in Japan (Night)

Hi guys! DuelingDays is now relaxing at the hotel as I blog while we wait to set off to the airport soon. Basically we woke up, checked out of hotel and left our luggage there, and were at Akihabara shopping the whole day!

Tired out from the previous days and to check out, we left the hotel pretty late. By the time we arrived at Akihabara, it was almost lunch time so time for some Go Go Curry! Yummy stuff as always~
Some random photos as we walked on the streets. Idea of a maid casino sounds interesting actually.
Painful pricetags, don't dare to touch them at all lol
The sequel of the table flipping game last year, couldn't resist a shot. This time got the scenario of a school teacher, flipping tables at a class of rowdy students lol
Saint Seiya display with a life size figurine, looks cool and real shiny!
Also managed to sneak a shot of this Dissidia figurines on display~
All good things will finally come to an end. So before leaving Akiba, we decided that we would head over to the nice soba shop 1 more time. Especially seeing it was the final meal, I decided to eat to my fill, also considering that we would have not much chance to eat until having breakfast in the plane.

Niku soba + Katsu don + Ebi tempura...
So delicious!

And that's about it for our Japan trip! In a couple of hours, we will be on the plane heading back home. And that's the end of the show folks!

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog Dsummons. Thanks for the update. Im very jelly.