Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 2 in Japan (Morning)

Alright, as promised, here's the post on our nice hotel! We are staying a Toyoko Inn, which is basically a chain of hotels located all over Japan. 

We are staying in the one located 10 mins walk off the Tsukuba Express line's Asakusa station (yes, same train station to go to K's house which we stayed last year) which is of course just a 3 minute train ride from Akihabara :)
Hotel lobby is a clean place, with nice staff that can generally handle with English, though Tokyo's staff would be better at it.

The hotel lobby comes with 2 computers that hotel guests can use for Internet surfing, as well as free wi-fi for laptop / smart phone users. No Wi-Fi in the rooms sadly though.
Rooms are pretty standard western style rooms. You can only choose single / twin / double bedrooms, so not a good place if you are traveling in a group of 3. (Main reason why we didn't stay here last year) However, it's a good place if your group is in multiples of 2.

Prices are pretty cheap, going at about 3,700yen per person per night in a twin room, considering its a place that has a toilet in the room. If it is any cheaper, chances are you are staying in a hostel with no attached bathroom.

Toilets are pretty standard size for hotels in Japan. Meaning, small. Expect to hear lots of wall and ceiling knockin from tall room mates while they shower. That being said, it's still complete with all necessities including a small tub (Good for big sized people to at least soak feet in after a long day of walking. Smaller sized people will probably just squeeze right in
And lastly, breakfast! At that cheap accommodation price, they even provide breakfast, which is better then K's house. And real breakfast, not like some hostels and hotels in Japan which try to get away by serving bread and cereal.

They serve onigiris, pickled vegetables and miso soup! And though not in our hotel, some Toyoko Inns serve omelets as well. The delicious onigiris of course are not just the plain rice version but comes with different variants each day.

Aside from Onigiris, they also serve other variants of food, so it's usually a good idea to take a look before you leave each day. Sausages today are good!

Alright, that's about it for the hotel recommendation this time round. Time to head out for some sight seeing~


  1. Hi DSummon, when are you going to be back on Dueling Network? After the SG National Tournament?

  2. Should be, as long as Im not too busy with normal day life stuff, lol

    Might be actually taking a mini break from YGO until the new pack arrives, though thats like just a week or 2 later