Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 2 in Japan (Night)

Day 2 started out with a trip to the Madoka Cafe which one of our friends wanted to go to. Apparently, this is a very popular place which is filled with alot of nendroids and other stuff for the anime. Sadly when we arrived, we were told to take a queue number where our turn would only come SIX hours later. Not wanted to waste time, we headed off.

Feeling hungry by then, we headed to Ikebukuro to lunch. We noticed this Shabu / Sukiyaki place with an awesome 90 min buffet at 2k yen. Between the 4 of us, we ate almost 20 plates of meat, such a totally delicious and fulfilling meal, lol.
Next stop was the Square Enix showcase! Well, that being said, it was basically a shop selling Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest related products, coupled with some displays aimed at making you drool. (Sephiroth life sized figure buried in the ground right in front of the counter was cool)

Well the FF and Tifa fan in me made me get the wall poster, even though I have no idea where I can hang it. Honestly wished I could buy more stuff back, but I would rather keep more cash for Akihabara.
Last random spot of the day was the Pokemon Centre! Our travel companions are Pokemon fans so we brought them here. Honestly, me and Baha can't recognize the Pokemon anymore. However, still nice to look around, and see the various publicity material for the next movie coming up in 3 weeks. 2 movies will be released simultaneously to show 2 different sides of the story, looks pretty cool!
My Monster Hunter neko purchase! ;)

Final stop of the day was of course, Akihabara lol! However we arrived quite late today, and most of the shops were already closing by the time we arrived. Dragging our aching feet, we rushed as fast as they could move just to buy some cards and other merchandise. However, we are nowhere close to complete our shopping so we will have to spend alot of time here I guess. After shopping, we had some sushi (sorry, forgot to take pictures) and headed back to rest our feet... Tomorrow... A full day of Disney Sea! Should be fun, since I have only been to Disney Land, and not Sea before.

Oh well, time to rest~