Monday, May 9, 2011

[Deck] Scrap-Do Quasar

So... My Tengus havent arrived yet... Oh well, have been fooling around with the Scrap too much recently, so decided to build the Scrap deck that summons out Quasar! Though still has some help from Junk Synchron, lol. Tested the deck and it did pretty ok during the local tournament, went 3-1 in a 4 round Swiss, and the 1 lost is to Baha who managed Quasar faster then me, lol.

I present to you, Scrap-Do Quasar~

Monster [18]
[3] Scrap Chimera
[2] Scrap Goblin
[1] Scrap Beast
[2] Scrap Orthros
[2] Junk Synchron
[3] Doppel Warrior
[1] Dandylion
[2] Growup Bulb
[1] Spore
[1] Level Stealer

Magic [16]
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Scrap Area
[3] Scrap Squall
[1] Hurricane
[2] Cyclone
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] One For One
[1] Monster Gate
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Reinforcements
[1] Mind Control

Trap [6]
[2] Divine Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Thunder Break
[1] Trap Dustshoot

Some of you might have some opinions on some card choices, Monster Gate definitely getting the biggest raise in eyebrows. All I can say is, I built this deck under the influence of the Reborn Scraps deck I already built, while waiting for my Tengus to arrive (Reborn Tengu + Monster Gate is pretty bullshit)

The rest of the deck is pretty much a Scrap deck, though built with some tweaks to allow summoning of Librarians and Formula for Quasar. Combo doesnt come out that often, but it has been done in the tournament before. (Scrap Chimera revive Goblin, special Doppel, special Orthros and destroy Chimera, Foolish Burial Growup Bulb) Should the combo not pull through using the Scrap way, there are 2 Junk Synchrons for backup anyway. And of course should you meet some anti meta deck, just concentrate on the Scrap side of the deck as you play, and it should work out fine.

Nicest field so far includes Brionac + Formula + Scrap Dragon + token on the field with Level Stealer in grave. Totally up to my choice if I wanted to Accel Trishula or Quasar, but lets just say I managed to flood my opponent with too much advantage and won without doing either.

In the end, this deck is something I spent abit of time building up simply for the reason that my Tengus are not here yet. So no, dont really have a video for it, and now Baha is lazy to video his Quasar, so cant do much lol. Hope everyone enjoys this deck, its honestly quite fun, and brings out quite alot of possibilities. Enjoy~

PS: Coming up next week (Or whenever my tengus arrive...), Reborn Scraps~


  1. Just to point out Magics are 16 not 15 :)

  2. Eto Scrapu Sucka very badd

  3. @mike Thx~
    @Anonymous Good pt, must have failed my maths.
    @Nan If you dont have any constructive comments please keep them to yourself thanks

  4. What will be taken out for Reborn Tengus?

  5. I net-decked this deck. And added some Tengus.

    The results

  6. Will have the decklist up once I get my Tengus and test play the deck. Though simply put, it will be more focused on the Scrap, and the Doppels and other Quasar elements will be removed.

    That being said, deck is still capable of doing some double Librarian + Scrap Dragon quickly, so keep a lookout for it here~

  7. hopefully u dont tribute tengu, then mill deck n hit another tengu >.< painful!

    apart from that, no bottomless?

  8. Personally, I feel that any deck that runs at least two Quasars should also have at least one Halberd Cannon, since they have the same Material Requirements. 2x Quasar and 1x Halberd will pretty much shut your opponent down.

  9. what is the translation of "monster gate" in english card?

  10. It's Monster Gate in English,too.
    BTW nice deck ,but isn't it to inconsistent?

  11. Scrap Area is Scrap Yard
    Scrap Squall is Scrap Storm
    Hurricane is Giant Trunade
    Cyclone is MST
    Divine Warning is divine punishment
    Thunder Break is Raigeki Break

  12. Divine Warning is Solemn warning

  13. reinforcements????????????

  14. Of the Army of course. Searches Junk.

    Btw, I feel like testing this if you don't mind.

  15. just asking, how will u side this deck if u encounter d.d crow users that can remove ur scrap beast? cuz u only use one copy and rely on cards to search it out...

  16. can you tell us what synchros?