Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 1 in Japan (Night)

Phew, tiring day with lots of walking around. Guess we were mistaken when we thought this would be a pretty relaxing trip, since we are not traveling out of Tokyo this time round. Our feet are totally aching away.

Our day started with a simple onigiri breakfast at the hotel before heading off to Tokyo Tower!

A short walk from the train station, we headed towards Tokyo Tower. Below the tower, there was a lady with a monkey doing a demonstration to promote their show.

Why the special mention? Well, on the observation deck 150 meters up, we looked down through a glass window in the floor and this is what we saw...
Yup, that's the monkey show place we were at just a short while ago. Pretty high up and we were only half way! However going higher would cost even more ticket money so we decided against it.

We hopped back on the train and made our way to Roppongi. Roppongi is a famous place for bars in Tokyo, but we weren't there for drinks at noon. We were there to go to the Konami card centre!
Photon Shockwave poster for those who haven't seen it.

It has moved since we went last year where it was at Shibuya. However the insides were still basically the same with tables, duel terminal machines and a counter for YGO merchandise. Dumped 200 yen and got a foil!
Lol. Oh well, I got it by my 2nd try so no complains. Baha also managed to get Gemknight Pearl on his 7th try so no complaints from us.

There were some girls playing in a mini tournament for girls and young boys only using the latest structure deck. Other then that, nothing much else was going on in the place so we left.
Following that we were going to head to Ikebukuro for some card shops there. However since we were hungry, we stopped en route at Shinjuku for lunch. Pretty nice food for a simple place selling don sets, and quite cheap too. Only 600+ yen for my nice don above.
Ikebukuro was up next, where it had a few card shops there, though nothing really out of the ordinary. We got a few cards from the shops and left.

However, we didn't forget to check out the nearby shopping mall which had a very extensive food area. (Took over 20 mins to just walk through. As Baha commented, it was a very bad place that kept tempting us to spend money on snacks) Got myself some unagi and we moved on back to Akihabara!
Back at Akiba, being familiar with the drill by now, we made our way through the various shops quickly. However since we reached back at only 6+pm, we didn't manage to cover all the shops.

Above are some nice figures for various YGO characters they had on display, which I managed to sneak photos of.(Akiba shops don't usually allow photo taking in the shops) Sadly, they were all sold out of the figures so I couldn't get any.
In the end aside from some cards, all I manage to get is the T-Shirt above from Cospa, though it was enough to make me happy for my first day of the trip.
Wrapping up the day, we had dinner at the corner soba shop at Akiba. (The same one we went to last year to hide from the snow). Food was still awesome as usual, and prices are extremely friendly, with the above costing 660yen.

After dinner, we dragged our tired and aching feet back to the hotel finally at around 10+pm... Finishing up this blog post at 12+am now and gonna get some sleep.

Tomorrow morning, I will introduce the hotel we are staying in, so keep a lookout~

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  1. My main comment on this is that japanese food looks REALLY good. I'm a really fussy eater, but that stuff looks amazing. And Unagi sounds really good too.
    Hope you're having fun ^^